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T-Bolt to Sill Traverse T-Bolt to Sill Traverse  by m_dquist

After getting snowed out on Memorial Day Weekend on our attempt on the U-Notch, we decided to head back up to the Palisades for a shot at the traverse. Once again we brought our favorite mascot along, my Dad. He's been getting a kick out of coming along on our trips to hang out at camp and take photos of the surrounding mountains on his own day hikes while we climb. Unable to get a Wilderness Permit for Thursday or Friday entry on Labor Day weekend, we were forced to get one for Wednesday. Since we all had to work Wednesday AND Thursday, we drove up after work Thursday from San Francisco and arrived in Bishop late that evening. After shopping at Vons and packing at Paul's house, Brett and I polished off a 12-pack of Tecate to make the hike in more interesting, much to my dad's chagrin. He wasn't too impressed with the walk in in the dark, and even less so by our shenanigans. Maybe he should have had some beer with us, he probably would have enjoyed the hike in at 2 AM as much as we did.

Nemesis: our Christmas Day
tradition Nemesis: our Christmas Day tradition  by pvalchev

Me and Jason are making a tradition of getting out on Christmas Day for some ice action - last year, we climbed The Sorcerer in the Ghost. This year, there were several posts online from people climbing Nemesis in November, so we decided to get amongst. :) Unfortunately, the end of December brought frigid -30 C temperatures so there didn't seem to be much climbing going on - who wants to climb when it's that cold?!

Große Reibn - A
Berchtesgaden Ski Adventure Große Reibn - A Berchtesgaden Ski Adventure  by selinunte01

For years I have waited to do the Big Berchtesgaden Ski Hiking Loop, as you might translate the term "Große Reibn". It is a wellknown ski traverse to many alpine mountaineers, especially in Bavaria, Salzburg and Tirol. Nevertheless it has been grown out of practice a little bit and (thank Good !!) you see fewer people "en route", so I thought my time has come. Now or never.

101 Ways to
Pass Time at Camp (On the Ruth Glacier) 101 Ways to Pass Time at Camp (On the Ruth Glacier)  by PellucidWombat

Michael Heathfield, our trip organizer, and Michael Buchanan, another eager first-timer to Alaska, met me in Anchorage in May of 2006 to climb a new route on the Northwest face of Peak 11,300 (1),(2),(3), which is on the Southeast Spur of Denali.

While the existing lines went directly up couloirs on the edge of the face, meeting the West Ridge, or approaching the summit from the side, our intended line would ascend a large ramp that cut across the face, before cutting directly up the center of the face to the summit, following a couloir, with a sizeable section of rock in the middle. From there we would climb a snow ridge and ice dome to the summit. After months of planning, and months of diligent physical training, I was ready to embark on my first big Alaska adventure.

Ice climbing in La Grave and
Arolla Ice climbing in La Grave and Arolla  by mvs

Dan P. and I scheduled to climb in Cogne, Italy for a week, but a sudden vicious snowfall put things out of condition, even making it impossible to drive to our hotel. So we stayed in La Grave where the snowfall was less severe. I don't have all the pictures yet, they are in Dan's camera. And at other times, my own camera basically froze up and I couldn't get any pictures. So some icefalls have none as of yet!

We had a great time, and improved our abilities in safe conditions. Every day was blue sky, but not too warm.

The Grand Teton and Borah
Peak The Grand Teton and Borah Peak  by tmcrane

After smearing some cold Chapstick on my cracked lips, I took a moment to look at the sky. Morning was just beginning to appear over the ridge, and sunlight painted the few stray clouds a brilliant shade of pink. “Wow, sunrises never get old,” I thought as I continued up the southwest ridge of Borah Peak.

Our experiences out West -
Summer 2007 Our experiences out West - Summer 2007  by EastcoastMike

We set off from Newark, Delaware at about 9 in the morning. The next day at around 2 pm we were pulling into the campsite we reserved at Rocky Mountain National Park. We drove for about 30 hours only stopping for food and restrooms. This would be one of the few times where Erika's schedule would align with mine and we would have significant time off together. We decided that we certainly did not want to spend that time anywhere between Delaware and Colorado. Probably the most notable thing on our ride was the 4 hour driving rainstorm we drove through in Missouri. Well after our arrival we decided to take a nap and unwind from the ride. We woke up, cooked dinner, and then settled in for a goods night sleep before the adventures began.

July Rim to
Rim to Humphrey’s – a family trip July Rim to Rim to Humphrey’s – a family trip  by davidjhoopes

After our Uintas backpacking trip to King’s Peak we (all family and our long-time friend Charlie) were looking for another chance to get together. We talked about a lot of options but settled on Northern Arizona with its famous canyon and chance to get above the tree-line. As we are a collection of family/friends who come from quite a range of locations (see above), this trip presented a host of logistical hurdles---especially when we elected to add in some cycling. Our aim was to cross the Grand Canyon from North to South Rim on the first day, cycle from the South Rim to the base of Humphrey’s Peak on the second day, and climb Humphrey’s on day three. We started planning this trip in the fall of 2006, dividing up the different concerns (lodging, routes, meals, etc) amongst us.

Lake of the
Crags at Last Lake of the Crags at Last  by Rob Thompson

Last Fathers Day my daughter Christy and her husband Matt, who are on a very tight budget, gave me a home-made coupon book with things like a car wash or lawn mowing – and a hike in any canyon. Little did they know I have wanted to hike Hanging Canyon to Lake of the Crags ever since I noticed it on a Grand Teton National Park topo decades ago. There is a trail but it’s not maintained and rarely shown on maps and seldom mentioned in guide books.

NE Ridge
Bugaboo Spire and W Ridge Pigeon Spire NE Ridge Bugaboo Spire and W Ridge Pigeon Spire  by StephAbegg

Along the road between Golden and Radium Hot Springs, there is a turnoff that takes you about 40 km along a dirt road to the trailhead for the Bugaboos. Fortunately for me, Jason had been to the Bugaboos earlier in the summer, so he knew exactly where to turn (we turned off just after driving by a small convenience store, as I recall). We made it to the trailhead by 6pm (elevation 1,500 m / 5,000 ft). Before starting the grueling hike, we had to wrap the truck in chicken wire to protect against the rubbervorious Bugaboo Porcupine.

It took us 2 hours to hike the 4.6 km and 720 m (2,400 ft) to the Kain Hut. By this time it was raining pretty hard and getting dark, but we continued up the hill to the right towards Applebee Camping Area (Applebee would be closer to the climbs and also $5/night as opposed to $22/night in the hut). It took us another hour to hike the extra kilometer and 250 m (800 ft) to Applebee Dome. We stumbled around boulders a bit in the dark trying to find the trail and the camping area, but eventually we saw a headlight which showed us where the camping plateau was (in general, if you head uphill and rightwards and make sure to cross a rather big stream, you will find Applebee, since any further right and you would be climbing Eastpoint Spire or any further uphill and you would be swimming in a lake). We set up the tent and crawled inside, and were asleep by 11pm.

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