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Lat/Lon: 46.33887°N / 12.05818°E

Object Title: Moiazza

Elevation: 9442 ft / 2878 m


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Moiazza is a massif geographically part of the Civetta group, but often been considered apart from it.

Infact the pass called "Forcella delle Sasse"(2476m), which is the lowest point, divides along the direction north-south the Moiazza from the biggest Civetta.

The massif is placed between the regions of "Agordo"(west) and "Zoldo"(east). The southern boundary is the "Passo Duran"(1598m), that divides the Civetta group from the minor "S.Sebastiano" group.

The south flank of the southern summit seen from Forcella delle Masenade.
The Moiazza sud seen from Forcella delle Masenade.

Moiazza is often considered as secondary importance if compared to the neighbours "Civetta", "Marmolada" or "Pelmo", but it hosts very nice rock cliffs, and wild valleys rarely visited by turists.

The most outstanding part of it, it's certainly the southern, which rises above the village of Agordo, and where the "Ferrata Costantini" permits to discover the finest ridges and the main summit. Ferrata Costantini is also considered one of the hardest Via Ferrata of the Dolomites Mountains).

Here many paths for turists and routes for skilled climbers, permit to appreciate this mountain from every sides.

We can also divide the massif in five further subgroups:
Main chain
Crèpe della Moiazzetta
Masenade-Cantoni del Duràn
Cantoni delle Nevère
Cantoni di Framònt

Getting there

The sides wherefrom approach the massif are two: the west and south, above Agordo valley, and the east above Zoldo Valley.

From Agordo Valley:
The Agordo valley is the start point for reach the Moiazza and the south part of Civetta.
From "Val Corpassa", which is a secondary valley, starts the paths directed to the area of Cantoni delle Nevere, Crepe della Moiazzetta, Cantoni di Framont and the Forcella delle Sasse.

The Passo Duran is the highest point for the approach of the south side end the "Ferrata Costantini".
To village of Agordo, by car(SR203), or by bus from the major cities of Veneto region.

From Zoldo Valley:
From Zoldo valley, start the paths directed to the east side of the mountain, and the secondary valley called "Val della Grava", permits an easy rapprochement.

To the valley of Zoldo and the minors villages of Forno di Zoldo and Zoldo Alto, by car(SR251), or by busses from the majors cities of Veneto region.

The Moiazza group seen from Civetta.
The Moiazza group seen from Civetta.


Main Chain:
This is the main section,hosting the highest summits.Develop from north to south,with impressive
walls on both the sides.The summits are:
-Cima di Nali(2776m)
-Moiazza Nord(2870m)
-Torrione delle Nevere(2860m)
-Rocchette delle Nevere(2843m)
-Moiazza Sud(2878m)

Crepe della Moiazzetta:
This is the northern section on the border with Monte Civetta.The summits are:
-Cima della Moiazzetta della Grava(2727m)
-Cima delle Sasse(2878m)
-Col dei Camorz(2489m)
-Crepa Alta(2543m)

Masenade-Cantoni dei Duran:
Above the Passo Duran.Probably the most impressive,if seen from south.This part hosts the "Ferrata".
The summits are:
-Cresta delle Masenade(2737m)
-Pala delle Masenade(2413m)
-La Cattedrale(2558m)
-Sass del Duran(2515m)

Cantoni delle Nevère:
Southwest part,rising above Val Corpassa.It hosts the bivouac Ghedini.
The summits are:
-Cima delle Nevere(2621m)
-Cimon dei Zoldani(2494m)
-Campanile dei Zoldani(2465m)

Cantoni di Framònt:
The less important section,placed over the villages of Agordo and Listolade.It doesn't offer any climb
and hike interests.The highest point are:
-Lastia di Framont(2294m)
-Mont Alt(2181m)

The east side of Moiazza seen in the sunrise from biv.Grisetti.
East side seen from biv.Grisetti.

Routes overview and History

Moiazza, as the rest of Dolomites, hosts a lot of different routes. Too many for a precise list.
In this page will be explained only the major routes of the Main Chain and the Crepe della Moiazzetta.

Cima della Moiazzetta della Grava(2727m):
N ridge: E.Clement,O.Shuster,G.Zecchini 21/07/1904 (1.30h PD)
S ridge: A.Andreoletti,A.della Bianca,G.Pasquali,G.Mezzacasa 19/07/1913 (1.30h F)

Cima delle Sasse(2878m):
E flank: C.Tomè,E.Conedera 19/09/1895 (2h PD)
N ridge: F.Steirl,H.Baumgartl 06/07/1935 (2h TD)
SW wall: K.Merk,H.Shneider 17/08/1930 (450m IV/V)

Cima di Nali(2776m):
E wall: C.Tome',E.Conedera 22/09/1875 (6h D)

Moiazza Nord(2870m):
E wall: S.Sperti,V.Angelini,G.Angelini 15/07/1925 (500m D)
SE wall: A.Piccolo,O.Casellato,F.Verbano 25/09/1966 (550m III/IV)

Rocchette delle Nevere(2843m):
Entire ridge from N to S: G.Zorzi 27/08/1942 (4/5h II/III)
E wall: U.Pomarici,G.Fiammengo 15/08/1966 (350m III/IV)

Moiazza Sud(2878m):
Ferrata Costantini: Very hard ferrata (1000m 5/6h EEA)
E wall: G.Zorzi,P.Mason 22/08/1951 (400m IV)
S flank: C.Capuis,G.Angelini,F.Vienna 28/08/1931 (4/5h IV)
S spur: C.Barbier,A.da Roit,U.Benvegnù 09/1961 (700m IV/V)
S wall: U.Benvegnù,R.Conedera 12/07/1964 (600m IV/V)


Refuge Vazzoler
1714m,CAI Conegliano,84 places(8 winter).Open from 15/06 to 15/09.Tel.0437/660008.
From Capanna Trieste (1,45 hours T).
Refuge S.Sebastiano
1605m,30 places.Open permanently.Tel.0437/62006.
Location Passo Duran,from Agordo by car 9Km.
Refuge Bruto Carestiato
1843m,44 places(9 winter),CAI Agordo.Open from 15/06 to 20/09.Tel.0437/62949.
From Passo Duran (45m E).
Bivouac Grisetti
2050m,9 places.CAI Trecenta.Open permanently.
From Passo Duran (3h E),from Chiesa (3h E).
Bivouac Ghedini
2601m,5 places.CAI Agordo.Open permanently.
Placed on the Forcella delle Nevere.From ref.Carestiato (2h EE),or by Ferrata (5h EEA).

Books, Maps and usefull Links

-Dal Bianco V.Angelini G."CIVETTA & MOIAZZA" - Bologna 1984 - € 14,46
-Dolomiten Civettagruppe - Andreas Kubin - Alpenvereinsführer - Bergverlag - Rudolf Rother (1980)

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