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Male, 46 years old

Seattle, Washington, United States

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My Areas & Ranges (1)
Pasayten Wilderness (North Cascades)
My Mountains & Rocks (114)
Lakeview Mountain (Goat Rocks (WA))
Mox Peaks (Twin Spires) (Washington Top 100)
Long Mountain (Mountain Loop Highway)
Mount Misch (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Castle Peak (Pasayten Wilderness)
Storm King (Washington Top 100)
Mount Storm King (Olympic Range (WA))
Big Chiwaukum (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Jackita Ridge (Pasayten Wilderness)
Wynoochee Point (Olympic Range (WA))
Flora Mountain (Washington Top 100)
Sheep Mountain (Pasayten Wilderness)
Freds Mountain (Pasayten Wilderness)
Amos & Andrew Peaks (Pasayten Wilderness)
Amphitheater Mountain (Pasayten Wilderness)
Cathedral Peak (Pasayten Wilderness)
Mount Watson (North Cascades)
Hawkins Mountain (The Teanaway)
Goat Mountain (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Kololo Peaks (Glacier Peak Wilderness)
Spider Mountain (Ptarmigan Traverse)
Mount Formidable (Ptarmigan Traverse)
Garfield Mountain (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Azurite Peak (Washington Top 100)
Tupshin Peak (Washington Top 100)
Devore Peak (Washington Top 100)
Dark Peak (Washington Top 100)
Mount Bonaparte (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Molybdenite Mountain (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Stillaguamish Peak (Mountain Loop Highway)
Mount Ann (Mt. Baker Scenic Byway)
Helen Buttes (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Mount Rahm (Washington Top 100)
Mount Custer (Washington Top 100)
Mount Spickard (Washington Top 100)
Hidden Lake Peaks (Washington Lookouts)
Mount Price (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Hibox Mountain (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
The Craggies (Pasayten Wilderness)
The Cradle (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Canoe Peak (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Lennox Mountain (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Coleman Peak (Pasayten Wilderness)
Remmel Mountain (Pasayten Wilderness)
Lundin Peak (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Illabot Peaks (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Mount Anderson (West Peak) (Olympic Range (WA))
Horseshoe Peak (Washington Top 100)
Austera Peak (Washington Top 100)
Twin Imps (Seven Devils Mountains)
Devils Throne (Seven Devils Mountains)
Chimney Rock (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Monte Cristo Peak (Mountain Loop Highway)
Round Mountain (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Kaleetan Peak (The "Home Court" 100)
Mount Persis (The "Home Court" 100)
Big Four Mountain (Mountain Loop Highway)
Klawatti Peak (Washington Top 100)
Primus Peak (Washington Top 100)
Mount Fernow (Washington Top 100)
Copper Peak (Washington Top 100)
Spectacle Buttes (Washington Top 100)
Pinnacle Mountain (Washington Top 100)
Saska Peak (Washington Top 100)
Emerald Peak (Washington Top 100)
Cardinal Peak (Washington Top 100)
Sherpa Peak (Washington Top 100)
Reynolds Peak (Washington Top 100)
Abernathy Peak (Washington Top 100)
Observation Rock (Irish Cabin Peaks)
Cadet Peak (Mountain Loop Highway)
Mount Anderson (Olympic Range (WA))
Green Mountain Flagged as needing updates (Washington Lookouts)
Ship Rock (New Mexico 1k Prominence Peaks)
Snowking Mountain (Glacier Peak Wilderness)
Mount Chaval (Glacier Peak Wilderness)
Three Queens (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
He Devil / She Devil (Seven Devils Mountains)
Mount Triumph (Washington Top 100 Steepest Peaks)
Clark Mountain (Washington Top 100)
Gypsy Peak (Selkirk Range)
Mount Bigelow (Washington Top 100)
Buck Mountain (Washington Top 100)
Star Peak (Washington Top 100)
Oval Peak (Washington Top 100)
Windy Peak (Pasayten Wilderness)
Lake Mountain (Pasayten Wilderness)
Blackcap Mountain (Pasayten Wilderness)
Lost Peak (Pasayten Wilderness)
Osceola Peak (Pasayten Wilderness)
Monument Peak (Pasayten Wilderness)
Mount Carru (Pasayten Wilderness)
Ptarmigan Peak (Pasayten Wilderness)
Mount Lago (Pasayten Wilderness)
Snowfield Peak (Washington Top 100)
Goode Mountain (Washington Top 100)
Jack Mountain (Pasayten Wilderness)
Gilbert Peak (Goat Rocks (WA))
Crater Mountain (Pasayten Wilderness)
Mesahchie Peak (Washington Top 100)
Mount Thomson (The "Home Court" 100)
Mount Index (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Mount Pugh (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Vesper Peak (Mountain Loop Highway)
My Routes (79)
East Ridge from Flypaper Pass (Mount Anderson (West Peak))
Douglas Glacier (Mount Logan)
Southeast Route (American Border Peak)
Freezeout Creek Route (Castle Peak)
The Molten Lava Trek (East Lae'apuki) (Kilauea (Hawaii Volcanoes National Park))
The Majestic Path (Storm King)
North and East Routes (Mount Storm King)
Whalesback (Southeast Ridge) (Whalehead Ridge)
West Route (Big Chiwaukum)
Sandalee Glacier (McGregor Mountain)
North Route (Desolation Peak)
From Devore Creek (Flora Mountain)
General Information (Amphitheater Mountain)
Southwest Route (Cathedral Peak)
Thimble (East Summit) (Hawkins Mountain)
Lake Michael Route (Goat Mountain)
Gilhooley Saddle (Mount Deception)
South Face (Mount Formidable)
South Gully (Spider Mountain)
East Ledges (Forbidden Peak)
South Route (Garfield Mountain)
Standard Route (Azurite Peak)
East Face (Right Side) (Tupshin Peak)
Southeast Ridge (Devore Peak)
Swamp Creek Route (Dark Peak)
Goat Creek Route (Mount Wow)
Southside Shortcut (Goat Mountain)
North Spur (Jim Hill Mountain)
Mt. Pugh Trail (Mount Pugh)
Custer-Rahm Traverse (Mount Rahm)
Rahm-Custer Traverse (Mount Custer)
South Side (Mount Rahm)
South Ridge (Mount Custer)
Silver Glacier (Mount Spickard)
Southwest Ridge (Mount Spickard)
Hester Lake Route (Mount Price)
East Route (Fortress Mountain)
Southwest Route (Hibox Mountain)
Sturgeon Stairway (Sturgeon Rock and "Sturgeon Fin")
West Ridge (Lundin Peak)
East Ridge (Lundin Peak)
Improbable Traverse (Guye Peak)
SW Approach to West Ridge (Illabot Peaks)
NW Approach to West Ridge (Illabot Peaks)
Traverse to East Summit (Buckner Mountain)
Normal Route (Horseshoe Peak)
East Ridge to He Devil (He Devil / She Devil)
West Ridge to She Devil (He Devil / She Devil)
East Ridge to She Devil (He Devil / She Devil)
NE Arête (Twin Imps)
North Ridge (Tower of Babel)
East Face Direct (Chimney Rock)
NE Route to Main Summit (Dirtyface Peak)
North Col (Monte Cristo Peak)
Main (East) Summit (Mount Higgins)
Middle (Skadulgwas) Summit (Mount Higgins)
West Summit Trail (Mount Higgins)
East Route (Round Mountain)
South Route (Round Mountain)
Southwest Ridge (Mount Teneriffe)
Dry Creek Route (Big Four Mountain)
Mesahchie Icefall & Couloir (Mesahchie Peak)
Southeast "Glacier" (Copper Peak)
East Face Direct (Copper Peak)
North Face of South Butte (Spectacle Buttes)
South Route & Peduncle Pinnacle (Pinnacle Mountain)
Standard South Route (Saska Peak)
Standard West Route (Emerald Peak)
Standard West Route (Cardinal Peak)
West Ridge (Sherpa Peak)
Ice Route (Observation Rock)
Corkscrew (Sloan Peak)
Northeast Buttress (Goode Mountain)
Northeast Ridge (Mount Triumph)
Southeast Ridge (Tinkham Peak)
West Shoulder from Trinity (Buck Mountain)
My Lists (12)
Hawaii Summit Google Maps (The Summits of Hawaii (List))
Hawaii Summit List (The Summits of Hawaii (List))
The Summits of Hawaii (List) (Prominence Lists)
The Olympics Range (Sorted by Prominence) (Olympics Range Summit Lists)
The Olympics Range (Sorted by Elevation) (Olympics Range Summit Lists)
Olympics Range Summit Lists (Prominence Lists)
Info on WA 2kP Peaks (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Washington Top 100 (Elevation Lists)
My Canyons (1)
The Wave (Coyote Buttes) (Paria Canyon/Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness)
My Custom Objects (2)
Washtucna BM Datasheets (Washtucna BM: The “Other” Franklin County Highpoint)
My Articles (1)
My Trip Reports (35)
I Hate That (Bessemer Mountain)
Rocky Ridge (Las Trampas Park) (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Snoaching and Braying (Big Bear Mountain)
Twin Peaks Twip Report (Twin Peaks)
Bretz Hole (Vantage)
Castle Peak Trip Reports (Castle Peak)
The Engadi Boot, Part II (Mount David)
The Engadi Boot, Part I (Mount David)
The Skeeters are Oh So Mean on Hozomeen (Hozomeen Mountain, North Peak)
A DeSOLation Sensation (Desolation Peak)
Gray Wolf & Tyler via Baldy (Gray Wolf Ridge (WA))
Traverse to Hell'n Back (Helen Buttes)
Helen Buttes in Winter (Helen Buttes)
Austera Day Trip (Austera Peak)
NE Ridge additional info (Mount Triumph)
Mt. Forgotten (Mount Forgotten)
Jack Mountain (Jack Mountain)

Climber's Logs I've Signed (10)
Mountains & Rocks (10)
Gold Mountain (Mountain Loop Highway)
The Wrekin (South Shropshire Hills AONB)
Leavenworth Area Climbs (Leavenworth Crags)
Mount Aix (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Granite Peak (Beartooth Range)
Aneroid Mountain (Wallowa Mountains)
Mount Forgotten (Washington 2000-ft Prominence Peaks)
Red Mountain (Snoqualmie) (Alpine Lakes Wilderness)
Vesper Peak (Mountain Loop Highway)

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