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Male, 42 years old

Como, Italy

Power = 91 (Vote Weight = 78.36%)

Occupation: MD, PhD

Partner Details: you are welcome: send an email for high mountain climbing

A Few Words: I love mountains. Everytime i look for the thin air. Ski, climbing, mountaineering, walking, trecking. Everything just to be in wilderness in peace and friendship I'm a fourthousander collectionist, present memeber of the Alpine Club4000. Already climbed 50 of the UIAA list, with repetition i have been on about 70 peaks over 4000m. I look for people for expedition and climbing

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Member Since Aug 27, 2004, Last Active: May 9, 2017

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My Mountains & Rocks (18)
Böshorn (Pennine Alps)
Stotzigen Firsten (Uri Alps Group)
Piz Blas (Lepontine Alps)
Pioda di Crana (Lepontine Alps)
Pizzo Matro (Lepontine Alps)
Poncione Val Piana (Lepontine Alps)
Seehorn (Pennine Alps)
Pizzo Gaglianera (Lepontine Alps)
Terrarossa or Wasenhorn (Lepontine Alps)
Helsenhorn (Lepontine Alps)
Chaberton (Val di Susa)
Spitzhornli Flagged as needing updates (Weissmies GROUP)
Pizzo Diei (Lepontine Alps)
My Routes (3)

My Plans
collection of 4000 in Alps (como -- Anytime)
Climber's Logs I've Signed (116)
Mountains & Rocks (111)
Täschhorn (Pennine Alps)
Dent Blanche (Pennine Alps)
Weisshorn (Pennine Alps)
Bionnassay (Aiguille de) (Mont Blanc GROUP)
Finsteraarhorn (Bernese Alps)
Clariden (Glarus Alps)
Sustenhorn (Uri Alps Group)
Gross Leckihorn (Lepontine Alps)
Cevedale (Cevedale - Vioz - San Matteo (Forni) Group)
Gross Gruenhorn (Bernese Alps)
Pizzo Gallina (Val Bedretto)
Lauteraarhorn (Bernese Alps)
Zinalrothorn (Pennine Alps)
Mont Maudit (Mont Blanc GROUP)
Pizzo Tresero (Cevedale - Vioz - San Matteo (Forni) Group)
Mont Blanc (Mont Blanc GROUP)
Fiescherhorn (Bernese Alps)
Bortelhorn (Pta del Rebbio) (Lepontine Alps)
Pizzo Uccello (Lepontine Alps)
Monte Viso (Alpi Cozie - Occitania)
Oberaarhorn 3631m (Bernese Alps)
Chüebodenhorn (Lepontine Alps)
Grand Combin (Pennine Alps)
Jungfrau (Bernese Alps)
Mönch (Bernese Alps)
San Matteo (Cevedale - Vioz - San Matteo (Forni) Group)
Dammastock (Uri Alps Group)
Barre des Ecrins (High Dauphiné)
Piz Lagrev (Albula Alps)
Cima di Iazzi (Monte Rosa group)
Pizzo di Cassimoi (Lepontine Alps)
Stecknadelhorn (Alpine 4000m Peaks)
Nadelhorn (Pennine Alps)
Hohberghorn (Alpine 4000m Peaks)
Nordend (Monte Rosa group)
Mont Blanc du Tacul (Mont Blanc GROUP)
Corno Grande (Appennino Centrale)
Pizzo Campo Tencia (Ticino / Tessin)
Böshorn (Pennine Alps)
Monte di Tremezzo (Prealpi Lombarde)
Galenstock (Uri Alps Group)
Chilchalphorn (Lepontine Alps)
Ofenhorn / Punta d'Arbola (Lepontine Alps)
Dufourspitze (Monte Rosa group)
Il Chapütschin (Bernina Group)
Pizzo Muccia (Lepontine Alps)
Monte Leone (Lepontine Alps)
Scopi (Lepontine Alps)
Piz Medel 3211m (Lepontine Alps)
Blinnenhorn 3374m (Lepontine Alps)
Chli Bielenhorn (Uri Alps Group)
Galehorn (Pennine Alps)
Spitzhornli (Weissmies GROUP)
Stotzigen Firsten (Uri Alps Group)
Corni di Canzo (Prealpi Lombarde)
Klein Furkahorn (Uri Alps Group)
Gross Furkahorn (Uri Alps Group)
Dent du Géant (Mont Blanc GROUP)
Feldberg (Black Forest (Schwarzwald))
Piz Bernina (Alpine 4000m Peaks)
Piz Palü (Bernina Group)
Piz Blas (Lepontine Alps)
Pioda di Crana (Lepontine Alps)
Dôme du Goûter (Mont Blanc GROUP)
Pizzo Matro (Lepontine Alps)
Pizzo Ferré (Valle Spluga)
Zumsteinspitze (Monte Rosa group)
Poncione di Ganna (Prealpi Lombarde)
Monte Due Mani (Prealpi Lombarde)
Chaberton (Val di Susa)
Seehorn (Pennine Alps)
Pizzo di Claro (Lepontine Alps)
Sasso Gordona (Prealpi Lombarde)
Pizzo di Gino (Prealpi Lombarde)
Poncione Val Piana (Lepontine Alps)
Pigne d Arolla (Pennine Alps)
Corno Nero (Monte Rosa group)
Basodino (Lepontine Alps)
Rheinwaldhorn / l'Adula (Lepontine Alps)
Pizzo Gaglianera (Lepontine Alps)
Dom (Pennine Alps)
Lucendro (Lepontine Alps)
Moregallo (Prealpi Lombarde)
Breithorn (Monte Rosa group)
Pollux / Polluce (Monte Rosa group)
Lyskamm (Monte Rosa group)
Punta Giordani (Monte Rosa group)
Terrarossa or Wasenhorn (Lepontine Alps)
Joderhorn (Pennine Alps)
Pizzo Cassandra (Val Masino Alps)
Pizzo Tambò (Valle Spluga)
Piz Terri (Lepontine Alps)
Pizzo Diei (Lepontine Alps)
Gran Paradiso (Graie Alps)
Weissmies (Pennine Alps)
Parrotspitze (Monte Rosa group)
Allalinhorn (Pennine Alps)
Bishorn (Pennine Alps)
Alphubel (Pennine Alps)
Ludwigshoehe (Monte Rosa group)
Signalkuppe / Punta Gnifetti (Monte Rosa group)
Lagginhorn (Pennine Alps)
Rimpfischhorn (Pennine Alps)
Routes (5)
SE-Grat (Gross Bielenhorn)
Nadelgrat (Nadelhorn)
Arête des Cosmiques (Aiguille du Midi)

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