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Male, 57 years old

Monument, Colorado, United States

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My Mountains & Rocks (4)
Bald Mountain (Pikes Peak Region)
Ben Lomand Mountain (Pikes Peak Region)
Popes Bluffs (Pikes Peak Region)
Raspberry Mountain B (Pikes Peak Region)
My Routes (3)
Southeast Ridge from Blue Lakes (Fletcher Mountain)
Southwest Face (Schaufelspitze)
My Trailheads (2)
My Albums (2)

Climber's Logs I've Signed (371)
Areas & Ranges (34)
Pikes Peak Region (Front Range)
Anza Borrego Desert State Park (California Desert Peaks)
Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve (Sangre de Cristo Mountains)
Crater Lake National Park (Cascade Volcanoes)
Lassen Volcanic National Park (U.S. National Parks)
Joshua Tree National Park (U.S. National Parks)
Bernese Alps (Alps - Western Part)
Pennine Alps (Alps - Western Part)
Berchtesgaden Alps (Alps - Eastern Part)
Mosquito Range (Park Range)
Yosemite National Park (Sierra Nevada)
Tenmile Range (Park Range)
Lost Creek Wilderness (Front Range)
Karwendel (Alps - Eastern Part)
Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP (Sierra Nevada)
Mesa Verde National Park (U.S. National Parks)
Glacier National Park, MT (U.S. National Parks)
Zion National Park (U.S. National Parks)
Yellowstone National Park (Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem)
Canyonlands National Park (U.S. National Parks)
Arches National Park (U.S. National Parks)
Garden of the Gods (Front Range)
Rock Formations of Indian Cove (Joshua Tree National Park)
Mountains & Rocks (251)
Castle Rock (Mosquito Range)
Santa Fe Peak (Front Range)
Evergreen Mountain (Front Range)
Almagre Mountain (Front Range)
UN 9843 "Grouse Mountain" (Pikes Peak Region)
Mount Logan (Front Range)
Ruby Mountain (Front Range)
Lenawee Mountain (Front Range)
French Mountain (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Kuss Peak (Mosquito Range)
Elephant Butte (Front Range)
Cheyenne Mountain (Front Range)
North Tarryall Peak (Colorado 11ers)
Hackett Mountain (Pikes Peak Region)
Atlantic Peak (Tenmile Range)
Fortuna Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Kwaay Paay Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Round Hill (Mosquito Range)
South Peak (Mosquito Range)
Mount Massive (Colorado 14ers)
Ebright Azimuth (U.S. State Highpoints)
Mount Rosa (Front Range)
Pacific Peak (Tenmile Range)
Mount Aetna (Sawatch Range)
Hagar Mountain (Front Range)
Robeson Peak (Front Range)
Engelmann Peak (Front Range)
UN 9895 (The Tarryall)
Eagle Rock (Front Range)
Mount Bailey (Front Range)
Webster Benchmark (Front Range)
UN 12585 (Front Range)
Campbell Hill (U.S. State Highpoints)
Hoosier Hill (U.S. State Highpoints)
Martland Peak (Puma Hills)
Schoolmarm Mountain (Colorado 11ers)
Garnet Peak (Anza Borrego Desert State Park)
Monument Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Iron Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
San Miguel Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
UN 9620 (Pikes Peak Region)
UN 9660 "Notch Mountain" (Pikes Peak Region)
Ormes Peak (Pikes Peak Region)
Turtle Mountain (Pikes Peak Region)
Mount Edwards (Front Range)
Santa Fe Mountain (Front Range)
Kelso Mountain (Front Range)
South Table Mountain (Front Range)
North Table Mountain (Front Range)
UN 12429 "Peak X" (Kenosha Mountains)
Legault Mountain (Front Range)
Sunshine Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Redcloud Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Handies Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Spearhead Mountain (Colorado 11ers)
Kataka Mountain (Front Range)
Mount Harvard (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Eva (Front Range)
UN 10190 (The Tarryall)
Boreas Mountain (Front Range)
Bald Mountain (Front Range)
Argentine Peak (Front Range)
Mount Wilcox (Front Range)
Whale Peak (Front Range)
Mount Ouray (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Bull Hill (Sawatch Range)
Mount Falcon (Front Range)
Marble Mountain (Sangre de Cristo Mountains)
North Twin Cone Peak (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Saddleback Mountain (Front Range)
UN 9,870' (The Tarryall)
Pulver Mountain (Puma Hills)
West Buffalo Peak (Mosquito Range)
Otter Mountain (Front Range)
UN 11053 (Puma Hills)
Badger Mountain (Puma Hills)
Sugarloaf Mountain D (Sweet Mountains: The Sugarloaves of SummitPost)
Squaw Mountain (Front Range)
Observatory Rock (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Mount Silverheels (Front Range)
Gray Wolf Mountain (Front Range)
Mount Zion (Golden) (Front Range)
Chief Mountain (Front Range)
Warrior Mountain (Colorado 11ers)
UN 8906 (The Tarryall)
UN 9111 (The Tarryall)
UN 9380 (The Tarryall)
China Wall (The Tarryall)
Tappan Mountain (The Tarryall)
Geneva Mountain (Front Range)
Mount Bancroft (Indian Peaks (CO))
Parry Peak (Front Range)
Square Top Mountain (Front Range)
Raspberry Mountain (Front Range)
South Tarryall Peak (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
James Peak & St. Mary's Glacier (Indian Peaks (CO))
Humboldt Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Eagles Peak (Pikes Peak Region)
Emerald and Iowa Peaks (Sawatch Range)
Mount Oxford (Colorado 14ers)
Missouri Mountain (Colorado 14ers)
Quail Mountain (Sawatch Range)
Mount Hope (Sawatch Range)
Peak 9 (Tenmile Range)
Peak 10 (Tenmile Range)
San Luis Peak (Pikes Peak Region)
Mount Deception (Pikes Peak Region)
Dyer Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Mount Evans (B) (Mosquito Range)
Pennsylvania Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Tabeguache Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Shavano (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Arkansas (Mosquito Range)
Sugarloaf Mountain (Colorado) (Pikes Peak Region)
Knights Peak (Pikes Peak Region)
Genesee Mountain (Front Range)
Mount Trelease (Front Range)
Pt. 10940 (Pikes Peak Region)
Sheep Nose (Colorado Rock Climbing Pages Collected)
Mount Garfield (Front Range)
Thunder Butte (Front Range)
Woods Mountain (Front Range)
Mount Warren (Front Range)
Mount Spalding (Front Range)
Rosalie Peak (Front Range)
North Star Mountain (Mosquito Range)
London Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Bard Peak (Front Range)
Devils Head (Front Range)
Castle Rock (Front Range)
Horseshoe Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Peerless Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Mount Arthur (Pikes Peak Region)
Treasurevault Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Mosquito Peak (Mosquito Range)
Feldberg (Black Forest (Schwarzwald))
Mount Herman (Front Range)
Kineo Mountain (Front Range)
Muscoco Mountain (Front Range)
Mount Cutler (Pikes Peak Region)
Mays Peak (Pikes Peak Region)
Ben Lomand Mountain (Pikes Peak Region)
Popes Bluffs (Pikes Peak Region)
Raspberry Mountain B (Pikes Peak Region)
Austin Bluffs (Pikes Peak Region)
Pulpit Rock (Pikes Peak Region)
UN 8130 (Pikes Peak Region)
Tschuggen (Bernese Alps)
Spruce Mountain (Pikes Peak Region)
Echo Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Flora (Front Range)
Colorado Mines Peak (Front Range)
Mount Parnassus (Front Range)
Oakzanita Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Sulzleklammspitze (Karwendel)
Bison Peak (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Mount Sheridan (Mosquito Range)
Mount Belford (Colorado 14ers)
Fletcher Mountain (Tenmile Range)
Mount Sniktau (Front Range)
Mount Guyot (Front Range)
Crystal Peak (Tenmile Range)
Mount Buckskin (Mosquito Range)
Clinton Peak (Mosquito Range)
Mount Columbia (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Princeton (Colorado 14ers)
Pikes Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Castle Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Elbert (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Yale (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Antero (Colorado 14ers)
Schaufelspitze (Stubaier Hauptkamm)
Quandary Peak (Colorado 14ers)
La Plata Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Bierstadt (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Evans (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Lincoln (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Cameron (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Democrat (Colorado 14ers)
Torreys Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Grays Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Bross (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Sherman (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Tweto (Mosquito Range)
Blodgett Peak (Front Range)
Pollux / Polluce (Monte Rosa group)
Jungfrau (Bernese Alps)
Mönch (Bernese Alps)
Urkundkolm (Weisskamm)
Lauberhorn (Bernese Alps)
Zuckerhuetl (Stubaier Hauptkamm)
Wilder Pfaff (Stubaier Hauptkamm)
Mount Conness (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Si (Mount Si Natural Resources Conservation Area (NRCA))
Mettelhorn (Pennine Alps)
Alpspitze (Wettersteingebirge)
The Castle (Tatoosh Range)
Plummer Peak (Tatoosh Range)
Charlotte Dome (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
South Early Winters Spire (Liberty Bell Group)
Liberty Bell Mountain (Liberty Bell Group)
Mount Rainier (Cascade Volcanoes)
San Gorgonio (California County Highpoints)
Tahquitz Rock (Lily Rock) (Peninsular Ranges)
Mount Sill (California 14ers)
Mount Whitney (California County Highpoints)
Lembert Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Kearsarge Pinnacles (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Haeckel (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Cowles Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
San Jacinto Peak (California County Highpoints)
Stonewall Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Grizzly Peak (Front Range)
UN 13117 "Cupid" (Front Range)
Gemini Peak (Mosquito Range)
Pettingell Peak (Front Range)
Ptarmigan Peak (Mosquito Range)
Weston Peak (Mosquito Range)
McNamee Peak (Mosquito Range)
Sundance Mountain B (Pikes Peak Region)
Chautauqua Mountain (Pikes Peak Region)
Eggishorn (Bernese Alps)
Huron Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Cima di Iazzi (Monte Rosa group)
Klammspitze (Ammergau Alps GROUP)
Mittaghorn (Mischabel GROUP)
Breithorn (Monte Rosa group)
Schrankogel (Alpeiner Berge)
Schärtenspitze (Berchtesgaden Alps)
Wildspitze (Weisskamm)
Chair Peak (The "Home Court" 100)
Pinnacle Peak (Tatoosh Range)
Coleman Pinnacle (Mt. Baker Scenic Byway)
San Joaquin Ridge (Mammoth Lakes Basin)
Columbine Peak (Palisades)
Isosceles Peak (Palisades)
Cathedral Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Cuyamaca Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Cornell Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Routes (83)
South Slopes (Kelso Mountain)
East Ridge (Mount Hope)
North Ridge (Mount Arkansas)
East Ridge (North Star Mountain)
North Face (Castle Rock)
Mt. Cutler trailhead (Muscoco Mountain)
Mt. Cutler Trail (Mount Cutler)
Jensen's Jaunt (Tahquitz Rock (Lily Rock))
Southwest Ridge (Bison Peak)
Southeast Ridge from Blue Lakes (Fletcher Mountain)
Traitor Horn (Tahquitz Rock (Lily Rock))
SE Ridge, Normal (Pollux / Polluce)
Northwest Ridge (Mount Guyot)
Crystal Lakes Route (Crystal Peak)
Northeast slopes (Mount Buckskin)
CT "Clipper" (Clinton Peak)
East Ridge/Three Elk Creek (Mount Columbia)
East ridge (normal route) (Mount Princeton)
East Ridge Ski Routes (Quandary Peak)
Southwest Slope (Mount Yale)
Southwest Face (Schaufelspitze)
Cristo Couloir (Quandary Peak)
West Ridge (Quandary Peak)
Northwest Ridge (La Plata Peak)
Sawtooth (Mount Bierstadt)
Sawtooth Ridge (Mount Bierstadt)
West Ridge (Mount Lincoln)
The Decalibron (Mount Democrat)
East Face (standard) (Mount Democrat)
Grays Peak Trail (Torreys Peak)
Grays Peak Trail (Grays Peak)
Fourmile Creek (Mount Sherman)
Open Space Route (Blodgett Peak)
Golfcrest Drive (Cowles Mountain)
Grindelwald-Grund (Lauberhorn)
Old Si Trail (Mount Si)
Standard Ski Route (Zuckerhuetl)
Standard Ski Route (Wilder Pfaff)
Left ski track (Tahquitz Rock (Lily Rock))
Via Ferrata (Alpspitze)
Southeast Face (The Castle)
South face (Charlotte Dome)
South Arete (South Early Winters Spire)
Southwest Face (The Beckey Route) (Liberty Bell Mountain)
Whodunit (Tahquitz Rock (Lily Rock))
North Ridge (Mount Conness)
The Uneventful (Tahquitz Rock (Lily Rock))
Stemwinder (Thor Peak)
New Era (5.7) (Garden of the Gods)
Vivian Creek (San Gorgonio)
Mickey Mantle (Suicide Rock)
The Northeast Face, II, 5.6 (Tahquitz Rock (Lily Rock))
North Couloir (Mount Sill)
Northwest Ridge (Mount Tyndall)
Mountaineer's (Mount Whitney)
South Slope (Lembert Dome)
Pinnacle #9 (Kearsarge Pinnacles)
East Ridge (Mount Haeckel)
Round Valley (San Jacinto Peak)
Disappointment Cleaver (Mount Rainier)
Stonewall cragging (Stonewall Peak)
Canyons (2)
Black Canyon of the Gunnison (U.S. National Parks)
Grand Canyon National Park (U.S. National Parks)
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