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Val Verzasca

Val Verzasca

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Val Verzasca

Page Type: Area/Range

Location: Ticino, Switzerland, Europe

Lat/Lon: 46.24421°N / 8.84022°E

Object Title: Val Verzasca

Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Bouldering, Canyoneering, Skiing

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Elevation: 8993 ft / 2741 m


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Ponte dei Salti near Lavertezzo by Vid Pogachnik


Val Verzasca is the pearl of Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. Visiting Ticino cannot go without a visit to Val Verzasca.
Whether you are into climbing, scrambling, hiking or you just like nature, Val Verzasca is a great place to visit.
When you enter the valley you will first be impressed by the immense Verzasca Dam which is one of the highest and biggest in Europe.

Val Verzasca MAP
Val Verzasca MAP

And maybe you will recognize it because James Bond jumped off of it in the movie called 'Goldeneye'. The Dam creates a big reservoir, called Lago di Vogorno, which is completely filled with green coloured water. The Verzasca River also has this green coloured, very clear water.

Further into the valley, north of the reservoir, the Verzasca River finds it way trough the valley. The green, extremely clear and clean water makes you want to take a dive immediately. But be careful, the water is cold, but very refreshing! The big water-polished rocks in the river show that the Verzasca river is carving it's way trough the valley for thousands and even millions of years. The sight of polished and river structured rocks everywhere is one of the great beauties of the area.

Near the village of Lavertezzo a 13th century Roman bridge called Ponte dei Salti, crosses the Verzasca River. The  bridge rests on an immense rock in the middle of the river. This bridge is a must to see when visiting Val Verzasca.
For climbers and hikers the area is as wonderful as the river is. There are many, many kilometers/miles of marked routes in the area. Also for the climbers there is plenty to do. Peaks like Pizzo di Vogorno, Poncione Rosso and Madom Gross are great destinations for single, or multiple day excursions.

This is as far as the beauty of this area can be explained in words, to experience the great beauty of this area in real life, make sure when visiting Ticino to spend one or more days in this great valley, you won't be dissappointed!


upper Verzasca valley
View from Madom Sgioff over Val Verzasca
Pizzo di Vogorno
View into Verzasca from south with Pizzo di Vogorno
Verzasca River
Beautiful River....
Carvings by the River

Val Verzasca is located in Ticino, the Italian speaking, southern part of Switzerland. The valley has a north to south direction with the Verzasca river flowing from north to south. The entrance of the Valley is therefore at south, near the city of Locarno, where the Verzasca River flows into the Lago Maggiore.

The valley floor starts at an altitude of 350m, at the end of the valley the valley floor is at an altutude of about 1200 meters. The highest peak of Val Verzasca is Madom Gross with 2741meter.

At the northern edge of the valley the valley splits up in two parts, the western part is called Val Osura and the eastern part is the continuation of Val Verzasca. Val Verzasca is on the west boredered by Valle Maggia and in the east by Valle Leventina.

The main villages are from south to north: Vogorno (495m), Corippo (563m), Lavertezzo (536m), Brione (756m), Gerra (808m), Frasco (885m) and Sonogno (918m).

The valley has a length of 25 kilometers and a width of about 10 to 15 kilometers.

Mountain Overview

Verzasca River
Verzasca River
Lucky Stones
Lucky Stones

Madom Gröss
Madom Gross
Valle Verzasca
Verzasca near Alnasca

Val Verzasca East Ridge (N-S)

Cima Bianca (2612m)
Madom Gross (2741m)
P. Cramosino (2718m)
Cima d'Efra (2577m)
Cima Lunga (2512m)
Poncione d'Alnasca (2301m)
Pne Rosso (2505m)
Cima di Precastello (2539m)
Pne di Piotta (2439m)
Madone (2395m)
Pizzo di Vogorno (2442m)
Cima dell Uomo (2390m)

Val Verzasca West Ridge (N-S)

Triangolino (2591m)
Monte Zucchero (2735m)
Sasso Bello (2290m)
P. Alber (2213m)
P. Muretto (2257m)
Poncione Piancasia (2360m)

Cima del Masnee (2203m)
Madom da Sgiof (2265m)
Cima di Nimi (2191m)
Pizzo di Corbella (2066m)
Madone (2051m)
Cima della Trosa (1869m)

Main Climbing Destinations

Madom da Sgiof 2265m
Madom da Sgioff
Poncione d Alnasca 2300m
Poncione d'Alnasca
Lago- & Pizzo di Vogorno
Lago Maggiore
View south towards Lago Maggiore
Impressive wall
Wall east of Lavertezzo
Pizzo di vogorno
Pizzo di Vogorno
Carving the way
Verzasca River


The following peaks can be climbed without special climbing gear. Good mountain boots are a advised though.
These peaks are the main destinations of Val Verzasca, and have marked trails all the way to the summit. All offer fantastic views of the region. You are able to see the Monte Rosa and other Wallis 4000ers. Some well known Ticinese Mountains like Pizzo di Claro (2727m) can be seen as well. Last but not least the views over the immense Lago Maggiore are fantastic!

1) Pizzo di Vogorno (2442m)

The most famous summit of Val Verzasca. Nice pyramid shaped mountain which can be called the home-mountain of the city of Locarno. (great views of the mountain from Locarno!)
Starting point: Vogorno (495m)
Time: a full day
Note: Good physical condition advised. Can be combined in a tour with Madone (2395m) and Cima Dell Uomo (2390).

2) Cima della Trosa (1869m)

Starting point: Locarno / Avegno / Mergoscia

3) Cima del Masnee (2203m)

Starting Point: Brione or Maggia

4)Madom da Sgiof(2265m)

Starting point: Brione (740m) or Maggia
Time: most of a day

5) Poncione d'Alnasca (2301m)
Starting Point: Alnasca (740m)
Time: a full day

6) Madom Gross (2741m)
Starting Point: Frasco
Time: 2 days

7) Pizzo Cramosino (2718m)
Starting Point: Frasco
Time: 2 days

How to get There

Ticino (MAP)
Ticino Map
Verzasca Map
Val Verzasca Map

The A2 highway crosses Switzerland from north to south. On this highway take exit 'Locarno'
Follow the Locarno signs for several miles on this secondary road.
After a few miles there will be signs saying: Val Verzasca. This will lead you to Val Verzasca.
It takes about 20 minutes from the highway exit until the village of Vogorno in the Verzasca valley.

Weather & Links

Ponte dei Salti
Ponte dei Salti
Green & Clear
Clear green water

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Val Verzasca Tourist office
6598 Tenero
Tel +41 (0)91 745 16 61

Official Ticino Site


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