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Location Lat/Lon: 38.03787°N / 110.51223°W
Activities Activities: Canyoneering
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Short 'n sweet sweet sweet. this little crack in the earth drops fast and gives you a nice workout, physically and mentally. Longest drop is ~200'. Bring keeper pothole escape kit for 3 keepers ~10'+ deep. With at least 2 people and a potshot or 2 you should be able to pass the keepers w/ a little thought and effort. Anchor material in canyon is scarce (read - practically non-existent) and the canyon is sculpted and smooth. Some have used this sand bag technique effectively - retrievable sand bag anchor. There are no bolts so far as i know. Flash flood danger is high if it starts to rain.

Getting There

no kidding overview
Along UT hwy 95 between Hite, UT, and Hanksville, UT, just north of the UT hwy 276 junction between mile marker 25 and 26, is Cedar Point Road. The numerous times I drove this road from 2003-2005 it was passable w/ a normal passenger vehicle. Just go slow where the road dictates and be aware floods could change it to a HCV or 4x4 at times. Stay on this road. You may see a spur track left in a couple miles, but stay on the main Cedar Point Road. In ~4 miles there is a 3 way junction where the road makes a big curve of 90 degrees. Turn right and drive as far as you can down this track and park.


no kidding route
From the th bear south-easterly to the head of the canyon and let the fun begin ! At first it is shallow and tight w/ some downclimbing, then it hits a 90' drop or so and the canyon begins in earnest. From here it is a few potholes, a few raps, and deep, steep, and sculpted.

R1 = 90’ From slung boulder thru 2 potholes.
K1 = 7’. Pack toss &/or climb &/or partner assist escape.
R2 = 50’ From hook placement or chockstone.
K2 = 10’. Downclimb & drop 6’, or partner assist in. Pack toss &/or climb &/or partner assist escape.
R3 = 200’. Multi-pitch. Dangerous anchor, a more suitable solution needs to be found. Deadman material is unavailable. Sand bag's have been used, but know what you are doing.
Thru K3 = 10’. Pack toss &/or climb &/or partner assist escape. Can be bypassed w/ some difficulty while on rope.
K4 = 7’. Pack toss &/or climb &/or partner assist escape.
R4 = 30’ From rock horn.

Once at the bottom scan a tilted rock right there nearby for a 3-toe fossilized print. Pretty cool. Then to get back up to the th and carpark no kidding intersects another side canyon of the main butler canyon complex. Go right and up n' out this side canyon. It is a steep climb in spots but is relatively short lived.


There is a very used campground on UT hwy 95 just after mile marker 28 known as Sandthrax to many. Also, 3 forks near mile marker 31 has camping. Or anywhere along any of the multitude of dirt roads in the area. Hanksville, UT, is just up the road as well and Ticaboo, UT, or Bullfrog on the shores of Lake Powell are w/in an hour.

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Red Tape

None i am aware of. This is on federal land.