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Old" and "New" ... Lac Bleu on Verra Tableland 2007

Monte Rosa south side

Upper half of the normal route

Petite Roise

To the summit on north...

Snow dome of the Ciaforon

Corno Bianco e Lago Bianco

Scopi 3190m

Crossing from Gimillan Village to Les Laures Vallon

Marco while climbing the SW...

Frudière also Frudiera Walloon /4 To The Upper Walloon

Bec Tailla


Badile nordkante

Nearly Six and Half Various Authors (By Antonio) Crest or Cret Chapel above Lillaz in Cogne Valley

Reaching the summit

Weissmies Group

Becca Fontaney for almost All Climbers November 1986

Matterhorn and Dent d'Herens...

il ghiacciaio del Rutor visto...

Nearly Seven Various Authors in B&W (By Marco) 1976


M. ROSA From Corno Bussola Corno Bianco Group 2001

Schreckhorn 4078m and Lauteraarhorn 4042m

le Lac sans Fond

Pulsatilla apiifolia

The route down to

Mont Blanc and Mont Maudit

From left: Chateau Blanc...

Grand Paradiso - North Face

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