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Location Lat/Lon: 46.53888°N / 8.51944°E
Additional Information Elevation: 9717 ft / 2962 m
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Lucendro is the most popular ski mountain of central Switzerland for May/June. It is a pyramid that can be seen from far when going by car or rail from Milan to Frankfurt before you enter the car or rail tunnel. This mountain is located next to the Gotthard pass, one of the most important north south connection of the Alps. The mountain can easily be reached from 3 sides all year round. It is the most popular ski mountain of central Switzerland. From the top you can see mountains from the Rheinwaldhorn to the Weisshorn and Schreckhorn.

High season of Lucendro is May and June when hundreds of skiers park their cars on the Gotthard pass (2091 m) and climb Lucendro. Thanks to the excellent roads, dialects of Milan, Zürich and southern Germany can be heard on the summit. It is not a difficult mountain, you do not need ropes, axes, etc. but you should be a good skier and be in good shape. The trip is not just climbing from Gotthard pass to the top, there is a mountain in between that you must crest twice, once going up, once skiing down.

If you are a beginner or the weather is not as expected, I recommend climbing the Fibbia (2739 m) which offers excellent skiing and a wonderful view.

Lucendro can be climbed in every season. Danger of avalanche is moderate, but after heavy snowfall and warming up it is better to stay away.

Getting On Top

From east (most popular route): Drive to Gotthard pass (2091) that is easily accessible from south (Airolo on the Gotthard autobahn) or from north (Goeschenen also on this autobahn). Inquire if the pass road is open. Phone within
Switzerland: 163, from abroad: +41 848 800 163.

Go west to a small pass 2643 m south of Pizza della Valletta, then steep down (sometimes icy in the morning) to ca. 2450 m below the huge snow field that leads to the summit. This is real downhill and you should prepare your shoes and bindings as such! You can chose all of the east flank to crest, whatever you like best. The upper half consists of a small glacier that does not pose any problems. Should it be icy (in late summer) you can keep north and climb one of the easy ridges.

Downhill to the saddle pt. 2532 and climb on the northern side of the west ridge to the Fibbia (2739 m or slightly less to a saddle north of the summit. Once in a while you might have to take your skis off and carry them over some rock passages. When descending a you have one wide slope to the bottom at 2450. Instead of taking the small pass you did in the morning, take the west ridge to the Mount Fibbia 2738 m that offers another nice downhill back to the Gotthard pass. The complete climb adds to ca. 1300 vertical meters. A full day is needed.

If the Gotthard pass road is closed you still can climb Lucendro from east. Go to the Hospental 1453 m from
Goeschenen, train station, road open all year round. Walk along the snow covered road and - before reaching Gotthard pass
- turn right to the dam and reach the foot of Lucendro without climbing the saddle pt. 2643.

From south: This ski route is a favourite of the Italian speaking skiers, but can also be done by the germanic race if
their members cross the Gotthard tunnel to reach Airola. From there follow the Gotthard pass road and drive to the huge
serpentine pt. 1793 m. Climb the Passo di Lucendro (2532 m) between Lucendro and Fibbia. Then join the easterm route.

This lower and sunny part of the road is usually open 1-2 months before Gotthard pass and you do not have the ups and downs of the eastern route.

From north: Starting point is Realp at the Furka pass (railroad and accessible all year round). This route is good for
skiers and hikers. Walk to the end of the Witenwasseren valley (2185 m), then climb the saddle (ca. 2810 m) north of Lucendro and climb along the north ridge or walk on the glacier to the summit. Instead of walking from Realp you can try to drive on the road to Oberstafel (military road, closed while manoevering). It is hard to find out if it is open and how far accessible. Best ask the guardian of the Rotondo hut (if he is there) or just go and hike or drive.

When To Climb

Can be climbed all year round.
After heavy snow fall there are a few places that are exposed to avalanches. It is usually done in spring by ski, since there is no interesting ice or rock climbing. No ropes, no crampons, but protection against heavy wind can be helpful.


One day trip, no accommodation necessary. There are however many opportunities to stay near Lucendro.
a) small towns with hotels, restaurants, shops, train stations:
Andermatt (ski resort, hospital)

b) huts and hotels
Rotondo hut (description in English)
Gotthard Hospiz on the pass, open from June to October

General Information

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