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Storfjord and mainland peaks from Holmbukttinden start

Ascending Holmbukttinden.

Ascending the upper valley of Holmbukttinden

Upper valley of Holmbukttinden

Reaching the Pass ascending Holmbukttinden.

Jiekkevarri from Holmbukttinden traverse

Kveita is right of center, Jeihkkevarri is off pic to the right.

Climbing out of the Col: Traverse from Holmbukttinden to Jeihkkevarri

Holmbukttind from the traverse to Jeihkkevarri

Holmbukttinden from above the col on the traverse to Jiekkevarri


Summit of Jiehkkevarri

Lakselvstind from Jiehkkevarri summit

Fugledalsfjell, Fugledalsbreen, and the descent route.

Jiehkkevarri (L) and Holmbukttinden (R) from the ascent of Kveita

Jeihkkevarri-Holmbukttinden traverse


Jiehkkevarri and the col (skar) to Kveita

Njallavarri as seen from the summit of Kveita

Holmbukttind above Storfjord.

Holmbukttind above Storfjord.

Descent to Fugledalsbreen


Lyngen Alps in the fall

Blue Hour

Heading up the North Face. In...

The peak to the left is NOT...

View north from the broad...

The multiple peaks of...

Hanging Valley approach

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