Chain Reactor


Chain Reactor
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Product Description

The Chain Reactor is a nylon version of the Metolius Personal Anchor System (PAS), and a replacement for daisy chains.

The main difference between the PAS and the Chain Reactor is that being made of nylon instead of dyneema, the Chain Reactor is more dynamic and can lessen the force on an anchor in the event of a fall.


- The replacement for the traditional sewn daisy chain.
- Absorbs enough energy to withstand 3 fall factor-2 drop tests.
- Serves as a full strength, abrasion resistant extension of the "tie in point" of a harness.
- Extends a rappel device brake by more than twice the amount of brake line that is in the visual field.
- By installing an auto block directly to the belay loop below the rappel device, a "third hand" Point Of Connection is created.
- Can also be used to belay a canyon leader on a down climb, swim, or exposed approach.
- Length: 39 in.



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