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Whilst studying this new version of the ice screw we tried to make the difficult moment of “first bite” as easy as possible.

This new model has an ergonomic knob that fits the palm of the hand perfectly, letting you push the ice screw in whilst turning your hand, without having to let go even for a second!

Just a moment and it’s done, the screw is firmly embedded and you can open the lever and screw it in as far as it will go! Quick and easy. The lever can be turned away, making it long and efficient when used but easy to hide when not needed.

The second hole is nearer to the ice than the other reducing the lever effect if the screw isn’t right in. It doesn’t substitute the 360° but is adapted to those who prefer something a bit more traditional.


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JScoles - Oct 25, 2004 9:21 pm - Voted 4/5

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Well I guess some guys at Grivel are listening or at least responding to consumer demand. There newest screw as the name implies has been tailor made to compete with BD in the NA marketplace.

Just one caveat before I start I have yet to test this puppy in real conditions I have had a chance to play with them with and set them in a block of ice the Grivel rep brought with him during a demo day over in Euro land this summer so this is not a true review per-say.

First they are up to the usual Grivel standards as they are very well made and nice to handle. They did what they claimed they were easy to start and went in nice and quick. They are also a little cheaper than the 360s and they rack a little better but still much more bulky than the DBs.

The only con I had was the knob’s plastic seemed a little soft to me and I was able to dent it badly when I smacked as hard as I could it against the rep’s table. I must say the rep was very understanding and did not get very mad at this as I told him I was seeing if it would survive a good ding at –40.

All in all a very nice screw I am giving it 4 out of 5 as I have yet to test them in Real conditions.

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