Peak 9773 - Mount Rose Wilderness

Peak 9773 - Mount Rose Wilderness

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 39.29700°N / 119.9517°W
Additional Information County: Washoe
Activities Activities: Hiking, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 9773 ft / 2979 m
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Peak 9773 is located on the southwest ridge of the Mount Rose Wilderness, a ridge that extends all the way to Lake Tahoe near Kings Beach. Peak 9773 is an easily accessible summit reached from off the Tahoe Rim Trail during summer months.  It can be hiked any number of ways.  Peak 9773 is highlighted by rock spires just below the summit that are quite impressive.

Zoom shot of the rock spires below Peak 9773
Zoom shot of the rock spires below Peak 9773

Getting there from the nearest Tahoe Rim Trail parking area at the Relay Peak Service Road is quite long (Over 7 miles one way to get to Peak 9773). However, a trail from Incline Lake Road leads to the Tahoe Rim Trail in 1 3/4 miles, and reaches Peak 9773 in about 2 1/2 miles.  Peak 9773 can also be approached from Incline Village via a steeper trail.

Views of Lake Tahoe are spectacular from this trail. There are also excellent opportunities for rock climbing and scrambling. Once atop the Tahoe Rim Trail, you can also hit nearby Rose Knob Peak 9,710' and Incline Peak 9,561', which is also an easy hike from the ridge. Incline Peak only adds a couple hundred feet and 2/3rds of a mile round trip.

The best time to hike here is probably June through October when the Tahoe Rim Trail is mostly free of snow, or completely free of snow. In a wet year, June might have too much snow, and there is a greater risk of losing the trail and then getting lost in the woods, as there are trails in multiple directions in the vicinity of Incline Lake, that can easily cause confusion.  I actually prefer August/September to hike this trail. 

Getting There

From Reno take Highway 395 to the Mount Rose Highway (431). The Mount Rose Highway runs for about 20 miles between Reno and Incline Village. Take 431 as it winds up the mountains. At the top of the road is the Mount Rose Summit at 8911’. Go past it. There are at least a couple good spots to start the hike, but two primary areas off of Mount Rose Highway.

The most straightforward way is to head about 1 1/2 miles past Mount Rose Summit to the edge of the Tahoe Meadows. On the right side of the road is a dirt road and parking area. This is Incline Lake Road. A gate blocks automobile access. Park anywhere around here.

If you want a little longer trail all the way up, head about 3 miles past Mount Rose Summit going towards Incline Village. Pass the phone booth on the right hand side of the road, and look for a dirt road on the right, about a mile past it. Head down the road, which terminates after a couple hundred yards. Park here, and look for the trail below. It is unmarked, but is right by the end of the road on the right hand side. The greatest challenge is finding the trail, but it goes right up the woods along the north side of a creek.

Finally, to reach the Incline Village approach, head further down 431 past Country Club Road and head north on Marlette Way which quickly turns into Jennifer Street and reaches the trailhead in two-thirds of a mile. 


Route #1 – Incline Lake Road
Just across from the edge of Tahoe Meadows is Incline Lake Road. It is a fire road closed to motor vehicles, so you must park at the beginning of the road at about 8575’. Follow the road as it descends for about 1/2 mile. When the road loops around there is a cairn marking a trail. Take the trail which descends and connects to a trail heading north towards the peaks. The trail is confusing at times, especially when there is snow. You run into the connector trail described in route #2. Continue north up the trail as it heads around the north side of Incline Peak. After about a mile and a quarter up the trail you should reach the ridge at about 9365’. The spires below Peak 9773 are just above you. 

Follow the trail down slightly, and it soon connects with another trail. This is the Tahoe Rim Trail. For Peak 9773, you have two options. Either head right on the Tahoe Rim Trail to the right side of the spires. You can climb the north side of Peak 9773, which involves some rock scrambling. Or you can continue en route to Rose Knob Peak and head up the south side of Peak 9773. It is about 2 1/4 miles to the summit if hiking around the north side, and a little over 2 1/2 miles if taking the standard route.

Route #2 – Connector Trail
This route starts off a dirt road 3 miles past Mount Rose Summit heading towards Incline Village. Finding the trail is the most difficult thing to do. It actually goes right up to the road, but isn’t perfectly obvious. Use your best judgment. It crosses a creek with a big piece of flat wood, and then skirts the base of Incline Peak. The dirt road is at about 8200’. The trail will climb up through the forest to the main ridge between Peak 9773 and Incline Peak in about 2 miles, gaining about 1265 feet in the process. Once at the ridge, you will see the spires below Peak 9773. Follow the same route described above to Peak 9773.

The one way distance to Peak 9773 is about 3 miles and about 1550 feet.

Route #3 - Jennifer Street - Incline Village
From the trailhead at about 7,438’ take the trail steeply up over 2,000 feet, in less than 2 miles to the Tahoe Rim Trail. Take the Tahoe Rim Trail to Peak 9773 and it is about 5 miles round trip, with an elevation gain of 2,450'; 2,750' if adding Rose Knob Peak and about 5 1/2 miles round trip.

Red Tape

There are no permits needed to hike up any of the routes described above. However, stay on the main trails, since there is some private land around them.

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