Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 41.70400°N / 111.71289°W
Additional Information County: Cache
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 9598 ft / 2925 m
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Providence Peak s South RidgeProvidence Peak

Providence Peak is located in the Bear River Range above Logan, Utah and lies directly south of Logan Peak. With an elevation 9,598 ft. it is nearly as tall as its more popular neighbor and can easily be climbed in combination with it. The summit offers nice views into Providence Canyon and the surrounding Cache Valley as well a view of the south ridge / south east face of Logan Peak to the north.

The mountain is located in the area south of Logan Canyon. Logan Peak receives most of the attention but there are several peaks in the area that are worth hiking. There is also Millvue Peak, Little Baldy, and Temple Baldy. The southern part of the Bear River Range extends into Ogden Valley near Powder Mountain. These peaks vary from rolling hills to summits surrounded by limestone cliffs. Most of them will require off-trail hiking but more difficult routes can also be found. Some of the most interesting peaks remain unnamed.

Getting There

There are several ways to approach the mountain. Many people drive to Logan Peak via a dirt road starting from the Right Fork of Logan Canyon. This will require a 4-wheel drive vehicle to make it to the summit of Logan Peak. From here you can continue to Providence Peak.
Providence CanyonProvidence Canyon

Dry Canyon: For hikers the best route from the valley is from Dry Canyon. Dry Canyon is the first canyon to the south of Logan Canyon and can be reached by traveling east on Center Street in Logan. As the road nears the canyon it becomes Mountain Road and plenty of parking is available at the trail head located at the end of this road. This route is not the most direct route to the summit, but is the most easily accessed, especially for those without access to a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

(Distance is 5.5 miles and elevation gain is 4,600 feet from Dry Canyon trailhead to the summit)

Providence Canyon: Providence Canyon provides the most direct route to the summit if starting from the quarry in the upper reaches of the canyon. To reach this point a 4 wheel drive vehicle is required as the road in the canyon is extremely rough. For those choosing this route, head south from downtown Logan on main street towards the town of Providence. At the Y intersection stay to the left until you reach 1200 S. Turn left at the intersection and head north. At 100 E. turn right and follow the road through the neighborhood. This road makes make a sweeping turn to the east and becomes Providence Canyon Rd. Continue to the mouth of the canyon where the road becomes a rough dirt road. From the mouth of the canyon, follow the dirt road approximately 4 miles to the quarry near the top of the canyon. The upper section of the road is by far the worst. Park at the upper end of the quarry and then continue on foot up the canyon to the east along the old jeep road.

(Distance is 3.25 miles and elevation gain is 2,600 feet from the quarry in Providence Canyon to the summit)

Area History

Providence PeakProvidence Peak

The Bear River Range was named after the Bear River which loops around the range on its east, north, and west sides. Cache Valley forms the western boundary of the range and Bear Lake Valley forms the eastern boundary.

Providence Peak was named after the town of Providence located to the west. Nearby Providence Lake is located below the east side of the mountain. Providence was first settled by early Mormon pioneers in 1859. The settlers got logs to build their cabins from Providence Canyon. Several limestone quarries were also built there.

The town of Providence was originally named Spring Creek for the creek that flows through the canyon. The name was later changed because they thought it was a providential and lovely place. Today, the town of Providence is still a fairly rural community in Cache Valley. It has the benefits of being close to Logan which is the largest city in the area.

When to Climb

Providence CanyonProvidence Canyon

The best time to hike up the mountain is June through October.

The summer months are when most people visit the Bear River Range. You can expect more solitude at other times of the year.

Providence Peak receives a large amount of snow in winter. The road leading into Providence Canyon is a popular place for snowmobilers. I would imagine that the Logan Peak and Providence Peak area is a good place to go skiing. Be cautious of avalanches since there are reports of them every year in this area.

Also, be aware of hunting season during Fall. It's a good idea to wear an orange vest while hiking. The area located to the east of Providence Peak has several dirt roads where many hunters like to go.

Red Tape

There are no fees or red tape for Providence Peak.

Dry Canyon trailhead can be reached by any vehicle. A high clearance, 4-wheel drive vehicle, is helpful for all other trailheads. Most people will start hiking from wherever their vehicle is able to make it.