Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 38.87890°N / 105.1091°W
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring
Additional Information Elevation: 10940 ft / 3335 m
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Pt. 10940 is the highest point on the Woodland Park Quadrangle and is a fun hike/scramble to the top. There are three logical ways to reach the top. The easiest route is from the north where it is a walk up to the top. The route from the southwest follows the ridge top and may be difficult to follow. The route from the east is the hardest and can reach low class 5 in difficulty.

I will describe the North slopes route and the Southwest ridge route as they are the ones I have the most beta on.

To climb the North slopes route go to the crags trailhead and hike until you get to a marshy stream crossing which may or may not have water running. Do not cross the stream, rather follow a faint climbers trail to the west up the gully. Follow this trail for as long as you like. At some point you will have to start climbing to the south or to the left. Keep climbing up the steep slope (never more difficult than class 2) until you reach the summit and find the summit register.

The route I climb the most and I think the funnest route on this mountain is the Southwest slope route. It is somewhat difficult to follow and a wrong turn could have you at pig rock. I have placed a few cairns on the ridge so as long as you keep finding cairns you are on the right track. Along the road to the Crags Campground there is a Mennonite Camp from the turn in the road measure out .9 miles and get to the point in the road where the ring the peak trail joins the road.

Park in the space provided there and hike up the ring the peak trail past some switchbacks. When you get to the top of the ridge start looking for some ring the peak signs that are close together. Pretty soon there will be an old trail heading north or to your right.
Turnoff from Ring the Peak

Follow it through some fallen trees to reach the top of another ridge. From this point bear right and look for an arrow pointing up the ridge.
Arrow on the Ground

If you are heading downhill you have followed the trail for too long. Follow the gentle ridge until you get to a small rock outcroping. From this point it is obvious where to go. Turn to the north or your left and climb up the ridge.

On top of the ridge you have two options, follow the top of the ridge over some fun boulders or to stay just below the boulders on the left and walk up to the summit. I prefer to scramble over the boulders. Pretty soon you will reach some boulders that you will have to scramble up regardless of how you followed the ridge to reach the summit.

Getting There

Just follow the directions on how to get to the Crags TH.

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There is ample camping availible along the road.

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