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Elevation: 10770 ft / 3283 m

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Geogrephical structure: Eastern Alps > Hohe Tauern GROUP > Schober Group

Schober Group SP pages: Petzeck, 3283m, Hochschober, 3240m, Boeses Weibl, 3121m, Schleinitz, 2904m.

Schober GroupSchober GroupThe Schober group lies south of Grossglockner group and is considerably lower, so also covered with less glaciers. Still, 53 peaks exceed 3000m, some of them are very beautiful and attractive for mountaineering. Only few mountains have easy ascents, many main mountains demand climbing skills in loose but exposed rocks and are not climbed often. Because of these difficulties author Liselotte Buchenauer named the Schober Group as “Western Alps of the little man”. In the mountaineering respect, the region is well developed, mountaineering is supported by 8 mountain huts, but still you will be able to find there also remote and lonely places. Besides some nice summits an attraction are also some high area with mountain lakes, like Wangenitzsseen, Neualpseen etc.

Group is named by Hochschober, 3242m, its most beautiful summit. But it is not the highest one. Petzeck, 3283m exceeds it by 41 meters and also Rotterknopf, 3281m. Besides these three, well known summits are also Gloedis, 3206m Boeses Weibl, 3119m and others.

In distant past, the well known Salzburger Ludwig Purtscheller (1849-1900) did a lot for discovering the group. From July 24th to August 3rd, 1690 he summited 35 peaks in Hochschober group and made it known by writing a monography about it.


A map of Hochschober group. Numbers by huts correspond to those in text (see below).

The southern border of Schober group is Isel valley with Lienz, then short part of Drau valley, the eastern border is Moell valley. On north and north-west the group is more closely attached to other groups of Hohe Tauern. On north-west the valley of Kalser Bach lies between Schober group and Granatspitz group, while on north beyond Berger Toerl the Grossglockner group begins.

The longest valley, extending into the group is Debanttal, coming from south east. In it the Lienzer hut stands. The majority of groups main summits encircles this valley. Other valleys are shorter. From east and north-east three valleys extend into the group: The valley of Wangenitzbach, the valley of Gradenbach and Goessnitz valley. At the end of each a mountain hut stands. From western side a beautiful Lesachtal reaches the Hochschober north face glacier. And let me finally mention also the valley of Leibnitzbach, extending into the group from south-west and hosting the Hochschoberhuette.

Besides the north face of Hochschober, small glaciers are also covering some north parts of other higher summits in the group. You should consider this, when planning tours, especially in early summer.


On-line, you can see a detailed map on:

The best classical map is Alpenvereinskarte (map of the german alpine club) Nr. 41 Schobergruppe 1:25.000, can be ordered at DAV Shop (online shop) - click here.

Freytag & Berndt: Kals, Heiligenblut, Matrei 1:50000 (Nr. 181).
Kompass, No. 39: Grossglocknergruppe - NP Hohe Tauern. 1:50000.

Getting There

For general orientation see the general Hohe Tauern page.

Lienz can be reached from north through Felbertauern tunnel, from south (from Italy) by the Drau river valley or over Staller Sattel (saddle), 2050m, or from east by the Drau valley - from Spittal, where you leave the Villach-Salzburg highway.

Heiligenblut can be reached from north over Hochtor (Pass), 2504m, and from east by the Moell and Drau valley - from Spittal, where you leave the Villach-Salzburg highway.

What to do there?

A few mountaineering proposals:
1. Crossing the Hochschober, 3242m. An elegant summit with a beautiful glacier.
2. Normal route on Petzeck, 3283m. Massive highest peak in the group, nice area around Wangenitzsee (lakes).
3. Normal route on Roter Knopf, 3281m and Boeses Weibl, 3121m. Massive rock mountain and an elegant north outpost.
4. Normal route on Gloedis, 3206m. A sharp cone peak in the middle of the group.
5. Normal route on Hoher and Niederer Prijakt, 3064m, 3056m. Nice formed twin peaks, south of Hochschober.
6. Normal route on Schleinitz, 2905m. The house summit of town Lienz. Nice area around Neualpseen (lakes).
7. Normal route on Schoenleitenspitze, 2810m. A grassy balcony above Lesachtal.

Very nice to do is a hiking round trip through the group from hut to hut with climbing some of the easier summits. Some of these marked routes also demand alpinistic skills and good (free of snow) conditions (esp. between Wangenitzsee, Nossberger and Elberfelder hut).

Valleys in the group are themselves nice hiking goals. Very often visited is also the grassy balcony above Lienz, called Zettersfeld, which offers a magnificient panorama on Lienzer Dolomiten, a limestone group, standing beyond the Drau valley. Zettersfeld can be reached by cable-car or by a toll-free road.

A few tour skiing proposals:
1. Hochschober north face (hard, 50 degrees!),
2. Boeses Weibl,
3. One of summits from Goessnitz valley: Sukopf, 2749m, Gremul, 2909m, Zinketz, 2973m, Roter Knopf, 3281m, Boeses Weibl, 3119m, Goessnitzkopf, 3096m,
4. One of summits from Graden valley: Weisswandspitzen, 2916m, Klammerkoepfe, 3126m, Kleiner Hornkopf, 3194m, Keeskopf, 3081m, or even Petzeck, 3081m.

Guidebooks (please add info!):

Most detailed german guidebook is: Walter Mair, Schobergruppe, Bergverlag Rother Muenchen, 1979, ISBN 3 7633 1222 6, out of print.

Two more resources:
Sepp Schnuerer. Hohe Tauern. BLV, Muenchen. 1990.
Manfred Korbaj. Kaerntner Schitourenfuehrer. H. Weishaupt Verlag, Graz. 1990.

Slopes above Lienz - Zettersfeld - are an attractive ordinary ski resort. There are also ski resorts around Kals and Heiligenblut (not belonging to Schober group).

The most known tourist resorts in the region are:

Ainet, and others.

The Landscape Of Beautiful Mountain Lakes

In Schober Group there are many areas of beautiful mountain lakes. Here, you are welcome to contribute pictures.

Mountain Huts and Camping

1. Hochschoberhuette, 2322m. Opened from begin June till end of September. 12+45 beds + 6 in winter room. Tel. 0664/9157722. From Ainet 5h, from end of the road in Leibnitztal 2h 39min.
2. Lienzerhuette, 1977m. Opened from mid June till end September. 37+58 beds + 10 in winter room (key: Alpine Club). Tel. 04852/69966. From the end of the road in Debanttal 1h.
3. Wangenitzseehuette, 2508m. Opened from mid June till mid September. 30+34 beds + 10 in winter room (opened). Tel. 04826/229. From Iselsberg 5h, from Moertschach 5h, from the end of the road in Debanttal 2h 45min.
4. Adolf-Noßberger-Huette, 2488m. Opened from begin June till end of September. 14+22 beds + 8 in winter room (key: Alpine Club). Tel. 0664/9841835. From the end of the road in Gradental 2h 30min to 3h.
5. Elberfelder Huette, 2340m. Opened from begin July till mid September. 12+46 beds + 5 in winter room (opened). Tel. 04824/2545.
6. Lucknerhaus, 1920m. Opened from begin February till end October. 32+20 beds. Tel. 04876/8555. Reachable by car from Kals (for road you pay toll).
7. Glorer Huette, 2462m. Opened from end June till begin of October. 14+48 beds + 4 in winter room (opened). Tel 0664/3032200. From parking place at Lucknerhaus (for road you pay toll) 2h.
8. Salmhuette, 2644m. Opened from mid June till begin of October. 30+31 beds + 6 in winter room (opened). Tel (+FAX) 04824/2089. From Heiligenblut 5h, from Glocknerhaus 3h, from parking place at Lucknerhaus (for road you pay toll) 3h.
A. V. Jugendheimhuette on Zettersfeld, 1903m. Tel. 0043 1 563420.
9. Lesach Huette, 1828m. Opened from June to September. Tel.: 0043 / 0663-9759996.
10. Lesachriegel Huette, 2120m. Opened from June to September. Tel.: 0043 / 04876-265.


Goessnitzkopf-Biwak, 10 places, opened. Tel.: +43/4852/63625
Gernot-Roehrl-Biwak. 8 places, opened. Tel.: +43/4852/62641

Red Tape

There are no limitations for reaching summits. Also roads into the group are toll-free, except from Kals to Lucknerhaus.

The Schober group is part of National Park Hohe Tauern.

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