Tête Rousse hut

Tête Rousse hut

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Seasons Season: Spring, Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 10390 ft / 3167 m


The Tête Rousse hut is a well-known hut for climbs in the Mont Blanc area. It belongs to the French Alpine Club CAF. It is located at a height of 3.167 m.
You reach the hut via the station Nid d´Aigle (2.372 m) of the Tramway du Mont Blanc. From Nid d´Aigle you cross some boulders and pass the Glacier de la Tête Rousse.

For climbers of Mont Blanc the hut is often the first step to the summit. Many climbers sleep there for acclimatization.

Not far away from the hut the Grand Couloir starts which you have to pass to reach Goûter hut.

If you are in good condition you also can start the climb to Mont Blanc from the Tête Rousse hut. You need 2-3 hours more than from Goûter hut but you have more places to sleep in the Tête Rousse hut.

Reservation is also obligatory.

You have a great view of the lowland, to the Grand Couloir and to the Aiguille du Bionassay.

How to get there

Hotel Bellevue: Starting point for Mont BlancHotel Bellevue
Tramway du Mont BlancTramway du Mont Blanc
Nid d´AigleNid d´Aigle

From Chamonix, take the bus to St.Gervais and then the tramway to Nid d'Aigle.

Or you drive to Les Houches (by bus or car). At Les Houches, a cable car goes to the Hotel Bellevue. Then you walk ca. 300 m to the station of the Tramway du Mont Blanc. Then you drive to the Nid d'Aigle (2386m) from which a trail leads to the Tête Rousse Glacier via some boulders and the Glacier de la Tête Rousse.

You reach the Tête Rousse hut after 2-3 hours.


Grand Couloir  and Goûter hut uponGrand Couloir and Goûter hut
Grand Couloir on normal route on way to Mont BlancGrand Couloir
Grand CouloirGrand Couloir and Tête Rousse hut

The hut can be the starting point for climbing Mont Blanc (4.810 m), Mont Blanc de Courmayeur (4.748m) and Dôme du Goûter (4.304 m):

First you have to pass the Grand Couloir (dangerous!!!, cross it very fast, rockfall the whole day, especially in the afternoon), then climb the rocks up to the Goûter hut. For the further way have a look at each mountainside.

1. Mont Blanc (4.810 m): PD, 1000 hm, 7-8 h

2. Mont Blanc de Courmayeur (4.748 m): PD+, 1050 hm 8 - 8 1/2 h

3. Dôme du Goûter (4.304 m), PD, 500 hm, 4-5 h

Hut information

Hut Telephone during the season: 04 50 58 24 97
Telephone before the season: 06 19 02 90 71
Fax nomber: 04 50 96 13 41
e.mail : teterousse@wanadoo.fr

Reservation obligatory

The hut is opened from June to September. You will get the exact date by an email or phonecall to the hut.

Bivouacing is prohibited at Tête Rousse

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Bivouacing prohibited at Tête Rousse



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