Elkhead Mountains-10,000+ Foot Peaks with 300+ feet of Prominence

Elkhead Mountains-10,000+ Foot Peaks with 300+ feet of Prominence

Colorado, United States, North America
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This is the final push to the... East Meaden Peak from Sand Mountain

These are all of the 10,000 foot peaks in the Elkhead Mountains in Colorado that have over 300 foot prominence. Peaks without official names are in quotations. Names were taken from benchmarks, local maps, books, or occasionally from the nearest named feature (such as a lake or peak). Peaks with mountain pages and photographs are in bold. Note that Meaden Peak is marked differently on various maps. On the 7.5 minute/1:24,000 USGS maps, Meaden Peak is marked as what is East Meaden on this list. On the 1:100,000 USGS maps, Meaden Peak is marked as what is West Meaden Peak on this list. Elevations with an * are updated for LiDAR.  LiDAR also showed that the peak marked 9995 near Willow Crek Lake is actually above 10,000 feet.  

Elkhead Mountains-10,000+ Foot Peaks with 300+ Feet Prominence

Hahns Peak in winter Hahns Peak
The Northwest Ear and highest... Bears Ears
Rank Peak Name Feet
1 Meaden Peak East 10,872*
 2  Sand Mountain 10,853*
3 Black Mountain 10846*
4 *Hahns Peak 10,839
5 Mount Oliphant 10,670
6 Bears Ears 10,582*
7 Mount Welba 10,569
8 Meaden Peak West 10,561
9 Buck Point 10,550
10 Diamond Peak 10,433*
11 "Cougar Mountain" 10,335
12 Nipple Peak 10,324
13 "Forgotten Point" 10,264*
14 "Slater Peak"  10,261* 
15 **Columbus Mountain 10,260*
16 "South Diamond Peak" 10,157*
17 Sugarloaf Mountain 10,112*
18 Saddle Mountain 10,057
19 Peak 10,014 (9995 on the topo maps) 10,014*
Kessler sitting on the east... Black Mountain
Nipple Peak Nipple Peak

Note: *There is some confusion as to whether Hahns Peak and Mount Farwell belong to the Sierra Madre or the Elkhead Mountains. According to the book the History of the Elkhead Mountains, Hahns Peak is the eastern-most point in the Elkhead Mountains. From what I gather, the Elkhead Mountains end at the saddle between Hahns Peak and Farwell Mountain. **Although Columbus Mountain itself is on BLM land, it seems that all accesses to the mountain are blocked by strips of private land.