Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks

Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks

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Wheeler Peak
Wheeler Peak

Nevada is the most mountainous state the United States with 314 named mountain ranges. It has a whopping 172 peaks with a prominence of 2,000 feet or more. This is more than any other state, besides Alaska. Nevada also has 8 Ultra Prominence Peaks within the continental United States. These peaks provide a wide range of difficulty. Some are also very remote. Also, if you include 6 error range peaks, that gives a total of 178 peaks that have at least 2,000 feet of prominence. Out of these 178 peaks, only 50 at the time of writing this page, have a SummitPost page.

This list was compiled using the “mean prominence” value. Peaklist uses its ranking system with this method (172 peaks). However, if you use the “clean prominence” value, then there are only 169 peaks in Nevada with 2,000 feet of prominence. Peakbagger uses this method. In addition, there are also the 6 peaks that are in the “Error Range” of having 2,000 feet of prominence. Only one of these peaks was on SummitPost at the time of writing this.

On a side note, it is probably not likely that someone today could climb all 2,000 foot prominence peaks Nevada has to offer in his/her lifetime. Three summits lie within the Nevada Test Site, a large military test area, that is off limits to the public. These three mountains are Bald Mountain, Belted Range HP, and Stonewall Mountain (numbers 30, 70, and 95 respectively).

Current Total with a SummitPost Page:  161; 169 have photos
Newest Mountain Page: Hannan Range High Point


  • Here is a map of the 2,000 foot Prominence peaks of Nevada.

  • Map of Nevada P2000 Lineage Cells from Peaklist.


    The Nevada 2,000 foot Prominence Peaks

    RankImageSummit NameElevation (ft)Prominence (ft)CountyLatitudeLongitudeMap Link
    1 Charleston Peak11,9188,259Clark COHP36.27156°N115.6946°WMap
    2 Wheeler Peak13,0637,568White Pine COHP38.98610°N114.3125°WMap
    3 Mount Jefferson, South Summit11,9415,871Nye COHP38.75200°N116.927°WMap
    4 Pilot Peak10,7205,731Elko41.02130°N114.077°WMap
    5 North Schell Peak11,8835,413White Pine39.413°N114.599°WMap
    6 Hayford Peak9,9245,412Clark36.657°N115.2°WMap
    7 Star Peak9,8405,396Pershing COHP40.52300°N 118.171°W Map
    8 Arc Dome11,7735,233Nye38.83440°N 117.3535°W Map
    9 Mount Moriah12,0674,931White Pine39.27300°N 114.196°W Map
    10 Hole in the Mountain Peak11,3064,849Elko40.95080°N 115.1217°W Map
    11 Jackson Mtns Range HP9,0954,842Humbolt41.3032°N 118.41619°W Map
    Mt. Tobin
    Mount Tobin9,7754,831Pershing40.3768°N 117.5259°W Map
    13 Ruby Dome11,3874,810Elko COHP40.95080°N 115.1217°W Map
    14 Troy Peak11,2984,794Nye38.319°N 115.50208°W Map
    15 Matterhorn10,8384,708Elko41.8196°N 115.37427°W Map
    16 Currant Mountain11,5134,584White Pine38.90972°N 115.4246388°W Map
    17 Grapevine Peak8,7384,558Nye36.9651388°N 117.149833°W Map
    18 Granite Peak9,7324,400Humboldt COHP41.667972°N 117.5888°W Map
    19 Mount Augusta9,9664,386Churchill39.5395833°N 117.91958333°W Map
    20 Mount Lewis9,6804,290Lander40.4333°N 116.8615277°W Map
    21 McAfee Peak10,4384,168Elko41.5212833°N 115.9735°W Map
    22 Duffer Peak9,4284,139Humboldt41.6614166°N 118.7305°W Map
    23 Piper Peak9,4504,083Esmeralda37.70425°N 117.9088055°W Map
    24 Mormon Peak7,4144,034Lincoln36.9739722°N 114.5005°W Map
    25 Mt. Grant11,2393,960Mineral COHP38.5701388°N 118.79152777°W Map
    26 Spruce Mountain10,2623,938Elko40.5520277°N 114.8218055°W Map
    27 Job Peak8,7853,914Churchill39.582888°N 118.235416°W Map
    28 Sonoma Peak9,3963,846Humboldt40.8605277°N 117.6070833°W Map
    29 Lone Mountain9,1083,818Esmeralda38.0204388°N 117.4938055°W Map
    30 Bald Mountain9,3483,758Lincoln37.4495°N 115.73375°W Map
    31 Cherry Creek BM10,5203,745White Pine39.96222°N 114.89594444°W Map
    32 Goshute Peak9,6103,710Elko40.4993055°N 114.29569444°W Map
    33 Kumiva Peak8,2383,695Pershing40.4059444°N 119.2631666°W Map
    34 Orevada View8,5063,686Humboldt41.9793611°N 118.2231388°W Map
    35 Ward Mountain10,9363,676White Pine39.1001388°N 114.920666°W Map
    36 Table Mountain10,8883,668Nye38.811722°N 116.5881944°W Map
    37 Virginia Peak8,3663,658Washoe39.756°N 119.4604°W Map
    38 Mount Rose10,7763,630Washoe COHP39.34318°N°119.91622°W Map
    39 Granite Peak8,9743,630Washoe40.78960°N119.43°W Map
    40 Pearl Peak10,8483,628Elko40.23511°N 115.5409644°W Map
    41 Diamond Peak10,6143,604Eureka COHP39.58500°N115.819°WMap
    42 Roberts Creek BM10,1343,594Eureka39.8699232°N 116.3092374°W Map
    43 Adam Peak8,6783,568Humboldt41.1604565°N 117.3051184°W Map
    44 Desatoya Twins9,9733,545Churchill COHP39.3651997°N 117.7592798°W Map
    45 Mt. Moses8,6493,534Lander40.14686°N 117.41705°W Map
    46 Tohakum Peak8,1823,509Washoe40.1793498°N119.4557°WMap
    47 Mt. Siegel9,4513,471Douglas38.889632°N119.50155°WMap
    48 Tule Peak8,7243,426Washoe39.9760179°N119.7440814°WMap
    49 North Peak8,5503,360Humboldt40.675187°N117.1334407°WMap
    Seaman Range HP
    Seaman Range HP8,6063,336Lincoln37.980666°N115.1018055°WMap
    Eugene Mtn
    (Eugune) Eugene Mtns HP7,5823,326Pershing40.8153888°N118.1870833°WMap
    52 Jumbo Peak5,7633,319Clark36.206ºN114.180799ºWMap
    53 Highland Peak9,3953,285Lincoln37.8938519ºN114.5791636ºWMap
    54 Mount Grafton10,9903,257White Pine38.69240°N114.7417°WMap
    55 Pilot Peak9,1823,212Mineral38.343°N114.974°WMap
    56 Virgin Peak8,0753,203Clark36.603°N114.111°WMap
    57 Cain Mountain8,4093,199Pershing40.024ºN117.542ºWMap
    58 Mt. Tenabo9,1623,173Eureka40.163ºN116.584ºWMap
    59 Worthington Peak8,9683,108Lincoln37.9177ºN115.6117ºWMap
    60 Kawich Peak9,4013,101Nye37.962ºN116.460ºWMap
    61 South Pequop9,2453,099Elko40.92419ºN114.58958ºWMap
    62 Mount Callaghan10,1873,027Lander39.70964ºN116.9523ºWMap
    63 Bloody Run Peak7,9243,013Humboldt41.1715277ºN117.766833ºWMap
    64 Potosi Mountain8,5143,012Clark35.9658°N115.50111°WMap
    65 Mount Hamilton10,7453,005White Pine39.2322ºN115.541ºWMap
    66 South Pahroc HP7,9502,990Lincoln37.48319ºN115.030444ºWMap
    67 Seven Troughs7,7952,986Pershing40.51788ºN118.8218055ºWMap
    68 Pt. 10154 (Telegraph Hill)10,1542,954White Pine39.7440277ºN114.8725277ºWMap
    69 Muddy Mountain (Muddy)5,4322,931Clark36.29863°N114.71429°WMap
    70no SP PageStonewall Mtn8,3182,928Nye37.5ºN117.04022ºWMap
    71 King Lear Peak8,9232,903Humboldt41.2025°N118.554°WMap
    72 Spirit Mountain5,6392,899Clark35.275°N114.723°WMap
    73 Shingle Peak9,8232,883Lincoln38.5083ºN114.927ºWMap
    74no SP PageStewart8,7982,858Humboldt41.486388ºN118.94403055ºWMap
    75 Juniper Mountain7,4742,856Pershing40.2347ºN119.073ºWMap
    76 North Shoshone Peak10,3132,853Lander39.1511°N117.479°WMap
    77 Granite Mountain8,4192,846Pershing40.2803ºN117.816ºWMap
    78 Bunker Hill11,4732,813Lander COHP39.25300°N117.125°WMap
    79Donnelly Peak8,5332,793Humboldt41.0978ºN119.261ºWMap
    80 Knoll Mountain8,7602,790Elko41.6194ºN114.631ºWMap
    81 Blue Mountain7,3522,776Humboldt40.9864ºN118.084ºWMap
    82 Bald Mountain9,5442,764Lyon38.53447ºN119.115278ºWMap
    83no SP PageBuffalo Mountain7,9972,742Humboldt40.7492ºN117.354ºWMap
    84 Mt. Davidson7,8642,724Storey COHP39.3083°N119.662°WMap
    Gold Mountain (NV)
    Gold Mountain8,1522,722Esmeralda37.2522ºN117.305ºWMap
    Summit Mountain (NV)
    Summit Mountain10,4612,721Eureka39.3767ºN116.461ºWMap
    Portuguese Mountain
    Portuguese Mountain9,2402,710Nye38.7417ºN115.849ºWMap
    88 State Line Peak7,9902,700Washoe40.03ºN119.979ºWMap
    89 Mt. Wilson9,3152,695Lincoln38.25ºN114.393ºWMap
    90 Reveille Peak8,8122,685Nye37.8544ºN116.136ºWMap
    91 Porter Peak9,2682,662Elko41.6817ºN116.138ºWMap
    92 Quinn Canyon Range HP10,1852,606Nye38.1218333ºN115.7085277ºWMap
    93 Morey Peak (multiple points)10,2462,603Nye38.6278ºN116.287ºWMap
    94 Fairview Peak8,3032,593Churchill39.225ºN118.152ºWMap
    95no SP PageBelted Range HP8,5652,585Nye37,494833ºN116.08288ºWMap
    96 New Pass Peak9,0022,572Churchill39.6475ºN117.483ºWMap
    97 Mount Irish8,7432,563Lincoln37.6442ºN115.401ºWMap
    High Bald Mountain
    High Bald Peaks9,2492,540Elko40.2436ºN115.137ºWMap
    99 Peterson Mountain7,8582,528Washoe39.79597ºN119.97622ºWMap
    100 Tabor BM8,8462,518Elko41.44625ºN115.00986ºWMap
    101 Big Bald Peak9,3032,513White Pine39.9658ºN115.561ºWMap
    Wildcat Peak (NV)
    Wildcat Peak10,5082,488Nye39.015ºN116.832ºWMap
    Majuba Benchmark7,3882,475Pershing40.644916ºN118.5165ºWMap
    Miller Mountain (NV)
    Miller Mountain8,7292,469Mineral38.0656ºN118.191ºWMap
    105 Bilk Creek Mountains HP8,4852,465Humboldt41.8866ºN118.40916ºWMap
    106 Baldy Peak9,3702,464White Pine39.9642ºN114.396ºWMap
    107 Pah-Rum Peak7,6082,459Washoe40.390507ºN119.575286ºWMap
    108 Rawhide Mountain9,1802,455Nye38.2883ºN116.4233ºWMap
    Wilson Peak
    Wilson Peak8,5072,447Elko41.6125ºN116.1933ºWMap
    110 Arrow Canyon Range HP5,2262,446Clark36.6633°N114.8873°WMap
    111 Becky Peak10,0232,440White Pine39.9710ºN114.6025ºWMap
    Kern Range Highpoint
    Kern Mtns HP9,7002,433White Pine39.66375ºN114.12591ºWMap
    Trinity Peak (NV)
    Trinity Peak7,3372,432Pershing40.232ºN118.747ºWMap
    114 Blue Dick Benchmark9,2892,429Esmeralda37.506ºN117.59105ºWMap
    115 San Antonio Mountains HP8,5302,420Nye38.30847ºN117.2441ºWMap
    Pahute (Big) Mountain (NV)
    Big Mountain8,5942,414Humboldt41.28ºN119.059ºWMap
    117 Beaver Peak8,7912,411Elko41.0761ºN116.253ºWMap
    118 Badger Mountain7,9762,383Lincoln37.3517ºN115.325ºWMap
    119 Merritt Mountain8,7922,372Elko41.8675ºN115.84069ºWMap
    120 Dutch John Mtn8,8602,360Lincoln38.4399538ºN114.6772234ºWMap
    Ninemile Peak (NV)
    Ninemile Peak10,1052,314Nye39.1469ºN116.25ºWMap
    122 Chokecherry Mountain8,0352,295Lincoln37.53439ºN114.73372ºWMap
    123 Lone Mountain8,7902,280Elko41.1297ºN115.976ºWMap
    Blue Eagle Mountain (NV)
    Blue Eagle Mountain9,5612,271Nye38.5417ºN115.471ºWMap
    125 Pinon Range HP8,7472,267Elko40.40966ºN115.9883ºWMap
    Prospect Peak (NV), 2nd of the day
    Prospect Peak9,5732,257Eureka39.4497ºN115.999ºWMap
    Bald / Lander 8543
    Bald Mountain - Lander County8,5432,253Lander40.0528ºN116.703ºWMap
    128 Cleaver Peak6,7112,251Lyon39.2183ºN119.135ºWMap
    129 Butte Mountain9,0522,245White Pine39.8775ºN115.2695ºWMap
    130no SP PageKelly Creek Mtn.8,4032,243Elko41.2806ºN116.941ºWMap
    131 Murdock Mountain8,3122,242Elko41.2211ºN114.365ºWMap
    132 McCann Creek Mountain8,6022,222Elko41.3544ºN116.311ºWMap
    133 McCullough Mtn.7,0262,221Clark35.6030ºN115.1794ºWMap
    Summit of Bare Mountain
    Bare Mtn.6,3172,217Nye36.8429ºN116.6745ºWMap
    135 Tholen8,2762,216Pershing40.53486ºN117.91525ºWMap
    Fagin Mountain (NV)
    Fagin Mountain9,1472,209Eureka39.7506ºN116.579ºWMap
    137 Peavine Peak8,2662,206Washoe39.5897ºN119.928ºWMap
    138 Buck Mountain9,1592,187White Pine39.6605ºN115.6266ºWMap
    Sherman Peak
    Sherman Peak8,6562,186Nye38.9369ºN117.772ºWMap
    140 Major BM9,9642,184White Pine38.905186ºN114.628566ºWMap
    141 Independence BM8,3142,174Elko41.013402ºN114.831896ºWMap
    Shoshone Mountain
    Shoshone Mountain10,9072,167Nye38.67ºN116.963ºWMap
    143 Santa Rosa Peak9,7012,161Humboldt41.5681ºN117.671ºWMap
    Ray Benchmark (NV)
    Ray Benchmark

    9,2492,146White Pine39.821193ºN115.017399ºWMap
    145 Sixmile Hill7,4962,146Elko38.443164ºN118.245601ºWMap
    Garfield Hills (NV)
    Garfield Hills8,0852,145White Pine39.6605ºN115.6266ºWMap
    147 Toano Range HP8,0372,127Elko40.976587ºN114.309467ºWMap
    148no SP PageCotton Benchmark7,8232,123Churchill39.97411ºN118.032562ºWMap
    149no SP PageJuniper Peak7,2092,109Churchill39.7956ºN119.181ºWMap
    150 Toiyabe Dome11,3612,101Nye38.7989ºN117.251ºWMap
    151 Mount Ferguson8,3532,099Mineral38.657209ºN118.160941ºWMap
    Moody Peak (NV)
    Moody Peak8,8832,096Nye39.0281ºN115.942ºWMap
    153 Elko Mountain7,5052,095Elko40.8944ºN115.629ºWMap
    154no SP PageFox Mtn.8,1822,092Washoe41.0253ºN119.557ºWMap
    155 Dolly Varden8,5932,081Elko40.322617ºN114.561681ºWMap
    156 Adobe Range HP8,1352,075Elko41.113819ºN115.708436ºWMap
    157no SP PageHays Canyon Peak7,9402,070Washoe41.276471ºN119.935416ºWMap
    158 White Horse Mountain8,0772,067Elko40.2961ºN114.268ºWMap
    159 Cone BM7,2762,066Lander40.759645ºN116.861152ºWMap
    Saddle Benchmark Peak
    Saddle Benchmark8,4462,066Lander40.115403ºN117.026988ºWMap
    Egan Mountain (NV)
    Egan Benchmark10,1202,060White Pine39.6605ºN115.6266ºWMap
    Hannan Range H.P. (NV)
    Hannan Range HP7,0052,058Pershing40.535826ºN118.978963ºWMap
    163 Dogskin Mountain 7,4872,057Washoe39.892333ºN119.790554ºWMap
    164 Ellen D Mountain8,6332,053Elko41.785291ºN114.840337ºWMap
    165 Gass Peak6,9432,043Clark39.6605ºN115.6266ºWMap
    166 Pine Mountain8,6482,026Elko41.7697ºN115.615ºWMap
    167Silver Benchmark8,1662,026Lincoln38.324947ºN114.828819ºWMap
    Toiyabe 11,085
    Point 1108511,0852,025Nye39.6605ºN115.6266ºWMap
    169 Fortification Range HP8,4312,021Lincoln38.546847ºN114.454691ºWMap
    170 Snow Creek Peak (Pt. 10459)10,4592,011White Pine40.06605ºN114.879861ºWMap
    171 Black Mountain6,6172,008Pershing40.3701ºN119.0354487ºWMap
    On the summit of Hot Springs Peak
    Hot Springs Range HP6,9402,000Humboldt41.21186ºN117.446277ºWMap

    Pah Rum Peak
    Pah-Rum Peak, #107

    Error Range Peaks

    RankImageSummit NameElevation (ft)Prominence(ft)CountyLatitudeLongitudeMap Link
    E1 Marys Mountain7,6991,999Eureka40.7353ºN116.262ºWMap
    E2 Grassy Mountain8,6131,993Lincoln38.348289ºN114.6722228ºWMap
    E3no SP PageSlumbering Hills HP6,5121,992Humboldt41.187923ºN118.001343ºWMap
    E4 Frenchman Mountain4,0521,992Clark39.6605ºN115.6266ºWMap
    E5 North Lovell Peak9,6521,992White Pine39.8589ºN114.649ºWMap
    E6no SP PageBuffalo Mountain8,2061,986Pershing40.2231ºN118.128ºWMap

    A B2 flyover I witnessed while hiking Gass Peak.


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  • Here is a link to SP member Dean's page on Nevada County High Pointing. Several County High Points are also Prominence Peaks.

    Becky Peak
    Becky Peak, #110.

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    The Matterhorn from the...
    The Matterhorn

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    hgrapid - Nov 11, 2009 1:53 pm - Voted 10/10


    No. 107 Pah Rum Peak has a prominence of maybe 220 feet or so. It is called Pah Rah Mountain. Also the Bald Mountain lat-long shows it deep into California, not in its actual location.


    redsplashman23 - Nov 11, 2009 7:14 pm - Hasn't voted

    Re: Comments

    Thanks, I did have the Coordinates incorrect for #82, Bald Mountain. It's updated now. Thanks for catching that.

    However, Pah Rum Peak and Pah Rah Mountain can be easily confused. Pah Rah Mountain
    (8,240 ft) is about 2.7 miles North of Virginia Peak, which you just posted.

    Pah Rum Peak, #107 on the Prominence List, is just over 13 miles North of Pyramid Lake.

    You will notice this on any good Topo Map Program such as DeLorme, Memory Map, or also on PG 46 of the Nevada Road and Recreation Atlas.

    I apparetnly didn't pay attention to detail when I made this page and put the Map Coordnates for Pah Rah Mountain instead of Pah Rum Peak.

    It is now fixed. Thanks again for catching these small errors.

    Dennis Poulin

    Dennis Poulin - Feb 4, 2011 2:18 pm - Voted 10/10

    Dogskin Mtn

    #163 links to Dogskin BM, not Dogskin Mtn. Dogskin Mtn is about 2 miles south of the BM and has no SP page. Dogskin BM is NOT the P2k.


    hgrapid - May 13, 2015 5:48 pm - Voted 10/10


    Can you link Mount Siegel to table? While the page features Siegel and Galena, it should be linked as a prominence peak:

    Also, you might want to update the list of mountains with an SP page if you didn't count Siegel before. Siegel page was published in 2010.

    "Current Total with a SummitPost Page: 160; 167 have photos
    Newest Mountain Page: Hannan Range High Point"

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