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Topographic prominence allows all mountains to be measured on a level playing field. It measures how far a mountain rises above the lowest contour that encircles it and no higher peak. That lowest contour defines the peak's "key saddle". Prominence is the elevation difference between a peak's key saddle and the summit.

Another way to define prominence is this: It is the minimum elevation loss that one could possibly experience by staying on the ground while traveling to a higher point. This definition has led to another term used by some when referring to topographic prominence: drop.

A useful way to visualize prominence is to imagine water rising around a peak. As the water rises to the elevation of the key saddle, the mountain's summit becomes the highest point on an island. The prominence of the mountain is the same as the height of that imaginary island above the surrounding water.

By definition an Ultra-prominence peak rises at least 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) above its key saddle or surrounding water. The traditional threshold for Ultras in the U.S. has been 5000 feet of prominence, and there just happen to be no peaks in the 48 states whose “clean” prominence is between 1,500 meters and 5,000 feet. Clean prominence is a peak’s minimum prominence when exact saddle and/or summit elevations are not known.

There are now 57 Ultra-prominence peaks in the 48 states. However, Mt. St. Helens is included in the list below, even though after the eruption of 1980 it is no longer an Ultra. I included St. Helens with its pre-eruption prominence because a number of SP members climbed it prior to the eruption, myself included. On August 17, 2008, Duane Gilliland and I climbed Montana's Mt. Cleveland, thereby completing this entire list of 58. We believe that we are the only two people to have done so. The current list of 57 Ultras had already been completed by Bob Packard and the late Edward Earl, and has since been completed by Grant Myers, Petter Bjørstad, the late Adam Helman, Charlie Winger, Dennis Poulin, Lou Hibbard, Doug Harris, Arthur Harris, Ken Jones, and Andy Boos. Click here for the Front Runners List (FRL) on



The USA Lower 48 Peaks with 5000 feet of Prominence page at Of course that list only has 57 peaks on it. Join Peakbagger and log your climbs to turn those red dots to green at the bottom of the page!

Aaron Maizlish created the web home of prominence:

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This site by Greg Slayden contains many sorts of lists, including lists based on prominence. You can register here, then log your climbs, and all of your lists are automatically updated:

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For prominence bagging statistics, see Andy Martin's comprehensive front-runner stats page.

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Aaron Maizlish has created a beautiful map of the 57 current Ultras in the 48 states. See it here.

For Ultra-prominence baggers there is a completion map that can be filled in and posted on the web here.


Here's the list of the Ultra-prominence peaks in the 48 states, including pre-eruption Mt. St. Helens. The peaks are listed in descending sequence by prominence. Compiled 1999 by Edward Earl, Andy Martin, John Roper, David Olson, Ken Jones and Ron Tagliapietra.

Rank Peak NamePage OwnerStateElev.SaddleProminencePeak LatitudePeak LongitudePeak QuadSaddle Quad
1Mount RainiervertxWA14,4101,20013,21046.853-121.759Mount Rainier WestVernon 82 L/6 BC
2Mount WhitneyJohnCA14,4914,42010,07136.579-118.293Mount WhitneyCoyote Peak NM
3Mount ShastaSam MillsCA14,1624,4009,76241.409-122.194Mount ShastaHollenbeck
4Mount ElbertAlan EllisCO14,4335,3609,07339.118-106.445Mount ElbertSylvania Canyon CA/NV
5Mount BakerscottvWA10,7811,9008,88148.778-121.812Mount BakerSkagit River 92 H/3 BC
6San Jacinto PeakmdostbyCA10,8042,5208,28433.814-116.678San Jacinto PeakBeaumont
7San Gorgonio MountainmdostbyCA11,4993,2208,27934.101-116.828San Gorgonio MountainPalmdale
8Charleston Peakredsplashman23NV11,9153,6758,24036.272-115.694Charleston PeakNiavi Wash
9Mount AdamsJohnWA12,2764,1608,11646.203-121.489Mount AdamsCougar Lake
10Mount OlympusD SmithWA7,9691407,82947.800-123.705Mount OlympusTumwater
11Mount HoodJohnOR11,2393,5607,67945.374-121.694Mount HoodWapinitia Pass
12Wheeler PeakrmjwintersNV13,0635,5007,56338.986-114.313Wheeler PeakKanarraville UT
13Glacier PeakJosh LewisWA10,5203,0407,48048.111-121.113Glacier Peak EastSnoqualmie Pass
14White Mountain PeakJohnCA14,2467,0507,19637.634-118.255White Mountain PeakWest of Huntoon Springs CA/NV
15Gannett PeakBob BoltonWY13,8046,7307,07443.184-109.653Gannett PeakMexican Flats NW
16Cloud PeakpictioneerWY13,1676,1007,06744.382-107.173Cloud PeakWaltman NW
17Grand TetonAlan EllisWY13,7707,2406,53043.741-110.802Grand TetonSurvey Peak
18Sacajawea PeakBrian JenkinsOR9,8383,4506,38845.245-117.291Eagle CapTelocaset
19Kings PeakBob BoltonUT13,5287,1806,34840.779-110.374Kings PeakKemmerer WY
20Mount GrahamstreeyyrAZ10,7604,4406,32032.702-109.871Mount GrahamRailroad Pass
21Mount San AntoniomdostbyCA10,0643,8406,22434.289-117.646Mount San AntonioCajon
22Telescope PeakforjanCA11,0484,8806,16836.170-117.088Telescope PeakThe Dunes
23Mount PealermjwintersUT12,7216,5606,16138.438-109.229Mount PealeLisbon Valley
24Mount WashingtonJohnNH6,2881406,14844.271-71.305Mount WashingtonFort Ann NY
25Mount MitchellJohnNC6,6845956,08935.765-82.265Mount MitchellEnglewood IL
26Humphreys PeakSteven CrossAZ12,6336,5946,03935.346-111.678Humphreys PeakShow Low South
27Borah PeakrmjwintersID12,6626,6805,98244.137-113.779Borah PeakDonkey Creek
28Mount Saint Helens (pre-eruption)Bob BoltonWA9,6773,7605,91746.198-122.191Mount Saint HelensSpirit Lake East
29Mount JeffersonsurgentNV11,9416,0805,86138.752-116.927Mount JeffersonWells Summit
30Mount EllenDeanUT11,5225,6805,84238.110-110.813Mount EllenBitter Creek Divide
31Deseret PeakmountaingazelleUT11,0315,2205,81140.460-112.626Deseret Peak WestJuab
32Mount JeffersonBrian KaletOR10,4974,7205,77744.674-121.798Mount JeffersonThree Fingered Jack
33Pilot PeakDeanNV10,7164,9905,72641.021-114.077Pilot PeakPilot Peak NW
34Crazy PeakbthereMT11,2095,5005,70946.018-110.276Crazy PeakWolf Hill
35McDonald Peakmr kieranMT9,8204,1805,64047.383-113.918Mount HardingCygnet Lake
36South Sisterrbb7yOR10,3584,7805,57844.104-121.768South SisterChemult
37Sierra Blanca PeaksurgentNM11,9736,4405,53333.374-105.809Sierra Blanca PeakAncho
38Pikes Peakkilimanjaro1CO14,1108,6005,51038.841-105.044Pikes PeakLake George
39Mount NebormjwintersUT11,9286,4405,48839.822-111.759MonaFairview
40Snowshoe PeakdkantolaMT8,7383,3205,41848.223-115.688Snowshoe PeakStryker
41North Schell PeakstreeyyrNV11,8836,4805,40339.413-114.599North Schell PeakGreen Springs NW
42Star PeaksurgentNV9,8364,4405,39640.523-118.170Star PeakStar Creek Ranch
43Hayford Peakcp0915NV9,9124,5205,39236.657-115.200Hayford PeakBurro Basin
44Diamond PeakBiglostID12,1976,8205,37744.142-113.083Diamond PeakMonida ID/MT & Targhee Peak ID/MT
45Flat Top Mtn (HP Oquirrh Mountains)DeanUT10,6205,2505,37040.373-112.188MercurFivemile Pass
46Mount StuartFred SpickerWA9,4154,0805,33547.475-120.902Mount StuartStevens Pass
47Blanca PeaksunnysummitCO14,3459,0405,30537.577-105.485Blanca PeakPoncha Pass
48Mount TimpanogosDeanUT11,7496,4805,26940.391-111.645Timpanogos CaveFrancis
49Ibapah PeakDeanUT12,0876,8405,24739.828-113.919Ibapah PeakGovernment Peak NV
50Mount ClevelandlloydMT10,4665,2405,22648.926-113.847Mount ClevelandSummit
51Lassen PeakJohnCA10,4575,2405,21740.488-121.504Lassen PeakBeckwourth Pass
52Arc DomeScottySNV11,7736,5605,21338.833-117.352Arc DomeHickison Summit & Bates Mountain
53He/She DevilKlenkeID9,4004,2005,20045.324-116.548He DevilNew Meadows
54Abercrombie MountainDeanWA7,3082,1405,16848.928-117.458Abercrombie MountainNewport WA/ID
55Mount LemmonAndinistalocoAZ9,1574,0005,15732.443-110.788Mount LemmonPiety Hill
56Chiricahua PeaksurgentAZ9,7594,6205,13931.846-109.291Chiricahua PeakParamore Crater
57Mount EddyDigglerCA9,0253,9205,10541.320-122.478Mount EddyHotlum & Weed
58Miller PeakstreeyyrAZ9,4664,4605,00631.393-110.292Miller PeakSierra Bonita Ranch

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ericnoel - Oct 28, 2006 11:01 pm - Voted 10/10


Just noticed that the key saddle quad info for Mt. St. Helens is missing, probably cause it isn't listed in Andy Martin's book? Anyway, for what it is worth the saddle quad is the Spirit Lake East quad and the saddle is just in between Meta Lake and the Norway Pass trailhead right along the FS road. The eruption did not change the key saddle since Adams is still the next highest neighbor both before and after.

Bob Bolton

Bob Bolton - Oct 29, 2006 5:59 am - Hasn't voted


Thanks Eric! I remember noticing that it was missing once before, but then forgot to fix it. I'm not sure what the reason for the omission was. I have that information in certain places, but it somehow never made it onto my Ultra spreadsheet. Regardless, it's fixed now.



redsplashman23 - Dec 18, 2006 7:16 am - Voted 10/10

Charleston Peak

Just an update; redsplashman23 is now the owner of Charleston Peak.

Great page you put together here!

Bob Bolton

Bob Bolton - Dec 19, 2006 12:51 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Charleston Peak

Hey thanks for the heads up and your kind comment! The change has been made. -Bob

Bubba Suess

Bubba Suess - Jun 4, 2008 1:52 am - Voted 10/10

Mount Lemmon

Update: Mount Lemmon is now owned by JUH33. He has really revamped the page and done a good job with it.

Bob Bolton

Bob Bolton - Jun 5, 2008 10:16 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Mount Lemmon

Thanks Bubba, change made. Only it looks like he changed his name to Andinistaloco! -Bob

Matt Lemke

Matt Lemke - Apr 8, 2012 10:33 pm - Hasn't voted

Glacier Peak

The Glacier Peak page is now owned by Josh Lewis

Bob Bolton

Bob Bolton - Apr 10, 2012 1:37 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Glacier Peak

Thanks Matt -- change made.

Matt Lemke

Matt Lemke - May 5, 2017 1:01 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Glacier Peak

Just looking through this page and many of the owners are now different. I counted at least 10 in the first half of the list! Oh how the times change...

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