Texas 2,000 ft. Prominence Peaks

Texas 2,000 ft. Prominence Peaks

Texas, United States, North America
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Sunset on the SummitSunset on Guadalupe Peak.

When most people think of Texas they think of a large state with a bunch of open flat land. This is mostly true. However, in western Texas there are twelve mountains with more than 2,000 feet of prominence. This is more than it sounds since it covers only a small section of the state. Living in El Paso one would be in reasonable proximity to all of these mountains.

Texas twelve most prominent peaks cover a wide range of difficulty. The state highpoint, Guadalupe Peak, with its close proximity to New Mexico, only comes in at number four on this list. Also, the first six peaks on this list are also county high points. As of the time of this writing only seven of these peaks have a SummitPost page.

One known person, Andy Martin, has completed all of Texas prominent peaks. If you know of any others please let me know.

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Texas 2,000 ft. Prominence Peaks

Rank Image Summit Name Elevation Prominence County Latitude Longitude Map Link
1 Emory Peak 7,825 4,495 Brewster (HP) 29º14'46"N 103º18'20"W Map
2 Baldy Peak 8,378 3,923 Jeff Davis (HP) 30º38'07"N 104º10'25"W Map
3 Eagle Peak 7,484 3,119 Hudspeth (HP) 30º55'17"N 105º05'07"W Map
4 Guadalupe Peak 8,749 3,039 Texas (HP) 31º53'29"N 104º51'39"W Map
5 North Franklin Mountain 7,192 2,987 El Paso (HP) 31º54'11"N 106º29'38"W Map
6 Chinati Peak 7,728 2,953 Presidio (HP) 29º57'12"N 104º28'40"W Map
7 no SP Page Sue Peaks 5,854 2,924 Brewster 29º25'14"N 102º58'48"W Map
8 no SP Page Santiago Peak 6,524 2,464 Brewster 29º50'07"N 103º24'58"W Map
9 Christmas Mountains HP 5,728 2,398 Brewster 29º25'31"N 103º26'33"W Map
10 no SP Page Sierra Blanca 6,891 2,256 Hudspeth 31º15'07"N 105º26'08"W Map
11 no SP Page Rosillo Peak 5,445 2,115 Brewster 29º50'07"N 103º24'58"W Map
12 no SP Page Quitman Mtns. HP 6,689 2,039 Hudspeth 29º50'07"N 103º24'58"W Map


Number 2, Baldy Peak is also known as Mt. Livermore.

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