California 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks

California 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks

California, United States, North America
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Olancha Peak from Cerro Gordo area
Olancha Peak
California has such a diversity of mountain ranges. The Sierra Nevadas, home to Mount Whitney, Coastal Ranges with their lush colors, and the Cascades are just some of the ranges encompassing California. Thus, California has a whopping 163 peaks with a prominence of 2,000 feet or more. Nevada is the only state (in the lower 48) with more prominent peaks. California also has 9 Ultra Prominence Peaks within the continental United States. These peaks provide a wide range of difficulty. Some are also very remote. Also, if you include 6 error range peaks, that gives a total of 169 peaks that have at least 2,000 feet of prominence. Out of these 169 peaks, 121 (72%) had a SummitPost page at the time of this writing.

This list was compiled using the “mean prominence” value. Peaklist uses its ranking system with this method (163 peaks). Peakbagger uses the “clean prominence” value, which also concludes to their being 163 peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence. The order of these peaks in the Prominence list can vary slightly depending on which method of Prominence you use. In addition, there are also the 6 peaks that are in the “Error Range” of having 2,000 feet of prominence. Three of these peaks were on SummitPost at the time of writing this.

Current Total with a SummitPost Page: 131


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    The California 2,000 foot Prominence Peaks

    RankImageSummit NameElevation (ft)Prominence (ft)CountyLatitudeLongitudeMap Link
    1 Mount Whitney14,50510,075Tulare/Inyo36.57860°N118.293°WMap
    2 Mt. Shasta14,1629,762Siskiyou 41.40940°N122.1939°WMap
    3 San Jacinto Peak10,8398,319Riverside 33.81440°N116.6783°WMap
    4 San Gorgonio11,5028,282San Bernardino 34.10060°N116.8278°WMap
    5 White Mountain Peak14,2527,196Mono37.63440°N118.2547°WMap
    6 Mt. San Antonio10,0246,224Los Angeles34.28890°N117.6458°WMap
    7 Telescope Peak11,0496,188Inyo36.16970°N 117.088°W Map
    8 Lassen Peak10,4575,229Shasta40.48780°N 121.5039°W Map
    9 Mount Eddy9,0255,105Siskiyou; Trinity (Highest Point)41.32000°N 122.478°W Map
    10 Mt. Linn8,0944,814Tehama 40.037°N 122.854°W Map
    11 Mount Pinos8,8314,800Ventura34.81283°N 119.14541°W Map
    12 Junipero Serra Peak5,8624,462Monterey36.14560°N 121.418°W Map
    13 Santiago Peak5,6874,447Orange33.71060°N 117.5333°W Map
    14 Eagle Peak 9,8924,352Modoc41.2835°N 120.1997°W Map
    15 Clark Mountain7,9294,255San Bernardino 35.525°N 115.588°W Map
    16 Mt. Patterson11,6734,153Mono38.43670°N 119.3052°W Map
    17 Toro Peak8,1763,996Riverside33.52330°N 116.42472°W Map
    18 Tin Mountain8,9533,993Inyo 36.887°N 117.456°W Map
    19 Mount Ritter13,1433,968Madera 37.6894°N 119.1981°W Map
    20no SP PageWaucoba Mountain11,1233,923Inyo37.022°N 118.008°W Map
    21 Thompson Peak8,9943,914Trinity41.001°N 123.047°W Map
    22no SP PageDouble Mountain7,9813,837Kern35.033254°N 118.486726°W Map
    23 Kingston Peak7,3363,727San Bernardino35.727°N 115.917°W Map
    24 Pyramid Peak6,7033,703Inyo36.392°N 116.611°W Map
    25 Maturango Peak8,8393,639Inyo36.121°N 117.495°W Map
    26 Dry Mountain8,6743,594Inyo36.9091°N 117.5969°W Map
    27 Nopah Point6,3943,572Inyo36.0065°N 116.0804°W Map
    28 Piute Peak 8,4403,487Kern35.4494°N 118.38832°W Map
    29 San Benito Mountain5,2413,481San Benito36.3697°N 120.6443°W Map
    30 Loma Prieta3,7863,426Santa Clara37.1112°N 121.8431°W Map
    31 HP New York Mtns.7,5323,333San Bernardino35.26°N 115.308°W Map
    32 Granite Mountains HP4,4313,314 Riverside33.9702°N 115.0728°W Map
    33 Funeral Peak6,3843,304Inyo36.103°N 116.624°W Map
    34 Avawatz Mountain6,1543,294San Bernardino35.513°N 116.332°W Map
    35 Breckenridge Mountain7,5603,283Kern35.451°N 118.583°W Map
    36 Ord Mountain6,3093,253San Bernardino34.6749°N 116.8151°W Map
    37 Hines Peak6,7163,208Ventura34.511°N 119.075°W Map
    38 Cobb Mountain4,7203,199Lake38.8029°N°122.7466°W Map
    39 Glass Mountain11,1403,160Mono37.7661°N118.7045°W Map
    39 Goosenest8,2803,160Siskiyou41.72°N 122.2224°W Map
    41 Freel Peak10,8813,146El Dorado/Alpine38.85690°N119.9002°WMap
    42 Mount Diablo3,8493,109Contra Costa 37.882°N 121.913°W Map
    43 Bully Choop Mountain6,9743,103Shasta/Trinity 40.555213°N 122.767153°W Map
    44 Copernicus Peak4,3723,092Santa Clara37.347°N 121.629°W Map
    45 Olancha Peak12,1233,083Tulare/Inyo 36.2656°N 118.1164°W Map
    46 Keynot Peak11,1023,030Inyo36.70770°N117.9621°WMap
    47 Butt Mountain7,8702,978Tehama 40.22°N121.39°WMap
    48 King Peak4,0912,931Humboldt40.156823°N124.124354°WMap
    49 Crater Peak8,6772,923Shasta40.698°N121.62°WMap
    50 Cone Peak5,1552,915Monterey36.0519°N121.495°WMap
    51 Boulder Peak8,2992,899Siskiyou 41.578°N123.092°WMap
    52 North Palisade 14,2422,895Fresno/Inyo 37.09390ºN118.5219ºWMap
    53 Hot Springs Peak7,6542,894Lassen40.375ºN120.1215ºWMap
    54 Burney Mountain7,8632,863Shasta38.69240°N121.62629°WMap
    55 Palomar Mountain6,1402,856San Diego33.363°N116.835°WMap
    56 Cuyamaca Peak6,5062,849San Diego32.9468ºN116.6068°WMap
    Black Butte South Face
    Black Butte4,5042,844Riverside33.5613ºN115.3449ºWMap
    58 Hull Mountain6,8732,833Mendocino 39.521922ºN122.936917ºWMap
    59 Baden Powell9,3992,799Los Angeles34.3586ºN117.7636ºWMap
    60 Black Lassic5,9162,796Humboldt 40.34024ºN123.54122ºWMap
    61no SP PageGranite Peak6,7622,792San Bernardino34.793745ºN115.695412ºWMap
    61 Mt. Ingalls8,3722,792Plumas39.9415ºN120.62737ºWMap
    63 Whipple Mountain4,1302,790San Bernardino34.314637ºN114.411151ºWMap
    64no SP PageIron Mountain4,4852,785Mendocino39.808544°N123.481346°WMap
    Old Woman Mountain
    Old Woman Mountain5,3242,732San Bernardino34.573365ºN115.235561ºWMap
    66no SP PageStraw Peak5,5912,715San Bernardino35.618785ºN117.193996ºWMap
    67 Bald Eagle Mountain7,1832,703Plumas39.938193ºN121.235856ºWMap
    68 Whale Peak5,348 2,700 San Diego 33.0292ºN116.3161ºWMap
    Turtle Mountains High Point4,2982,658San Bernardino34.261099°N114.827676°WMap
    70 Sanhedrin Mountain6,1752,655Mendocino39.515971ºN123.096061ºWMap
    71 Mount Conness12,5902,647Tuolomne/Mono37.9672°N119.3192°WMap
    72 Mount Morgan13,7482,628Inyo37.4053°N118.7323°WMap
    73no SP PageTiefort Mtns HP / BM Artillery5,0632,623San Bernardino 35.282877ºN116.556338ºWMap
    74 Mount Gabb13,7412,621Fresno/Inyo37.3769ºN118.8017ºWMap
    75 Hayfork Bally 6,2732,619Trinity40.659011ºN123.219298ºWMap
    76 Hot Springs Mountain6,5332,613San Diego33.315157°N116.579795°WMap
    77 Pyramid Peak9,9832,606El Dorado38.845106ºN120.158081ºWMap
    78no SP PageBear Mountain6,9202,600Kern35.206486°N118.639498°WMap
    78 Rainbow Ridge36002,600Humboldt40.3344ºN124.1104ºWMap
    80 Kern Peak11,5102,590Tulare36.308ºN118.287ºWMap
    81 Mount Humphreys13,9862,563Fresno/Inyo37.2706ºN118.6728ºWMap
    82 Potato Peak10,2372,557 Mono38.234565ºN119.086855ºWMap
    83 Preston Peak7,3092,549Siskiyou41.836ºN123.611ºWMap
    Spectre From Tensor
    Spectre Peak4,4802,544Riverside34.026279°N115.404748°WMap


    86no SP PageManly Peak7,1952,536Inyo35.915064ºN117.116945ºWMap
    87 Snow Mountain7,0562,519Lake/Colusa 39.39ºN122.78ºWMap
    88no SP PageCoso Peak8,1602,489Inyo36.202881°N117.713744ºWMap
    89 The Whaleback8,5282,488Siskiyou41.52829ºN122.14059ºWMap
    90no SP PageAlamo Mountain7,3672,487Ventura34.667725ºN118.961154ºWMap
    91no SP PageDevils Peak2,4702,470Santa Barbara34.029201ºN119.784428ºWMap
    92 Highland Peak10,9352,455Alpine38.54390°N119.7547ºWMap
    93 Frazier Mountain10,2632,453Ventura 34.7752ºN118.9695ºWMap
    93 Burnt Peak5,7932,453Los Angeles34.68270ºN118.5761ºWMap
    95 Mount Tamalpais2,5712,451Marin37.928ºN122.591ºWMap
    Cady Peak4,6272,447San Bernardino34.873196ºN116.333102ºWMap
    97 Black Buttes7,4522,440Glenn39.72690ºN122.8714ºWMap
    98 Black Mountain5,1182,427Siskiyou41.85775ºN122.511786ºWMap
    99 Fredonyer Peak7,9432,423Lassen40.687756ºN120.59852ºWMap
    100 Mount Dana13,0572,417Mono/Tuolumne 37.8997ºN119.2203ºWMap
    101 Dixie Mountain8,3272,407Plumas 39.938864ºN120.285348ºWMap
    102 Chanchelulla Peak6,4012,398Trinity40.47340°N122.9913°WMap
    103 Cahto Peak4,2332,393Mendocino39.686557ºN123.579551ºWMap
    104 Last Chance Mountain8,4592,379Inyo37.280379°N117.699821°WMap
    105 Stewart Point5,2652,378Inyo36.166173°N116.208067°WMap
    106 Observation Peak7,9642,364Lassen40.774241°N120.171544°WMap
    107 Babbitt Peak8,7602,360Sierra39.602544ºN120.105706ºWMap
    108 Eagle Peak11,8472,358Mono38.179872°N119.408581°WMap
    109 Mount Hoffman7,9132,353Siskiyou41.611109°N121.553674°WMap
    110 Willow Creek Mountain7,8292,349Siskiyou41.815485ºN122.242804ºWMap
    111 Kettle Benchmark7,8292,342Plumas40.146427ºN120.720691ºWMap
    112 Mount Konocti4,2992,339Lake38.974646°N122.765939°WMap
    113no SP PagePalen Mtns. HP (Red Top)3,8482,336Riverside33.834165ºN115.038782ºWMap
    114 Towne BM7,2872,331Inyo36.419839°N117.318241°WMap
    114 Big Maria Mountain3,3812,331Riverside33.867819°N114.669087°WMap
    116 Mount Dubois13,5592,319Mono37.783365°N118.343216°WMap
    117 Quail Mountain5,8132,293Riverside34.007323°N116.24139°WMap
    118 Mount Hoffmann10,8502,290Mariposa37.846842°N119.510591°WMap
    119 Bear Mountain6,4112,287Del Norte41.796181°N123.672061°WMap
    120 Ash Creek Butte8,3782,258Siskiyou 41.447496°N122.049°WMap
    121 Russian Peak8,1902,234Siskiyou41.282576°N122.951796°WMap
    122no SP PageEagle Crags5,5122,232San Bernardino35.399304ºN117.060482ºWMap
    Eagle Mountain
    Eagle Mountain5,3502,230Riverside33.744087°N115.739724°WMap
    Summit Now Visible
    Sheep Hole Mtns HP4,6132,218San Bernardino34.22668ºN115.692114ºWMap
    125 Edgar Peak7,1622,208San Bernardino34.955521°N115.536354°WMap
    126 Caliente Mountain5,1062,206San Luis Obispo35.036309°N119.760252°WMap
    127 Sandstone Peak3,1112,201Ventura34.120429°N118.931994°WMap
    128 Adams Peak8,1972,197Plumas39.910721°N120.10048°WMap
    129 Pinto Peak7,5082,190Inyo36.383721°N117.226466°WMap
    130 Big Pine Mountain6,8282,188Santa Barbara34.697288°N119.654347°WMap
    131 Tower Peak11,7552,183Tuolomne/Mono38.144524°N119.547713°WMap
    132 Shaffer Mountain6,7352,175Lassen40.446641ºN120.357939ºWMap
    133 Owens Peak8,4532,173Kern35.738269°N117.997019°WMap
    133 North Yolla Bolly7,8642,173Tehama/Trinity 40.19629°N122.973771°WMap
    135no SP PageProvidence Benchmark6,6112,149San Bernardino34.872363ºN115.557942ºWMap
    136 Hawkins Peak10,0242,144Alpine38.738566°N119.872452°WMap
    137 Slate Mountain9,3022,142Tulare36.083378°N118.576278°WMap
    138 Keddie Peak7,4992,139Plumas40.216148ºN120.968841ºWMap
    139 Indian Creek Baldy6,2732,139Siskiyou41.737882ºN122.829439ºWMap
    140 Tombstone Mountain5,6132,133Shasta41.04762ºN122.254352ºWMap
    141 Mount Orizaba2,1252,125Los Angleles33.375136°N118.419599°WMap
    142 Twin Peaks12,3232,123Tuolomne/Mono38.083553°N119.358775°WMap
    143 Orocopia Mountain3,8152,102Riverside33.569058°N115.77979°WMap
    144 Cottonwood Peak6,6072,087Siskiyou41.887562ºN122.646968ºWMap
    145 Chews Ridge5,0452,085Monterey36.312201ºN121.568204ºWMap
    146no SP PagePalo Escrito Peak4,4672,078Monterey36.405236ºN121.491968ºWMap
    147 Mount Pinchot13,4942,077Fresno36.947268°N118.40542 °WMap
    147 Reyes Peak7,5142,077Ventura34.630915°N119.281622°WMap
    149 Santa Ynez Peak4,2982,074Santa Barbara34.526966°N119.978554°WMap
    150 Mount Lola9,1482,068Nevada39.432952°N120.365117°WMap
    151no SP PageBrown Mountain5,1342,064San Bernardino35.686537ºN117.02136ºWMap
    152 Red Mountain5,2612,061San Bernardino35.348734°N117.584069°WMap
    153 Thurston Peak7,5722,052Trinity40.92444ºN123.222447ºWMap
    153 Otay Mountain3,5722,052San Diego32.594533°N116.844673°WMap
    155no SP PageClipper Mountain4,5942,051San Bernardino34.754228ºN115.383618ºWMap
    156 Leavitt Peak11,5702,049Tuolomne/Mono38.286182°N119.651249°WMap
    157 Scodie Mountain7,2942,048Kern35.629443°N118.028214°WMap
    158 South Butte2,1172,047Sutter39.206309ºN121.821272ºWMap
    159 Mount Kaweah13,802 2,027Tulare36.526108°N118.478518°WMap
    160 Salt Creek Mountain4,3792,019Shasta40.877011ºN122.176891ºWMap
    161 Rodman Mountain6,0102,010San Bernardino34.642806°N116.628692°WMap
    162 Mount Warren12,3272,007Mono37.989772°N119.223497°WMap
    163 Sonoma Mountain2,4632,003Sonoma38.345892°N122.580024°WMap

    Error Range Peaks

    RankImageSummit NameElevation (ft)Prominence (ft)CountyLatitudeLongitudeMap Link
    E1 Salmon Mountain6,9561,996Humboldt/Siskiyou41.183229ºN123.41076ºWMap
    E2 Bonanza King7,0741,994Trinity41.097114ºN118.001343ºWMap
    E3no SP PageBrushy Mountain3,5501,990Humboldt40.354001ºN123.802652ºWMap
    E4no SP PageMount Johnson3,4651,985San Benito36.610947ºN121.314714ºWMap
    E5 Mount Tom13,6521,972Inyo37.338479ºN118.657008ºWMap
    E6no SP PageMount Hood (Hood Mountain)2,7301,970Sonoma38.45991ºN122.553489ºWMap

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    hgrapid - Nov 25, 2009 2:37 pm - Voted 10/10

    Mount Eddy in Orange County?

    Is that a typo? Also, Tin Mountain has the same photo as Mount Patterson.


    Noondueler - Mar 15, 2010 4:12 pm - Voted 10/10

    Mammoth Peak

    Just a note Red, the first peak on the page, upper left is Mammoth Peak not Mt. Dana. The caption on the original shot would lead you to believe that since it's on the Mt. Dana page. Also the pic below left is of course Mt. Shasta taken from the Whaleback. Thanks for posting some of my pics!

    Bob Burd

    Bob Burd - May 20, 2011 10:46 pm - Hasn't voted

    Mammoth Peak

    It's a pretty picture, but Mammoth Peak doesn't have 2,000ft of promimence. In fact it doesn't have even 500ft of prominence and probably doesn't belong on this page.


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    I added Babbitt Peak

    I added a summitpost page for Babbitt Peak:


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    Round Top

    It looks like the Round Top page linked here is not the actual P2000 Round Top.


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    Re: Round Top

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