Idaho 2000-ft Prominence Peaks

Idaho 2000-ft Prominence Peaks

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# PictureName Elevation Prominence Saddle ID Rank Counties QuadrangleLatitudeLongitudeMap
1 Borah Peak12662600266601 CusterBorah Peak44.1373°N-113.7811°WMap
2 Diamond Peak12197538768104 ButteDiamond Peak44.1415°N-113.0826°WMap
3 He Devil942052404180855 IdahoHe Devil45.3241°N-116.5483°WMap
4 Hyndman Peak12009482971809 Blaine & CusterHyndman Peak43.7495°N-114.1311°WMap
5 Scotchman Peak7009466923403286 BonnerScotchman Peak48.1890°N-116.0814°WMap
6 Cache Peak1033944795860328 CassiaCache Peak42.1855°N-113.6611°WMap
7 Scott Peak113934243715055 LemhiScott Peak44.3538°N-112.8212°WMap
8 Black Pine Peak938640865300870 CassiaBlack Pine Peak42.1203°N-113.1204°WMap
9 Castle Peak118154035778025 CusterBoulder Chain Lakes44.0398°N-114.5867°WMap
10 Oxford Peak930040305270945 Franklin & OneidaOxford42.2674°N-112.0962°WMap
11 White Mountain
(Peak 10442)
1044237726670290 CusterTwin Peaks44.5747°N-114.4957°WMap
12 Sedgwick Peak9167364255251056 BannockSedgwick Peak42.5158°N-111.9234°WMap
13 Mount McGuire1008235426540439 LemhiMount McGuire45.1739°N-114.6021°WMap
14 Elkhorn Peak9095351555801130 Bannock & OneidaElkhorn Peak42.3339°N-112.3283°WMap
15 Sturgill Peak7589344941402660 WashingtonSturgill Peak44.6199°N-116.9435°WMap
16 North Twin1108134447637108 ButteSunset Peak43.9290°N-113.3353°WMap
17 Buffalo Hump8938343855001267 IdahoBuffalo Hump45.6205°N-115.6993°WMap
18 Bonneville Peak927134015870982 Bannock & CaribouBonneville Peak42.7633°N-112.1411°WMap
19 Mount Jefferson1020333836820391 Beaverhead & FremontMount Jefferson44.5621°N-111.5050°WMap
20 Boundary County HP7714337443402552 BoundaryPyramid Peak48.8452°N-116.5543°WMap
21 Smoky Dome1009532756820437 CamasSmoky Dome43.4934°N-114.9361°WMap
22 Queen Mountain6112325228604270 BoundaryEastport48.8782°N-116.2151°WMap
23 Deep Creek Peak8748324855001432 PowerDeep Creek Peak42.4710°N-112.6561°WMap
24 Ryan Peak117143214850031 CusterRyan Peak43.9023°N-114.4094°WMap
25 Cuddy Mountain7867320746602404 WashingtonCuddy Mountain44.7712°N-116.7842°WMap
26 Big Baldy970532056500645 ValleyBig Baldy44.7824°N-115.2190°WMap
27 Hayden Peak8403313352701813 OwyheeCinnabar Mountain42.9804°N-116.6574°WMap
28 Snowbank Mountain8340312052201882 ValleyTripod Peak44.4426°N-116.1369°WMap
29 Caribou Mountain980330936710583 BonnevilleCaribou Mountain43.0934°N-111.3115°WMap
30 North Loon Mountain932229746348927 ValleyEnos Lake45.1126°N-115.8730°WMap
31 Old Tom Mountain8733291358201451 BannockHawkins42.6237°N-112.3207°WMap
32 Patrick Butte8841290159401343 IdahoPatrick Butte45.3177°N-116.2082°WMap
33 Dickey Peak111412823831896 CusterDickey Peak44.2293°N-113.8835°WMap
34 Hoodoo Mountain5119281423054964 BonnerBlanchard48.0786°N-116.9536°WMap
35 Hawley Mountain975228126940615 ButteHawley Mountain44.1047°N-113.3405°WMap
36 Blacktail Mountain4960277021905042 BonnerCocolalla48.1190°N-116.5188°WMap
37 Big Elk Mountain947627266750815 BonnevilleBig Elk Mountain43.2358°N-111.2749°WMap
38 Shafer Butte7582272648562671 BoiseShafer Butte43.7716°N-116.0888°WMap
39 Rhodes Peak7930269552352347 ClearwaterRhodes Peak46.6749°N-114.7835°WMap
40 Mica Peak5241267125704904 KootenaiRockford Bay47.6222°N-116.9885°WMap
41 Smiley Mountain115082648886049 CusterSmiley Mountain43.6995°N-113.8100°WMap
42 Lone Pine Peak970026407060653 CusterLone Pine Peak44.3437°N-114.1692°WMap
43 Cape Horn Mountain952625866940781 Custer & ValleyCape Horn Lakes44.4069°N-115.2390°WMap
44 Big Creek Peak113502517883358 LemhiBig Creek Peak44.4717°N-113.5430°WMap
45 Grave Peak8282250257801976 IdahoGrave Peak46.3952°N-114.7304°WMap
46 Meade Peak995724977460499 Bear Lake & CaribouMeade Peak42.4955°N-111.2491°WMap
47 Lem Peak1098524858500126 LemhiLem Peak44.7806°N-113.8666°WMap
48 Cottonwood Butte5730246032704582 IdahoKeuterville46.0691°N-116.4661°WMap
49 Thompson Peak1075124518300175 CusterStanley Lake44.1414°N-115.0099°WMap
50 North King Mountain1078024008380168 ButteRamshorn Canyon43.7930°N-113.2628°WMap
51 Samaria Mountains HP7780240053802480 OneidaSamaria42.0592°N-112.3656°WMap
52 Moose Creek Buttes HP6937239745403360 ClearwaterScurvy Mountain46.7410°N-115.1635°WMap
53 Trinity Mountain945123917060837 ElmoreTrinity Mountain43.5988°N-115.4290°WMap
54 Big Southern Butte7560239051702708 ButteBig Southern Butte43.3960°N-113.0233°WMap
55 Saddle Mountain1081023858425160 ButteTyler Peak43.9374°N-112.9547°WMap
56 Taylor Mountain996023807580497 LemhiTaylor Mountain44.8850°N-114.2161°WMap
57 South Butte6994237046243300 ShoshoneMonumental Buttes47.0201°N-115.8080°WMap
58 Cottonwood Butte934923696980902 IdahoCottonwood Butte45.2885°N-114.7934°WMap
59 South Putnam Mountain8949236965801259 CaribouSouth Putnam Mountain42.9134°N-112.1301°WMap
60 Baldy Mountain990023607540528 Beaverhead & ClarkSlide Mountain44.5666°N-111.8693°WMap
61 Southwest Butte7814235454602462 IdahoJohn Day Mountain45.5075°N-116.2028°WMap
62 Jim Sage Mountains HP8046234157052230 CassiaKane Canyon42.1841°N-113.4945°WMap
63 Shelly Mountain112782338894072 CusterShelly Mountain43.8265°N-113.7265°WMap
64 Bear Pete Mountain8752233264201430 IdahoBurgdorf45.2768°N-115.9799°WMap
65 Blue Bunch Mountain8743232364201436 ValleyBlue Bunch Mountain44.4783°N-115.2752°WMap
66 Log Mountain9179231968601051 ValleyLog Mountain44.8212°N-115.6047°WMap
67 Council Mountain8126230658202154 AdamsCouncil Mountain44.7107°N-116.2693°WMap
68 Sherman Peak968223027380664 Bear LakeNorth Canyon42.4652°N-111.5491°WMap
69 Mount Harrison926522986967988 CassiaMount Harrison42.3089°N-113.6587°WMap
70 Grizzly Mountain5971229336784393 ShoshoneGrizzly Mountain47.7154°N-116.0882°WMap
71 Sheep Mountain1091022908620139 CusterBowery Peak44.0644°N-114.3603°WMap
72 Goat Mountain994322837660507 LemhiGoat Mountain44.8234°N-113.4389°WMap
73 Long Mountain4558227822805221 BonnerCareywood48.0745°N-116.7017°WMap
74 Piney Peak9020226067601182 TetonGarns Mountain43.6300°N-111.3586°WMap
75 Allan Mountain9154223369211069 LemhiAllan Mountain45.5949°N-114.0553°WMap
76 Black Mountain7077221748603210 ClearwaterMallard Peak46.8788°N-115.5519°WMap
77 Nick Peak9064220468601153 ValleyFitsum Peak44.9345°N-115.8674°WMap
78 Red Ridge8952220267501256 BonnevilleRed Ridge43.3214°N-111.2908°WMap
79 Steel Mountain
(alt. Steele Mountain)
973021887542632 ElmoreRocky Bar43.7466°N-115.3176°WMap
80 Elk Mountain7826216656602439 IdahoRunning Lake45.9127°N-115.0618°WMap
81 Clifty Mountain6705216545403627 BoundaryClifty Mountain48.6142°N-116.2202°WMap
82 Saddle Mountain6898215847403413 BoundaryGrass Mountain48.9505°N-116.7710°WMap
83 Mormon Mountain954521457400766 ValleyMormon Mountain45.0154°N-114.8810°WMap
84 Doublespring Peak116112129948241 CusterBorah Peak44.2044°N-113.8001°WMap
85 Little Grass Mountain5696211635804605 BonnerHelmer Mountain48.7599°N-117.0247°WMap
86 Pilot Knob7135211550203155 IdahoPilot Knob45.9055°N-115.7082°WMap
87 Bald Mountain5334211432204845 LatahEmida47.0318°N-116.5720°WMap
88 Bennett Peak6220210841124156 ShoshonePond Peak47.8268°N-116.0357°WMap
89 Stripe Mountain9001210169001205 Idaho & LemhiStripe Mountain45.5135°N-114.7743°WMap
90 Baldy Mountain983520957740569 BonnevilleThompson Peak43.4304°N-111.2068°WMap
91 Moscow Mountain4983209328905026 LatahMoscow Mountain46.8035°N-116.8688°WMap
92 South Mountain7801209157102472 OwyheeCliffs42.7400°N-116.9140°WMap
93 Pilot Peak8128208760412149 BoiseSunset Mountain43.9602°N-115.6868°WMap
94 Hawley Mountain7301208152202981 BoiseHarris Creek Summit43.9923°N-116.0306°WMap
95 Black Mountain8980208069001224 BonnevilleTincup Mountain43.1137°N-111.1276°WMap
96 Steamboat Benchmark8540208064601664 IdahoLoon Lake45.2094°N-115.7527°WMap
97 Roberts Mountain6681206146203647 BonnerSmith Mountain48.4936°N-116.0897°WMap
98 Latour Peak6408202843803955 KootenaiTwin Crags47.4338°N-116.3618°WMap
99 Jumpoff Peak9045202570201165 ButteHowe43.7546°N-113.1072°WMap
100 Bald Mountain1031320138300339 CusterBald Mountain44.3672°N-114.3442°WMap
101 Pinyon Peak994220027940508 CusterPinyon Peak44.5697°N-114.9170°WMap


102 Bennett Mountain7441198154602825ElmoreBennett Mountain43.2489°N-115.4344°WMap
103 Fenn Mountain8021197960422259IdahoFenn Mountain46.1771°N-115.2046°WMap
104 Ohio Benchmark8753197367801428BlaineBaugh Creek SW43.6242°N-114.2505°WMap
105 Grays Peak8806196668401374ValleyPungo Mountain44.8298°N-115.0665°WMap
106 Peak 74927492196255302768PowerSublett Troughs42.3700°N-112.9306°WMap
107 Monument Peak8060196061002212CassiaMahogany Butte42.1199°N-114.2179°WMap
108 Shefoot Mountain6380196044203992ShoshoneShefoot Mountain47.3064°N-115.6849°WMap


I was sorting through Summitpost about a week ago when I noticed a massive hole in the list of prominence lists. There were P2K lists for California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada. So hey why not Idaho? So I hopped over to and quickly found out the reason. There are 101 p2k peaks in Idaho. Well maybe that isn't the entire reason, but it was a good few days of work. Regardless, I finished the list and sad to say there are a lot of pages missing. Thankfully I live within a few hours of a lot of the North Idaho peaks. So expect a few new pages in the coming weeks and months (hopefully having the list will encourages some of our resident Idaho peakbaggers to get some virgin Summitpost pages).

Here is a handy map of the all the peaks:


I compiled this list using the Lists of John database.

Thanks to peaklist whose Idaho map above I used.

Thanks to everyone that put up a prominence page (Klenke, Redsplashman23, Samh, and Dennis Poulin are the main ones) as I used those as a way of checking what other lists looked like. I used Open Office Spreadsheat this time to do most of the leg work for placement of the cells and generating the html code.

Thanks in advance to anyone for advice and for pointing out mistakes. Places to look for mistakes are incorrectly linked names or thumbnails, incorrect coordinates, and incorrect map links.


In my endless search for perfectionism I left out some pages that were not exact descriptions of peaks on the list.

Mica Peak (WA)
Yes there is a difference its 30 minutes from my house and they are even separated by significant prominence (about 1400 feet).

Moscow Mountain East
Really picky here...there is maybe a 1/4 of a mile apart and maybe 200 feet elevation gain. Not sure why the author didn't walk the extra 1/4 mile, but it is a page for the east summit.

South Loon Mountain
Not very picky here. It and North Loon Mountain are significantly different. The pickiness comes in the fact that they are almost the same height.

Please don't add these to the additions and corrections page as I left them out on purpose (no offense to the authors either, I just feel they are significantly different from the true peaks).

EPP stands for Extended Potential Prominence.

Additions and Corrections

Added the page and peak picture for White Mountain (no. 11)
Added the peak picture for North Loon Mountain
Added the peak picture for South Putnam Mountain
Added the page and peak picture for Steel Mountain
Added the peak picture for Bennett Mountain
Added the peak picture for Council Mountain

Thanks to Dean:
Added the peak and page for Sedgwick Peak (no. 12)
Added the peak and page for Old Tom Mountain (no. 31)
Added the peak and page for Blue Bunch Mountain (no. 65)
Added the peak and page for Cape Horn Mountain (no. 43)
Added the peak and page for Caribou Mountain (no. 29)
Added the peak and page for Jim Sage Mountain HP (no. 62)

Thanks to Arkitekt:
Added the page and peak picture for Bald Mountain (no. 87)
Added the peak and page for South Butte (no. 57)

Thanks to Splattski:
Added the page and peak picture for Steamboat Mountain (no. 96)

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derekperc - Jan 23, 2015 10:03 pm - Hasn't voted


On the longitudes the combination of the negative and the 'W' places those locations in China on google maps. It looks like it needs to be either/or. #54 typo in "Big Southern Butte" Not deliberately trying to scrutinize, I'm just working on mapping project so I'm noticing these things. :)

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