Utah 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks

Utah 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks

Utah, United States, North America
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Flat Top Mtn as seen from...
Flat Top Mountain
Utah is home to some great mountain scenery. This includes famous National Parks like Bryce Canyon, Zion, Arches, and Canyonlands. In addition it is one of the most mountainous states. This includes 81 peaks with a prominence of 2,000 feet or more. Utah also has 8 Ultra Prominence Peaks within the continental United States. These peaks provide a wide range of difficulty. Some are also very remote. Also, if you include 3 error range peaks, that gives a total of 84 peaks that have at least 2,000 feet of prominence. Also, twenty of Utah’s twenty-nine county highpoints are also P2Ks. Though two peaks (Delano and Thurston Peaks) are County Highpoints for two counties each.

In compiling this list, I found that a staggering 70 out of these 84 peaks already have a SummitPost page. Nevada, which has more than twice as many 2,000 ft. Prominence peaks, has about the same number of pages with a SP page. This is in large part due to one particular SP Member’s interest in Utah Prominence Peaks since he has moved there a few years back. That person would be Dean. Thanks for all your efforts Dean, as well as all the others who have wrote mountain pages on these peaks!

This list was compiled using the “mean prominence” value. Peaklist uses its ranking system with this method (81 peaks). However, if you use the “clean prominence” value, then there are also 81 peaks in Utah with 2,000 feet of prominence. Peakbagger uses this method. The order of these peaks though is slightly different on Peakbagger. In addition, there are also the 3 peaks that are in the “Error Range” of having 2,000 feet of prominence. All of these peaks were on SummitPost at the time of writing this.

On a side note, it is probably not likely that someone today could climb all 2,000 foot prominence peaks Utah has to offer in his/her lifetime. One lies within the Dugway Proving Grounds, a large military test area, that is off limits to the public. Granite Peak, number 48 on the list, is the lucky mountain.

Current Total with a SummitPost Page: 79

Newest Mountain Page: Goose Creek Range HP

Utah's 2,000 ft. Prominence Peaks

RankImageSummit NameElevation (ft)Prominence (ft)CountyLatitudeLongitudeMap Link
1 Kings Peak13,5286,348Duchesne (Highest Point)40.776327°N110.372933°WMap
2 Mt. Peale12,7216,161San Juan (Highest Point)38.438561°N109.229179°WMap
3 Mount Ellen11,5225,842Garfield (Highest Point)38.108934°N110.813589°WMap
4 Deseret Peak11,5315,811Tooele (Highest Point)40.459494°N112.626393°WMap
5 Mt. Nebo11,9285,488Utah (Highest Point)39.821857°N111.760272°WMap
6 Flat Top Mountain10,6205,370Utah40.372437°N112.188838°WMap
7 Mt. Timpanogos11,7505,269Utah40.390858°N 111.646082°W Map
8 Ibapah Peak12,0875,229Juab (Highest Point)40.48780°N 121.5039°W Map
9 Delano Peak12,1694,689Beaver/Piute (High Pts)38.369237°N 112.371355°W Map
10 Abajo Peak11,3604,550San Juan 37.839579°N 109.462305°W Map
11 Swasey Peak9,6694,509Millard39.388142°N 113.316408°W Map
12 Signal Peak10,3654,485Washington (Highest Point)37.319537°N 113.492205°W Map
13 Navajo Mountain10,3464,226Utah37.034341°N 110.869739°W Map
14 Fish Lake Hightop11,6334,153Sevier (Highest Point)38.608077°N 111.739405°W Map
15no SP PageMonroe Peak11,2274,107Sevier38.536076°N 112.073409°W Map
16 Frisco Peak9,6604,020Beaver38.520423°N 113.2875°W Map
17 Mt. Ogden9,5703,810Weber41.199946°N 111.882078°W Map
18 Brian Head Peak11,3073,747Iron (Highest Point)37.681209°N 112.831221°W Map
19 Bull Mtn9,9203,720Box Elder (Highest Point)41.90482°N 113.388868°W Map
20 Fool Creek Peak9,7173,712Utah39.39259°N 112.207354°W Map
21 Salt Creek Peak9,9973,677Juab39.664909°N 111.743259°W Map
22 Indian Peak9,7903,650Beaver38.267°N 113.8754°W Map
23 American Fork Twin Peaks11,4893,649Salt Lake (Highest Point)40.551781°N 111.656601°W Map
24 West Mountain Peak7,6803,640Washington37.155178°N 113.883304°W Map
25 George H Hansen Peak8,5233,603Juab39.725284°N 113.440178°W Map
26 Mount Pennell11,4083,560Garfield37.956468°N 110.790953°W Map
27 Box Elder Peak9,3723,452Box Elder41.635624°N 112.014561°W Map
28 Provo Peak11,0683,428Utah40.244235°N 111.556989°W Map
29 Notch Peak9,6543,414Millard39.143189,°N 113.409321°W Map
30 Mount Dutton11,0413,401Garfield38.020612°N 112.217333°W Map
31 South Tent Mountain 11,2853,365Sanpete (Highest Point)39.392003°N 111.357684°W Map
32 Mount Hillers10,7373,337 Garfield37.887395°N 110.69703°W Map
33 Willard Peak9,7643,244Weber (Highest Point)41.382783°N 111.974424°W Map
34 Naomi Peak9,9793,159Cache (Highest Point)41.911382,°N 111.675411°W Map
35 Wah Wah Mtns HP9,3933,084Beaver38.354087,°N 113.586678°W Map
36 Black Crook Peak9,2743,074Tooele39.984506,°N 112.54044°W Map
37 Graham Peak7,5633,043Tooele40.951669°N 113.789656°W Map
38 Mine Camp Peak10,2223,001Millard (Highest Point)38.873682°N°112.253407°W Map
39 Logan Peak9,7102,995Cache41.713482°N111.717745°W Map
40 Granite Peak9,5822,982Beaver38.382839°N 112.814743°W Map
41 Spanish Fork Peak10,1922,952Utah38.85690°N119.9002°WMap
42 Mount Ellsworth8,2352,915Garfield37.746205°N 110.620093°W Map
43 Bluebell Knoll11,3202,900Wayne (Highest Point)38.159355°N 111.500402 °W Map
44 Loafer Mountain (2 areas)10,6872,887Utah39.983342ºN111.62381ºWMap
45 Cedar Peak7,7122,847Tooele40.542495°N 112.968636°W Map
46 Desert Peak7,0052,785Box Elder41.186056°N113.368294°WMap
47 Lewis Peak9,3042,784Summit/Morgan40.855367ºN111.48045ºWMap
48no SP PageGranite Peak7,0822,767Tooele40.128085ºN113.271047ºWMap
49 Lake Mountain Peak7,6902,710Utah40.274895°N111.940581°WMap
50 Bruin Point10,1842,704Carbon39.64421ºN110.348132ºWMap
51 Thurston Peak9,7062,690Davis & Morgan HPTs41.081956°N111.851555°WMap
52 Stookey Peak 9,0202,500Tooele40.248614ºN112.543552ºWMap
53 Wah Wah North8,9802,500Beaver38.547645ºN113.548097ºWMap
54 Messix Peak7,3722,452Box Elder41.490201ºN112.508377ºWMap
55 Needle Benchmark9,4802,400Beaver33.363°N116.835°WMap
56 Stansbury Island/Castle Rock6,6202,400Tooele40.846833ºN40.846833°WMap
57 Frary Peak6,5962,396Davis40.96206ºN112.215996ºWMap
58 Tunnel Springs Peak8,4402,380Millard38.759656ºN113.762621ºWMap
59 Gunsight Peak8,2442,364Box Elder41.924316ºN112.127342ºWMap
60 King Top8,3502,350Millard38.980858ºN113.530565ºWMap
61 Thousand Lakes Mountain11,3062,346Wayne38.417069ºN111.479339ºWMap
62 Strawberry Peak10,3352,338Wasatch40.047061ºN110.984673ºWMap
63 Tangent Peak7,0472,307Box Elder41.481621ºN113.174434ºWMap
64 Mount Holmes7,9982,278Garfield37.797579ºN110.583155ºWMap
65 Mount Elliott7,1422,262Emery39.182858ºN110.300228ºWMap
66 James Peak9,4212,261Cache/Weber41.39136ºN111.792951ºWMap
67 Champlin Peak7,5042,254Juab39.616488ºN112.220387 ºWMap
68 Keg Mountain7,3052,205Juab39.788982°N112.8413°WMap
69 Boulter Peak8,3082,188Juab/Toole40.003416ºN112.196964ºWMap
70 Drum Mountain HP7,2982,178Juab39.561363°N112.986841°WMap
71 Stevens BM8,3462,156Sanpete39.06025,°N111.997588°WMap
72 Indian Peaks8,4062,148Tooele40.00429ºN112.723272ºWMap
73 Poorman BM8,6742,134Iron38.079216,ºN112.760783ºWMap
74 West Mountain6,9042,104Utah40.055445ºN111.82966 ºWMap
75 Hilgard Mountain11,5332,093Sevier38.684123°N111.543821°WMap
76 Cricket Mountains HP7,2312,071Millard38.893088ºN113.009366ºWMap
77 Scrub Peak6,7892,065Washington37.053203°N113.823051°WMap
78no SP PageDurst Mountain9,2842,064Morgan41.13914ºN111.672944ºWMap
79no SP PageWagon Road Ridge9,5032,031Grand39.221699ºN109.770035ºWMap
79 Lands End7,1512,031Garfield38.10150ºN110.1301°WMap
81 Goose Creek Range HP8,6842,004Box Elder41.926544ºN113.806221ºWMap


51 also known as Francis Benchmark
52 Onaqui Mountains High Point, Stookey Benchmark
72 Multiple Summits
79 Wagon Road Ridge; 4 mi N of Roan Peaks

Error Range Peaks

RankImageSummit NameElevation (ft)Prominence (ft)CountyLatitudeLongitudeMap Link
E1 Craner Peak6,6251,995Tooele40.879947ºN112.820718ºWMap
E2 Split Mountain7,6601,980Uintah (Highest Point)40.476919ºN109.240098ºWMap
E3 San Rafael Knob7,9211,961Emery38.813068ºN110.854547ºWMap


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