Gran Paradiso Group - Northern Sector

Gran Paradiso Group - Northern Sector

Page Type: Area/Range
Lat/Lon: 45.59554°N / 7.25784°E
Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Sport Climbing, Bouldering, Ice Climbing, Big Wall, Mixed, Scrambling, Skiing
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Elevation: 13324 ft / 4061 m

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Western side of Gran Paradiso range
Western side of Gran Paradiso range, seen from the shore of a small lake in the Vallone delle Meyes. From left one can see: Herbetet, Punta Budden, Becca di Montandayné, Piccolo Paradiso, Gran Paradiso, Becca di Moncorvé (July 1974)


Further general information concerning Gran Paradiso GROUP can be obtained in the following pages:
Gran Paradiso GROUP
Gran Paradiso_Features
WE Main Ridge of Gran Paradiso Group
Southern Sector of Gran Paradiso Group

Specific information can be obtained also concerning the single summits belonging to the Gran Paradiso Group up to now posted in SP: here is an interactive list, ordered according to the submission date.

A) Gran Paradiso (4061m)
B) la Grivola (3969m)
C) Tresenta (3609m)
D) Gran Serra (3552m)
E) Ciarforon (3642m)
F) Punta Rossa della Grivola (3630m)
G) Becca di Moncorvè (3875m)
H) Becco Meridionale della Tribolazione (3360m)
I) Becca di Montandayné (3838m)
J) Bioula, Punta di (3414m)
K) Roccia Viva (3650m)
L) Taou Blanc, Mont (3438m)
M) Mont Paillasse (2414m)
N) Torre del Gran San Pietro (3962m)
O) Herbetet, Punta (3778m)
P) Becca di Monciair (3544m)
Q) Torre di Sant'Orso (3618m)
R) Testa di Entrelor (2580m)
S) Punta di Ceresole (3777m)
T) Cresta Gastaldi (3894m)
U) Becca di Gay (3621m)
V) Torre di Lavina (3308m)
W) Punta Basei (3338m)
X) Il Roc (4026m)


Moving SLOWLY the pointer of your mouse over each labelled summit, its name and height are shown. Clicking on it, you will go the SP related page
H= Becco Meridionale della Tribolazione(3360 m)M= Mont Paillasse(2414 m).D= Gran Serra(3552 m)E= Ciarforon(3642 m)G= Becca di Moncorvè(3875 m) C= la Tresenta(3609 m)A= Gran Paradiso(4061 m)I= Becca di Montandaynè(3838 m)F= Punta Rossa della Grivola(3630 m)J= Bioula, Punta di(3414 m)K= Roccia Viva(3650 m)L= Taou Blanc, Mont(3438 m) N= Torre del Gran San Pietro(3692 m)B= la Grivola(3969 m)O= Herbetet(3778 m)P= Becca di Monciair(3544 m)Q= Torre di Sant'Orso (3618 m) U= Becca di Gay (3621 m) V= Torre di Lavina (3308 m) W= Punta Basei(3338m)

Interactive map showing location, name and height of the summits posted on SP.


The Gran Paradiso group includes the only 4000 meter summit entirely in Italian territory, that is the namesake summit that reaches 4061 meters. It is one of the most important groups of the Western Alps; in particular it belongs to Alpi Graie (Graian Alps). Its western and eastern boundaries are not exactly identified: the geological limits are generally placed W at Col del Nivolet (2612m) and E at Col dell'Arietta (2939m), whereas the debated geographical limits are placed W at Col di Rhemes or Punta Basei (3338m), E at Rosa dei Banchi (3164m) or Bec Pragelas (2908m). In the latter case, the borders coincide with the ones of Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso, the first Italian National Park instituted in the year 1922, approximately on the area that had been the Royal Hunting Preserve. King Vittorio Emanuele II had wanted the preserve, in order to prevent the extinction of steinbock (Capra ibex) and chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra), of which he was an inveterate hunter.


Handmade map of the Gran Paradiso National Park. In red the limits of the Park, in black the border between the northern sector (Valle d'Aosta) and the southern one (Piemonte)


Both group and park extend over Valle d'Aosta and Piemonte, whose border is just the ridge, belonging to the Gran Paradiso group and running from west to east. In Valle d'Aosta, a series of ranges developing in the south-north direction separates the three principal valleys; from the west they are: Val di Rhemes, Valsavarenche and valle di Cogne, which in turn originates Valnontey (that is the heart of the Group), Valeille, and the secondary valleys of Bardoney, Acque Rosse and Urtier.


Getting There

Valle di Cogne
  • From Torino, Milano, etc: Motorway A5. Exit at Aosta Ovest. Drive to the near Aymavilles. Follow the directions for Valle di Cogne.
  • From Switzerland: through the Grand Saint Bernard Tunnel or the namesake Pass.Drive to Aosta, then follow the direction for Courmayeur on SS.26. Just after Sarre, turn to the left, in the direction of Valle di Cogne.
  • From France: through Mont Blanc Tunnel or Petit St. Bernard Pass. It isn't necessary to take motorway A5: you can drive on SS.26, in the direction of Aosta. Before arriving at the village of Sarre, turn right following the sign for Valle di Cogne.
After Aymavilles, the Regional Road n° 47 crosses the villages of Vieyes, Epinel and Cretaz and after about 25 Km arrives at Cogne (1534m). From Cogne you can get the villages of Lillaz (1617m) or Valnontey (1666m).

Val di Rhemes and Valsavarenche

  • From France, through the Mont Blanc Tunnel or the Col du Petit Saint Bernard: you can drive on SS.26, following the direction for Aosta and, before arriving in Villeneuve, turn right towards Introd. Alternatively, you can take Motorway A5 (at Courmayeur or Morgex) and exit at Aosta Ovest.
  • From all other directions: get to the Aosta Ovest exit of motorway A5. Then drive along SS.26 Aosta, direction Courmayeur, and just after Villeneuve turn left towards Introd.
Shortly after Introd, you arrive at a junction:
  • you can go straight following the sign "Val di Rhêmes" and then drive through Rhêmes Saint Georges as far as Rhêmes Notre Dames; after the main village, Bruil (1723m), the road reaches the hamlet of Pellaud, then becomes narrower and may be followed as far as the vast parking in view of Thumel (1880m). From here the road follows but the transit is forbidden.
  • or you can turn left, entering in Valsavarenche, and through many villages (Degioz, Eaux Rousses, etc) you can arrive at Pont (1978m) where the road ends.

Summits of the Gran Paradiso GROUP

Summits of the Gran Paradiso GROUP reported in the previous map

1_Punta Galisia 3346 m28_Punta Rossa della Grivola 3630 m
2_Punta Basei 3338 m29_La Grivola 3969 m
3_Punta Gran Vaudala 3272 m30_Grivoletta 3514 m
4_Taou Blanc 3438 m31_Gran Nomenon 3488 m
5_Aouillé 3440 m32_Mont Favret 3173 m
6_Cima di Entrelor 3430 m33_Punta Valletta 2793 m
7_Punta Percià 3227 m34_Becca Piana 2271 m
8_La Roletta 3384 m35_Punta Ceresole 3777 m
9_Punta Bianca 3427 m36_Testa della Tribolazione 3642 m
10_Punta Bioula 3414 m37_Testa di Valnontey 3562 m
11_Punta del Ran 3272 m38_Becca di Gay 3621 m
12_Punta Chamoussière 2942 m39_Becco Meridionale della Tribolazione 3360 m
13_Monte Paillasse 2414 m40_Roccia Viva 3650 m
14_Cima dell'Arolley 2996 m41_Torre del Gran San Pietro 3692 m
15_Cima di Seiva 3075 m42_Punte Patri 3581 m
16_Punta Fourà 3411 m43_Punta Valletta 3356 m
17_Mare Pércia 3385 m44_ Punta di Valmiana 3244 m
18_Denti del Breuil 3454 m45_Punta Fenilia 3053 m
19_Becca di Monciair 3544 m46_Punta d'Ondezana 3452 m
20_Ciarforon 3642 m47_Becco di Valsoera 3369 m
21_La Tresenta 3609 m48_Punta delle Sengie 3408 m
22_Becca di Moncorvè 3875 m49_Monveso di Forzo 3322 m
23_Gran Paradiso 4061 m50_Grande Arolla 3246 m
24_Piccolo Paradiso 3923 m51_Punta della Tsesère 3117 m
25_Becca di Montandayné 3838 m52_Torre di Lavina 3308 m
26_Herbetet 3778 m53_Punta di Acque Rosse 2952 m
27_La Gran Serra 3552 m54_Punta Nera 3064 m

Northern Sector: North-South Ridges

In black: summits   In blue: passes   In underscored bold: summits posted on SP (linked to their related page)

Watershed Valle di Rhêmes-Valle dell'Orco & Valle di Rhêmes-Valsavarenche

Watershed VAL di RHÊMES - VALLE dell'ORCO


  • Punta Galisia 3346 m
photo_id=13710%1 by Mathias 
  • Punta Bousson 3337 m
photo_id=13710%2 by Mathias 
  • Punta Basei 3338 m
  • Colle Basei 3176 m
  • Colle di Nivoletta 3130 m
photo_id=136987 by Maria Grazia 
  • Cime di Nivoletta     S. 3152 m / N. 3209 m
  • Gran Vaudala     S. 3250 m / N. 3272 m
photo_id=133008photo_id=133007photo_id=13710%8 by Mathiasphoto_id=138352 by Zed
A ridge starts in NW direction:
  • Colle della Gran Vaudala 3000 m
  • Punta della Paletta     S. 3024 m / N. 2981 m
  • Punta del Rosset 3100 m
  • Col Rosset 3023 m
photo_id=136984 by Maria Grazia 
  • Punta del Leynir (Vaudaletta)     S.3224 m / N.3235 m
 photo_id=87143 by Buxlex
A short ridge going approximately towards SE, after an unnamed pass (3111 m) culminates with Punta Bes (3177 m)





  • Punta Leynir (Vaudaletta)    S. 3224 m / N. 3235 m
photo_id=136978 by Maria Grazia 
  • Colle Leynir 3084 m
photo_id=87158 by Buxlex photo_id=87157 by Buxlexphoto_id=181268 by andreaperino
It connects Vallone della Vaudaletta ( Val di Rhêmes) with Vallone del Leynir (Nivolet basin)
photo_id=87142 by Buxlex   photo_id=87146 by Buxlex photo_id=124476 by Antonio
Placed between Colle Leynir and Colle dell'Aouillè, it's the southerner summit of the set of three: Taou Blanc-Aouillè-Entrelor, all having about the same height (3438m /3440m /3430m)
  • Colle dell'Aouillè 3327 m
photo_id=122401 by Antonio 
  • Cima dell'Aouillè 3440 m
  • Cima di Entrelor 3430 m
photo_id=133790 by Antonio
Two ridges start from here:
  • the first one directed westwards separates the hanging valleys ("valloni") of Vaudaletta and Entrelor and culminates with Becca di Tsambeina 3162m, where furtherly splits up into three branches:
    1. NNW, ending with la Treutse 2576m
    2. NW, ending with an unnamed summit 2680m
    3. WSW ending with Becca Nouvaz 2871m
  • the second ridge, named Costa delle Meyes (or Aouillè), goes eastwards after an unnamed summit at quote 3357m and culminates with Punte delle Meies: W. 3155m/Central 3103m/E. 3010m
  • Colle Percià 3152 m
  • Punta Percià (Fourà):    S. 3227 m / N. 3212 m
photo_id=124479 by Antonio
From the Northern summit a ridge, named Costa le Mentò, starts eastwards, separating Vallone delle Meyes from Vallone del Nampio, descends to Colle della Mentò 2795 m and, after Testa della Mentò (Chandelly) 2812 m, declines towards the valleybottom
  • Colle di Entrelor 3002 m
photo_id=125123 The access from Val di Rhêmes is steeper than the one from Vallone del Nampio (Valsavarenche)



  • Colle di Entrelor 3002 m
photo_id=125043 by Sergio
West of Colle Entrelor, Testa di Entrelor (2580 m) separates Vallone di Entrelor and Vallone di Sort
  • Cime di Gollien: S. 3116 m/    Central 3116 m / N. 3125 m
  • Colle di Sort 2964 m
  • La Roletta 3384 m
photo_id=124463 by Antonio 
  • Clocher de Djuan 3415 m
photo_id=144602 by Antonio 
  • Punta Bianca di Bioula 3427 m
photo_id=84647 by Maria Grazia 
  • Passo di Lorguibet 3185 m
photo_id=144603 by Antonio 
  • Forquin de Bioula 2965 m
  • Tours de Notre-Dame 3325 m
  photo_id=82900 by Buxlex photo_id=83079 
photo_id=82903 by Buxlex   photo_id=82902 by Buxlex   photo_id=149503 by Antonio 
  • Passo di Nequedé 3030 m
photo_id=132682 by Antonio 
  • Punta del Ran 3272 m
photo_id=85121 by Antonio 
  • Punta Chamoussière 2942 m
photo_id=95999 by Maria Grazia 
  • Col du Mont Blanc 2170 m
  • Mont Blanc de Rhêmes 2205m


Watershed Valsavarenche-Valle di Cogne



  • il Roc 4026 m
photo_id=124920 by Antonio   photo_id=87151 by Buxlex photo_id=124229 by Gabriele 
  • Colle del Piccolo Paradiso     3877 m
photo_id=100997 by andrea perino photo_id=82141 
  • Piccolo Paradiso:


  • Punta Frassy Southern Peak 3923 m
  • Punta Farrar Central Peak 3921 m
  • Punta Vaccarone Northern Peak 3868 m
It consist of a snowy cap and a series of rocky towers; in the past their names changed several times, starting from the initial name "Pic de l'Infortune" given to the cap
  • Colle di Montandayné     3723 m
  • Finestra di Tsasset 3633 m
  photo_id=129437 by Antonio 
  • Punta Budden 3683 m  
photo_id=160147 by Antonio
  • Colle Bonney 3587 m
It separates Punta Budden from the southern ridge of Herbetet, where the characteristic "Torre Biforcuta" is placed
photo_id=138133A secondary ridge starts Westwards from Herbetet:
  • Colli del Gran Neyron: E. 3414 m / W. 3295 m
  • Torre del Gran Neyron 3295 m
  • Punta Money di Valsavarenche 3273 m
  • Colle del Leyser 3000 m
  • Punta Leyser photo_id=143543 by Antonio3155 m
  • Colli dell'Herbetet:    S. 3309 m / N. 3263 m




photo_id=108303photo_id=126070  photo_id=120530  photo_id=119336
A ridge named Rayes dell'Herbetet starts eastwards and divides the Vallone dell'Herbetet from Gran Val
  • Colle della Gran Serra 3370 m
  • Punta di Leviona 3420 m
  • Colle di Leviona 3325 m
  • Punta dell'Inferno 3393 m
  • Colle del Tuf 3255 m
  • Cresta del Tuf 3322 m
  photo_id=104570 photo_id=126081 
  • Punta del Tuf 3393 m
  • Colle Lauson 3296 m





  • Colle delle Rayes Noires 3441m
  • Punta Nera 3683 m
photo_id=93961 by Antonio
photo_id=135829 by Maria Grazia photo_id=140126 by ronfo

A secondary ridge starts eastwards from Punta Nera:photo_id=110821 by Antonio

From here, it forks furtherly:

the right branch follows with:
  • Colle della Rossa 3195 m
  • Costa del Lauson 3208 m
  • Colle di Vermiana 2900 m
  • Testa Tsaplane3013 m
  • Monte Erban 3004 m
 photo_id=126064 photo_id=82140 by Antonio
the left one divides the Trajo Glacier basin from Vallone del Pousset:
  • Colle del Pousset 3198 m
  • Punta Pousset 3046 m


photo_id=82369 by Buxlexphoto_id=126464 by Antonio

  • Punta Bianca 3793 m
photo_id=87153 by Buxlex 
  • Colle della Grivola 3738 m
  photo_id=110821 photo_id=82899 by BuxlexA secondary ridge starts eastwards from la Grivola: photo_id=120362 by Zedphoto_id=133714
  • Grivoletta 3514 m
  • Colle della Grivoletta 3322 m
  • Punta Crevasse 3303 m
  • Colle del Trajo 2877 m
  • Punta del Trajo 3127 m
  • Colle di Belleface 3099 m
photo_id=120363 by Zed photo_id=120372 
  • Gran Nomenon 3488 m
  photo_id=84947 by Antonio
  photo_id=87150 by Buxlex
  • Colle di Charbonnière 2916m
  • Mont Favret 3173 m
  • Punta Valletta 2793 m


  • Colle di Becca Piana 2270 m
  • Becca Piana 2361 m




Watershed Valnontey-Valeille

Identification of summits, passes and glaciers belonging to the watershed Valnontey-Valeille. In the far background, on the left, Punta Tersiva (view from Bivacco Leonessa 2910m)


Profile of the Watershed Valnontey -Valeille



  0 – Punta Tersiva 3513 m

 aGhiacciaio di Valletta

  1 – Punta Fenilia 3053 m b -  Ghiacciaio di Patrì
  2 – Colle della Granzetta 2933 m c - Ghiacciaio del Coupè di Money
  3 – Punta di Valmiana 3244 m d Ghiacciaio di Money
  4 – Colle di Valmiana 3093 m 
  5 – Punta Valletta N. 3318 m / S. 3356 m
  6 – Punta Tsissetta 3419 m
  7 – Colle Patrì 3361 m
  8 – Punta Patrì N. 3561 m
  9 – Punta Patrì S. 3581 m
10 – Colle Coupè di Money 3393 m
11 – Dito degli Apostoli 3439 m
12 – Torre di S. Orso 3618 m
13 – Torre di S. Andrea 3651 m
14 – Torre del Gran San Pietro 3692 m
15 – Colle di Money 3443 m




  • Colle di Money 3443 m
photo_id=114594 by Antonio 
photo_id=118141 by Antonio 
  • Torre di Sant'Andrea:
       SW 3644 m / NE 3651 m
  photo_id=114573 by Antonio photo_id=124881photo_id=119182 by Antoniophoto_id=119640 by Antonio
An important ridge, named Cresta Paganini 3440 m, starts westwards from the main ridge, separating the upper parts of Coupè di Money and Money Glaciers
photo_id=119640 by Antonio   photo_id=121523 by Antonio 
  • Dito degli Apostoli 3439 m
photo_id=125342 by Zed 
  • Coupè di Money 3393 m
  photo_id=119184 by Antonio 




  • Coupè di Money 3393 m
  photo_id=117991 by Antonio 
  • Punte Patrì:
    South 3581 m / North 3561 m
photo_id=120739 by Antonio
  • Colle Patrì 3361 m
  photo_id=121519 by Antonio 
  • Punta Tsissetta 3419 m
photo_id=119359 by Antonio 
  • Colle Valletta 3280 m
  • Punte Valletta:
    South 3356 m / North 3318 m
photo_id=131028 photo_id=125900 
  • Colle di Valmiana 3093 m
  • Punta di Valmiana 3244 m
  photo_id=125901 photo_id=124880 
  • Colle della Grandzetta 2933 m
  • Punta Fenilia 3053 m
photo_id=124797 photo_id=133707photo_id=124785A ridge towards NE, in direction of the village of Lillaz, culminates with Punta Vigeusa 2680 m
  • Testa di Montseuc 2538 m
  • Montseuc 2333 m
photo_id=124780 photo_id=149500 by Antonio 


Watershed Valeille-Vallone di Bardoney


photo_id=141709 by buxlex


  • Grande Arolla 3246 m
  • Piccola Arolla 3232 m
  • Colle dell'Arolla 2892 m
photo_id=133691 photo_id=142286  
  • Punta della Tsesere 3117 m
photo_id=126458 by Antonio photo_id=131104 
  • Punta del Rossin 2947 m
photo_id=125519 by Antonio photo_id=134440 by Antonio photo_id=130939A secondary ridge towards NE culminates with:
  • Cima della Valletta di Bardoney 2710 m
  • Punta di Loie 2676 m
photo_id=79809 by Antonio photo_id=130940photo_id=130941
After this summit, hanging over the namesake Loie Lake (2354 m), the chain descends as far as the neigbourhood of Lillaz


Books and Maps


  • E. Andreis, R. Chabod, M.C. Santis "Guida dei Monti d'Italia - Gran Paradiso Parco Nazionale" Club Alpino Italiano / Touring Club Italiano, 1980 (in Italian)


  • L. Zavatta Le valli del Gran Paradiso e la Valgrisenche, guide dell'Escursionista, 2003 (in Italian)


  • Kompass Gran Paradiso Valle d'Aosta Sentieri e rifugi-Carta turistica 1:50000


  • IGC-Istituto Geografico Centrale Valsavarenche Val di Rhêmes Valgrisenche Carta dei sentieri e dei rifugi 1:25000


  • IGC-Istituto Geografico Centrale Gran Paradiso La Grivola Cogne Carta 1:25000


  • I.G.M. -Istituto Geografico Militare Foglio 41 1:25000 I NO La Grivola - I SO Gran Paradiso - I NE Cogne - I SE Torre del Gran San Pietro III NE Colle del Nivolet - IV NE Rhêmes Saint George - IV SE Rhêmes Notre Dame



You can get meteo information at the official site of the Regione Valle d'Aosta
Valle d'Aosta Meteo

Weather forecasting concerning both Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta can be found at


There are many camping sites in all the northern valleys of Gran Paradiso Park: Valle di Rhêmes, Valsavarenche and Valle di Cogne, going from West to East.

As already pointed out, remember that free camping is forbidden (except for emergency reasons, over 2500m, from darkness until dawn).

Red Tape

Within the borders of the P.N.G.P. (Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso), at the moment (summer 2005), dogs generally are not allowed, except on a pair of trails, and camping is forbidden (except above 2500m from sunset till dawn).
No fees are due.

Important Information

Useful Numbers

  • Soccorso Alpino Cogne (SAR) Tel. 3482685406.
  • Protezione Civile Valdostana località aeroporto 7/A Saint Christophe (Ao) Tel. 0165-238222.
  • Bollettino Meteo (weather info) Tel. 0165-44113.
  • Unità Operativa di Soccorso Sanitario Tel. 118.

External links

  • P.N.G.P. official site
    It's the official site of the Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso (in five languages)
  • parco.nazionale.gran.paradiso
    Another complete site concerning the Gran Paradiso National Park, with a lot of information (in three languages)