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Location Lat/Lon: 17.63421°N / 63.23928°W
Additional Information Elevation: 2877 ft / 877 m
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Saba (pronounced SAY-bah) is a tiny (13 square km) volcanic island, about 45km/28mi south of Sint Maarten which features world-class scuba diving and ecotourism.   Saba bills itself as the "Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean" and for once the tourists brochures are right.   Saba is a beautiful, but very quiet island due to the fact that all beaches are small, there are no casinos or high rise hotels, and the nightlife is nearly non-existant.   If you want to see a quiet island of the Caribbean; this is it.   The highing is great too.   

Mount Scenery is the peak of the volcano which makes up most of Saba. In addition to being the highest point on the island, it is the highest point in the kingdom of the Netherlands. The island has four villages, The Bottom being the capital, but Windwardside is the biggest. There are no rivers and there are only small streams on the island. This is not a difficult climb for anyone in reasonable shape. The trail is well defined and has stone steps every few yards (1064 in all.) The crater of the volcano contains a rainforest jungle consisting of ferns, tropical flowers and mahogany trees. At the top, the hiker is treated to stunning vistas of the island and views of nearby St Kitts & Eustatius. The summit is often covered in clouds, though.

There are 12 signposted trails for hiking on the island and the hike to Mt Scenery goes through the cloud forest. The trails cross private property, so please stay on the trail. A cloud forest is interesting in itself: "Tropical montane cloud forests are a rare type of evergreen mountain forest found in tropical areas, where local climatic conditions cause cloud and mist to be regularly in contact with the forest vegetation. These forests support ecosystems of distinctive floristic and structural form and contain a disproportionately large number of the world’s endemic and threatened species." 

Getting to Saba

Most visitors arrive in Saba by air.

By Air

Several carriers take you to Sint Maarten on Netherlands Antilles (SXM).

From Sint Maarten, Winair has several flights a day to Sint Eustatius, via Saba, a 15-minute hop for each leg. Since you have to stop in Saba anyway, you might want to stop there for a day or two to do some hiking or diving.

From Anguilla, Trans Anguilla has flights from Anguilla, Sint Maarten, and Saint Kitts. Taxi or walking is the best way to get around, as the island is not that large. Valid passports are required for all visitors including US and Canadian citizens. A round trip or onward ticket is officially required.

By Sea

Dawn II 

Dawn II is based at Fort Bay, Saba, traveling three times a week to Dock Maarten Marina, Great Bay, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten.Tuesday, Thursday, and SaturdayDeparts Saba at 7:00 am ~ Arrives Dock Maarten at 8:30 amDeparts Dock Maarten at 4:30 pm ~ Arrives Saba at 6:00 pmReservations Recommended. Check-in at least 30 mins. prior to departure to clear immigration. 

The Edge

Wednesday, Friday, and SundayTravels to Saba from Sint Maarten (from Simpson Bay/Pelican Marina) on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, departing Sint Maarten at 9:00 a.m. for the 1 hour 20 minute trip and returns from Saba, departing Fort Bay harbor at 3:30 p.m., arriving back on Sint Maarten at 5:00 p.m.

The US dollar is the currency used here. If you don't have US dollars, it is recommended that you exchange your money before getting to Saba.

Saba Map including hiking trails.
Saba Map including hiking trails.

Getting Around and to the Trailhead

Saba is small, so the best way to get around is walking or using a taxi (usually shared taxi).

From the airport, shared taxis will take you to the trailhead.  They are waiting when every flight arrives.  The cost was $10-12 per person in December 2018.

You can also walk up "The Road" to the trailhead in an hour or two.   With a good map in hand, you can walk directly to the trailhead at Big Rendevous.   This is slightly shorter than starting at Windwardside. If starting at Windwardside, the trailhead is on the west side of town near the Trail Shop.  It is well marked with signs. 

Routes Overview

Red Tape

There is no red tape here, so please take care of the area.  

Camping and Lodging

Camping is allowed on the island at Down Gut, Gray Bush, Mary Point (though this was closed since Hurricane Irma in 2017 and the future status is unknown), and The Flat.

The Saba Tourism Office has a list of places to stay below:

Saba Lodging

When to Climb

The trail to the crater rim can be done year round as long as the weather isn't extreme. If you plan on descending into the crater or climbing to the highest point on the crater rim, the drier season is preferable. Also, be aware hurricane season. August through October have the highest chances of hurricanes. There are no real dry seasons on the highest slopes of the mountain, but some seasons are certainly wetter still than others. Bright sunshine or heavy rains are possible at any time. On average, February, March and April are the driest months, followed by December and January. June through November are wetter, although the difference from the dry season is not always dramatic. From about mid-December through early May is the best time to climb, but even in the driest seasons, it rains almost every day up high.

Weather averages for the Camp Jacob (Guadeloupe) at an elevation of 1750 feet/533 meters are below. Information is from the book World Weather Guide, page 323. Although Camp Jacob is on Guadeloupe, weather conditions at Camp Jacob are more representative of climate of The Quill than the weather stations near the coast.

Month High (° F ) High (° C) Low (° F ) Low (° C) in. Rain mm Rain Rain Days
Jan 77 25 64 18 9.2 234 23
Feb 76 24 63 17 6.1 155 18
Mar 77 25 63 17 8.1 206 20
Apr 79 26 65 18 7.3 185 20
May 80 27 67 19 11.5 292 23
Jun 80 27 69 21 14.1 358 25
Jul 81 27 68 20 17.6 447 27
Aug 82 28 69 21 15.3 389 26
Sep 82 28 69 21 16.4 417 23
Oct 81 27 68 20 12.4 315 24
Nov 80 27 67 19 12.3 312 22
Dec 78 26 65 18 10.1 257 23