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Location Lat/Lon: 40.48554°N / 105.38558°W
Additional Information County: Larimer
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 9918 ft / 3023 m
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Routes to Storm MountainRoutes to Storm Mountain, orange is FR153

Storm Mountain is not necessarily climbed very often compared to its neighbors, but I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing vista-like views seen from along the trail. Storm Mountain is perhaps overlooked for several reasons, the mountain does not even reach 10000’, the main route up it is a dirt road, and the 1300’ of elevation gain over 2.5 miles does not classify it as a very challenging mountain to climb. That being said, Storm Mountain does offer views that similar mountains in the area do not. If you have climbed Sheep and Crosier Mountains, by all means take 5 hours to summit Storm Mountain, I’d bet that the little peak will offer you more then you had expected.

1282 feet of elevation gain, 2.5 miles one way, 2 hours up (winter) 1 hour down
Gate on FR 128 (TH): 13T 0468769mE 4480654mN
Int. with FR 153: 13T 0468502mE 4480981mN
Foggy Park Int.: 13T 0466918mE 4481705mN
Summit: 13T 0467448mE 4481832mN

Getting There

Directions to the gate on FR128

From US Highway 34, take Larimer County Road 43 for about one half mile to Forest Service Road 128, otherwise known as Storm Mountain Drive or Cedar Park Road. This road climbs to Cedar Park and Galuchie Park in about 7 miles. The road is well marked as Storm Mountain Drive with small markers stating you are still on 128. A few hundred feet from the gate, Storm Mountain Drive and FR128 diverge. Taking a right onto 128, you will reach a gate with room for a few cars.

Gate on FR128Gate on FR128

Climbing Storm Mountain

There are three possible routes to climb Storm Mountain. Taking Forest Road 153 (Foggy Park Road) is the shortest, easiest way to climb the mountain, and there are two trails that will connect with FR153 at Foggy Park. The first of these trails(Trail 925) starts at the end of a private road in Galuchie Park and runs into FR 153C at an intersection with another trail from ‘The Retreat’ in Dunraven Glade. ‘The Retreat’ trail starts along Black Creek at 7250’. The trail crosses a large lot of private land marked ‘No Public Access’ on the National Geographic ‘Trails Illustrated’ map of the region. Therefore, this trail may require permission to use from both ‘The Retreat’ and from the land owner. From the gate on Forest Road 128, walk along the dirt road for about one quarter mile into Galuchie Park where another Forest Service Road (153) intersects. This intersection is the end of FR128, and the route to take is left onto 153 into Galuchie Park. The road exits the meadows and climbs at a steep grade to a saddle on the Southeast ridge on Storm Mountain. From here, the road loses a bit of elevation but levels off, and a quick 1 mile jaunt will lead you into Foggy Park. Another Forest Service Road (153B/C) intersects here. Stay on 153 and climb up the hill into pretty Foggy Park, where views range all the way from Icefield Pass and Stormy Peaks to Longs and Meeker. The road re-enters the trees above Foggy Park, and leads another quarter mile to a turnaround spot where a great vista displays mountains in every direction except North. Leave the road here and follow a broad path NW for 100 yards or so to two rock outcroppings. These form the summit of Storm Mountain, though which was taller was unclear in the heavy snow cover. You might as well climb both, as the western one does offer limited views to the Signal and South Signal Mountains, Lookout Mountain, and East and West White Pine Mountains.
FR153 in Galuchie ParkGaluchie Park

Foggy ParkFoggy Park

Summit Block Summit Block of Storm Mountain

Spring in Foggy ParkSpring in Foggy Park

Red Tape/Camping

Please be respectful of Private Property. Storm Mountain resides in Roosevelt National Forest, therefore all restrictions do apply. Other than that, Storm Mountain is pretty free for you to enjoy.

Along Forest Service Roads 128 and 153, several dispersed campsites with fire rings were present in Galuchie Park and beyond. Roosevelt National Forest camping restrictions can be found here.

Other things to note

1. Storm Mountain is ranked as the 2356th tallest mountain in Colorado, 95th in Larimer County.
2. While Storm Mountain does sit in the generally dry montane zone, water is available via a spring at the base of Foggy Park.
3. There is a good deal of history in the areas of Galuchie Park and Storm Mountain, mostly surrounding the Hiatts, who operated a nearby mica and beryllium mine, farmed potatoes, raised buffalo, and hunted mountain lions. The 'Tie Hats' also cut railroad ties for the Colorado Central Railroad, flooded the North Fork of the Big Thompson River to send the ties to the 'tie siding'. All this and more Part One and Part 2
4. Nearby Cedar Park was the origin of the Bobcat Gulch Fire June 2000
5. Nearby rock climbing includes 'The Monastery' and 'Combat Rock', where combat troops were trained. Many of the routes on the 250' face are named after military jargon, battles ect.

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Views along the way

Galuchie Park and Palisades MountainGaluchie Park and Palisades from the summit

Crosier along the wayCrosier Mountain near Foggy Park

Horsetooth and Milner MountainsHorsetooth and Milner Mountains