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The High Alps is the first of its kind; an interactive guide to all the 4000m peaks with expert knowledge from co- author Martin Moran

Stunning Photos and Videos : Breath-taking photographs taken during many trips to The Alps, mostly by Martin Moran. The program contains 350 photos and 29 video clips which give an unsurpassed multimedia experience of routes, summits and views.

Spidering : Spidering is a method that enables the user to form their own route by selecting from a database of nearly 2000 preformed legs. The user first selects a starting point by clicking on the map. The program draws all the possible legs from this point. This is the spider. In this way you can build up your personal route facilitating enjoyable climb at your own level.

Spidering technology was devised to enable the mountaineer to create their own routes up and across The Alps using the detailed knowledge of Martin Moran combined with the programming software expertise of ISYS OUTDOORS.

What is a leg?

Here we mean a leg is a walk or a climb between two preselected points. Such as a summit, hut or grid reference.

Log : The Personal Log can be used to record details of your climbs. You can record dates for yourself and up to ten friends. You can record your route taken, the weather, flora and fauna seen and anything else that you want.

When you record a date in the Personal Log, this can be used to show, on the Vector Map, which hills have been climbed. The information is also used in Statistics.

Panorama : What is that summit you can see over there? The panorama feature displays the peaks in the correct position as seen from any other summit or from any point. To calculate the visibility of distant peaks, the curvature of the Earth is taken into account. To identify a distant peak, click on it. You will hear the name pronounced and the name, distance and bearing are shown on the screen.

Routes : The program provides walks and climbs to huts and all the 4,000m peaks and subsidiary summits.

Alternatively, you can make your own routes by selecting from over 1,800 spider links provided. The program will display those links from your current position, taking into account your personal declared climbing grade.

Intergrates : If you have more than one program from ISYS OUTDOORS, then the programs will integrate to form a single system on your PC. Not only will this give seamless integration from any MapWise area to the next, and one Hillwalker area to the next, but Hillwalker, MapWise and Alpiniste all integrate to the you use just one program that grows with your requirements.

Personalize : The program has 350 stunning photographs but it does not have pictures of you and your party standing on your hard-won summit. You can add these photographs and any other images and graphics to the program. They will be shown in the Treasure Chest for the peak along with the original photographs.

You can also add scanned maps at virtually any scale. Walks, Climbs and Routes will be displayed on your maps, provided of course, that they cover the right area.

(Information from ISYS outdoors)

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