Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 46.40662°N / 9.28242°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 8917 ft / 2718 m
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The Pizzo della Sancia, aka know as Pizot (locally) or Piz de Montagnia (Swiss maps), due to the not high difference in elevation and the low risks of snowslides, is one of the most classic ski-mountaneering summits of Valle Spluga, one of the few that can be climbed even in full winter

It rises on the W ridge of Vallespluga betwen the Passo di Barna (N) and the Passo della Sancia (S)

A new bivouac (Cà Bianca) built up over the old ruins of a telpher arrival (service to a quarry) has made this mountain less wild and changed it in a fine summer hiking goal.

Pizzo della Sancia - pano

Getting There

From Campodolcino, follow the new road to Isola (left at the fork of the road) and, following the marks to the campingplace, cross a bridge and follow to Starleggia (1565m) where you must park the car.

Now you have to gain the San Sisto plain (~ 1700m) that can be reached in 2 different ways :
  • the longest, but sweeter, is following the road starting toward South that leads to Morone, at the S border of the plain
  • the shortest, but steeper, is crossing the built up using a narrow path that leads directly to the houses of S.Sisto

    Routes overview

    From San Sisto 2 main routes to the summit :
  • the safer one, to be done when snow is not absolutely safe, passes South of the big hillock dividing the Val della Sancia from the Val di Starleggia : the step leading to the water catchment (2010m) can be past on both sides of the stream, you have to choose the better one studying the snow conditions ...
    Once ther follow a small valley S of the spur till you get a plan, now toward West (steep) to the bivouac and to the watershed and, toward S, along sweets slopes, to the summit
  • the shorter one, to be done only with good safe snow or in summer, goes along the Val di Starleggia toward the Passo di Barna using at best the morphology : very fine and good for coming down (with safe snow !!!)

    Pizzo della Sancia


    Camping in Campodolcino - just at the starting point of the road to Starleggia

    Small hotels in Campodolcino, Starleggia and in San Sisto

    rif Curti in San Sisto

    Hotels in Campodolcino