Pointe du Pas de Chèvres

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Pointe du Pas de Chèvres
Created On: Jul 25, 2011
Last Edited On: Jul 25, 2011


A little summit at the north side of Pas de Chèvres (in between Arolla (Val d'Hérens and the Cabane des Dix (Val des Dix)). Many people have passed it on their way to Pas de Chèvres or the Cabane des Dix, but only few will have noticed it or thought of climbing it. And this mostly because of its limited hight (elevation from Pas de Chèvres till the summit is only 136m), but still it offers a nice, calm and pleasant climb with some very fine views towards the Val d'Hérens and the Val des Dix.
Specially for beginning mountaineers it will be a pleasant climb, ideal to get more used to climbing on rocks and rocky ridges.
Pointe du Pas de ChèvresPointe du Pas de Chèvres: a small mountain compared to its neighbours, but a fine and pleasant climb non the less

Getting There

One can approach this mountain either from Arolla or from the Cabane des Dix. From both you first have to hike to Pas de Chèvres at 2855 m, where the climb commence.
From Arolla it takes around 2 to 3 hours. From the Cabane des Dix around 1h-1h30 to get to Pas de Chèvres. (Arolla, at the end of the Val d'Hérens, can easily be reached by car or public transport (bus))
Cabane de Dix can only be reached on foot, either from Arolla or from the Barrage de Dixence at the end of the Val d'Hérémence.

Red Tape

No red tape.


North ridge: F (easy)

A rather short and fairly easy (elevation: 136m) climb on the north ridge towards the summit at 2991 meters.
In good weather an easy climb (F). Count 1h-1h30 in good, dry conditions to get up. In bad weather (rain, specially snow) this can easily become 2h. In bad weather (snow) crampons are recommended.

The rigde can be divided in two parts. The lower part being a bit more technical than the upper part. The first parts starts a bit to the left of the ridge. A bit further one comes across a big boulder which can be passed to the right of it. For the last bit of this part one has to follow right up the rigde.
The upper part is more a scramble over more or less loose rocks towards the summit. This second part follows after a very short sort of 'col'. The easiest way to get to the summit is by following the north ridge as close as possible. At first one can stay left and just under the rigde, further up one comes again more up the ridge itself.

(The first part is more technical in a way that specially for beginning mountaineers it offers some nice possibilities to get used to climbing on rocks and to get more familiar with the use of climbing materials and securing each other.)

Climbing rope and basic climbing material can be usefull (specially in bad weather and on the first part).

Pointe du Pas de Chèvres, first partThe beginning of the route. (Starting to the left)

Pointe du Pas de ChèvresThe second part of the route after some heavy snowfall

East face: F (easy)
Short climb, not really recommended (due to a lot of loose rocks).

When to climb

Best to climb in summer or autumn.


Cabane des Dix: see Cabane des Dix

Arolla has some fine hotel, pensions appartments or chalets to stay (just as most of the villages in the Val d'Hérens, like Evolène or Les Hauderes).

Maps and guidebooks

Maps: 1346: Chanrion (1/25000)

Guide des Alpes valaisannes 2
Du Gd-St-Bernard au Col Collon

Maurice Brandt