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Location Lat/Lon: 46.03330°N / 7.61670°E
Additional Information Elevation: 14291 ft / 4356 m
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Dent Blanche is an important peak located on the divide marking the linguistic boundary between the French and German speaking parts of the Wallis region in Switzerland. The peak is symmetrical in shape with four faces and four ridges giving it the appearance of a cross when viewed on a map. The spectacular appearance of this peak attracts many climbers to its faces and ridges. Maupassant called Dent Blanche "the Flirt (coquette) Montrous".

Those ridges are:

S or Wandfluegrat (Normal and easiest route, AD or BD). So this is not a climb for everybody.
W or Ferpècle (D+).
N or Col de la Dent Blanche (TD/TD+ or MD/MD+).
E, Viereselsgrat or Arete des Quatre Anes (D).

As well the N face (TD/TD+ or MD/MD+) is one of the most difficult N faces in the Alps.

First climb: S ridge by Thomas Stuart Kennedy and William Wigram with Jean-Baptiste Croz and Johann Kronig as guides in 18 July 1862.
First Winter climb: N ridge by P. Crettaz and J. Gaudin in 1-2 March 1963.

From the Cabane de Dent Blanche (3.507 m) or from Schönbielhütte (2.694 m) you will reach the South
ridge (crampons). First reach Wandfluelucke at 3.703 m. The ridge is of solid rock III/III+ section softed ascending an icy couloir, excellent scenery. Mixed sections and snow to 35º. Very recommended!

Getting There

From Sion in the Rhône Valley, advance to Val d'Herens, Les Haudères and then to Salay (at Ferpècle). Starting point for the normal route : Refuge Rossier (3.507 m). You'll need 5-6 hours from Ferpècle (Val d'Hérence) to approach this hut.


Road to Sion then post bus to Les Haudères (33 Km) at 1.436 m, a very pleasant spot.

Ferpècle parking 7 Km from Les Haudères via La Forclaz and Salay, until the bridge over la Borgne de Ferpècle.

Distances from Sion:

Evolène 24,5 km
La Forclaz 32 km
Le Haudères 28.3 km

Distances from Région d'Evolène:

GENEVE 190 km
ZURICH 305 km
PARIS 620 km
TURIN 225 km

Buses at Sion (Région d'Evolène) bus-station, line 4.


Rail to Sion by:
TGV des Neiges (Paris - Sion)

Pendolino (Milan - Sion - Genève)

See LINKS for more information.


The nearest International airport is Géneve-Cointrin and the regional airport is Sion.

When To Climb

June to September is the most adequate period for climbing this mountain.


In Evolène (1.371 m), Evoléne.
In Les Haudères, Molignon.

Dent Blanche Huts

(There're many web sites concerning refuges, depending on the site you'll find one information or another, so the differences between my information and that of a web site can vary a little. Also the information in the sites is changed in time).

CAS hut , klasse 1, 55 places, opens from early July to mid September. Phone +41 (0)27 283 10 85). Info - booking: Martine Fournier, Bâtiment de la Poste, 1983 Evolène (027 283 14 66). Prices per night at 2000:
Members of less than 20 years-old: Fr. 20.-
Non membres : Fr. 26.- From 15 to 22 years-old : Fr. 15.- From 10 to 19: Fr. 17.- Less than: Fr. 10.- Half board: Fr. 29.-

CAS hut, 80 places, opens from 15 March to 15 Septembre (non-continue at Juin). Phone +41(0)27 967 13 54. Guardian private phone +41(0)27 967 47 62. 3 hours from Furi (cableway from Zermatt).
More links: Schönbielhütte Official Site, Schönbielhütte (Holidaynet)

CABANE DU MOUNTET (2.886 m) - Quatre Anes Ridge
CAS hut, 115 places, opens from 1 July to 15 Septembre. Phone +41 (0)27 475 14 31. 5 hours from Zinal passing Petit Mountet restaurant (2.142 m).

BIVOUAC DE LA DENT BLANCHE (3.540 m) - Col de la Dent Blanche
CAS hut, 20 places, always open. 6 hours from Ferpècle passing Bricola, 4 hours from Cabane du Mountet.


Evòlene, Landeskarte der Swcheiz 1:25.000.

5006 Matterhorn-Mischabel, Landeskarte der Swcheiz 1:25.000.

Berg: Dent Blanche

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A small correction: the current route from Zinal to the Cabane du Grande Mountet is no longer by the Cabane du Petit Mountet, but follows a more direct route on the E side of the glacier on a very well laid path. The old route is still possible, but less comfortable due to all the rubble.

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