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Location Lat/Lon: 46.32180°N / 13.43697°E
Additional Information County: Slovenia - Italy
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 5646 ft / 1721 m
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»On the utmost southwest end of Kanin group, there where the central ridge turns from direction north – south toward the west, between valleys Ucja/Uccea and Rezija/Resia there is rising the beautiful, correctly formed pyramid of Skutnik ( Monte Guarda ). On the Rezija/Resia side its slopes are quite steep, more above, toward the summit also rocky, but toward Ucja/Uccea they descend very steeply, towards a grassy flat on some 1300 meters of elevation. We can watch these infinite grassy slopes from the road, which goes up from village Zaga toward the Ucja/Uccea border crossing.«

I think a better description of this beautiful mountain, as it was written by Andrej Mašera (SummitPost member) in his guidebook »Zahodne Julijske Alpe / Alpi Giulie Occidentali ( Western Julian Alps )» doesn't exist.
Velika Baba ( Baba Grande ) ...Velika Baba ( Baba Grande ) and Mala Baba ( Baba Piccola )

The view from Skutnik summit is fantastic : Vrh Krnice ( Picco di Carnizza ), 2441m, the westeren wall of Vrh Laske Planje (Monte Laska Plagna), 2448m, Vrh Zlebi (Monte Slebe), 2317m, Velika Baba (Baba Grande), 2148m, Mala Baba (Baba Piccola), 1936m and Veliki Babanjski skedenj, 2121m are in front of us toward the north, from Triglav group to Krn group and 1300 meters below us the emerald tape of river Soca toward the east, Julian Prealps with Matajur, (1642m) and more than half of the ridge of Kobariski Stol (Gran Monte)1673m toward the south, Vrh Grubije (Pico di Grubia), 2240m, Zrd (Monte Sart), 2324m, Prealpi Carniche (South) and valley of Rezija (Val Resia) toward the west. In a clear day you can see Adriatic Sea toward the south-west.
Skutnik (Monte Guarda) is also a border moutain between Republic of Slovenia and Republic of Italy. On its summit is also border pilar and you can be standing either in Slovenia or in Italy.

Rezija / Resia

Val Resia ...Val Resia
From Wikipedija :
Rezija / Resia has 1244 inhabitants by data from year 2004. Valley comprises surface of 119 km². Resians represent Slovene inhabitants of valley, that they developed characteristic Slovene Rezija dialect and culture. First record in Resian dialect is » OceNas ( Holly Father ) » from 18th century, otherwise that is on view in church in Bila ( San Giorgio ).
Settlements in valley are Ravanca ( Prato ), Bila ( San Giorgio ), Osojane ( Oseacco ), Njiva ( Gniva ), Liscaca ( Lischiazze ), Solbica ( Stolvizza ) and in gable of valley is Korito ( Coritis ).

For more info click here ( Italian )

Getting There

Town Stolvizza (Solbica) and village Koritis (Korito) can be reached from Italy or from Slovenia over Ucja/Uccea pass:
On planina ( mountain pasture ) ...planina (mountain pasture) Kot / Casera Coot

- From Udine - Italy: Take the highway toward Tarvisio - take the exit towards CARNIA TOLMEZZO - close to Amaro, turn right to SS52 - close to Carnia, turn right to SS13 - Pass Resiutta - continue along SP42 to town Stolvizza (Solbica). To here it is 70km. Click here for route plan by ViaMichelin.
SkutnikView on ridge

- From Bovec – Slovenia: Take road toward Zaga and Ucja / Uccea pass – border crossing to Italy - turn right toward town Uccea - continue along Strada Comunale Uccea - Sella Carnizza - continue along Località Lischiazze - turn right to SP42 and continue to town Stolvizza (Solbica). To here it is 38km. Click here for route plan by ViaMichelin.

From Stolvizza (Solbica) we drive toward small, beautiful but catchy populated village Coritis (Korito). From here the road is slowly becoming worse, narrow and devious. We park car 100 meters below planina (mountain pasture) Kot / Casera Coot.
Here is also the starting point for »Ta visoka rosajanska pot ( Alta Via Resiana )«, one of the greatest ridge traverses (15 – 16 hours of climbing) in Julian Alps.

Routes lists

On way ...On the way toward the summit
I.) From planina (mountain pasture) Kot / Casera Coot (1100m):
From the starting point you are in 10 minutes on planina (mountain pasture) Kot / Casera Coot. Nearby alpine dairy-farm you find wood pilar with route number 741 Guarda. Skutnik (Monte Guarda) is all the time in front of us. The path leads through a light forest. At the first crossroads you go forward and do not turn on left because that path leads to saddle Predolina and next to bivouac Bivacco Costantini under the wall of Mulac (Mulaz) nearby Mala Baba (Baba Picola). The path is getting steeper and steeper. At the second crossroads you turn left. From here to the ridge is 5 minutes and to the summit is 10 minutes of ascent. Easy path. No water! Nice ski tour in winter.

Time Required: Kot / Casera Coot - Skutnik (Monte Guarda) 1721m - Kot / Casera Coot = 3h / 3h 15min

II.) From planina (mountain pasture) Kot / Casera Coot ( 1100m ):
Above planina ( mountain pasture ) ...On way
From the starting point you are in 10 minutes on planina (mountain pasture) Kot / Casera Coot. Nearby alpine dairy-farm you find wood pilar with route number 642 C.A.I. Bivacco Costantini. The path leads through a light forest toward the north. After 30 minutes of easy walk we are on planina (mountain pasture) Zgornje Brdo / Casera Berdo di sopra, nearby a well marked crossroads. Path number 642 leads toward the abandoned planina (mountain pasture) Kanin / Casera Canin, but we turn right by path number 731. We traverse a wide ravine (water) then the path starts to go up more steeply and in turns. At the next crossroads we can go up to excellently maintained bivouac Bivacco Costantini under the wall of Mulac (Mulaz). From here we are in 30 minutes on the saddle Predolina. From here to the summit is 10 minutes of ascent. Easy path. Nice ski tour in winter.

Time Required: Kot / Casera Coot - bivouac Bivacco Costantini - Skutnik ( Monte Guarda ) 1721m - Kot / Casera Coot = 4h

View from summit..View toward south from ridge
View from summit..View from summit toward east

III.) From village Ucja/Uccea ( 650m ):
The fastest ascent on Skutnik goes from Ucja/Uccea village, on the southern side of the mountain, 650m. By a marked path you go in many turns towards the north, pass the rounded summit of Kal( Monte Caal ) 1294m, reach Kal alpine meadow and there turn towards the NE. You soon reach the main ridge and in a few minutes the highest point.

Time Required: Ucja/Uccea - Skutnik ( Monte Guarda ) - Ucja/Uccea = 3h

IV.) Crossing of the whole Skutnik W ridge:
Very rewarding is the crossing of the whole Skutnik W ridge. You leave for example bikes on the saddle above Resia, drive by car down to Ucja/Uccea village, ascend Skutnik over its south slopes ( route #3 ), go by the whole ridge towards the west, descend to your bikes and drive down to pick up your car.
Torrente ( river ) Resia ...Torrente ( river ) Resia

Maps :

- Bovec, LTO Bovec. 1:40000
- Canin – Valli di Resia e Racolana, Tabacco 027. 1:25000
- Posocje, Planinska Zveza Slovenije. 1:50000
- Julijske Alpe, zahodni del (western part), Planinska Zveza Slovenije.
- or click here ( Kanin Subgroup interactive map )

Red Tape

Soldanella alpina ...Soldanella alpina
Italian side of Skutnik ( Monte Guarda ) 1721m is a part of Parco Naturale Regionale delle Prealpi Giulie.
There are no restrictions practically. We beg you to keep the nature intact, don't tear flowers. Garbages also don't fit in mountains ;-)

When to climb

View from summit..View from summit toward the west
(Monte Guarda) 1721m can be reached over the whole year. In winter it is necessary to be careful, because of the possibility of avalanches or iced slopes. Unannounced thunderstorms or fog need a necessary precaution also in summer. In August it is very hot on the western part of mountain.

- weather forecasts for the next 4 days ( click on Resia )

Huts & Camping

View from summit..View from the summit toward the north

- bivouac Bivacco Costantini
- Accomodations in Rezija / Resia



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