Vorder Tierberg

Vorder Tierberg

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 46.69826°N / 8.39716°E
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 10141 ft / 3091 m
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The Vorder Tierberg is part of the Tierberg ridge wich is located on the north side of the Uri Alps Group. The Vorder Tierberg is the lowest of the three Tierberg mountains (Vorder Tierberg 3091m, Mittler Tierberg 3418m and Hinter Tierberg 3443m). Due to it's higher neighbours: Mittler Tierberg, Sustenhorn and the Gwächtenhorn the summit doesn't looks very impressive from the Tierberglihütte. Still, the summit is worth climbing, especially for mountaineers with not much experience.

The easy and short acces from the Tierberglihütte makes the Vorder Tierberg a popular summit for mountaineers in both summer and winter. The summit can be reached in about a hour from the hut. It is even possible to climb the mountain in one day from the Hotel Steingletscher, on the Sustenpas road. In winter the mountain offers great slopes for beautifull ski descents. The ascent from the westside is much longer and a bit harder. It is recommended to make a traverse of the mountain (east to west). This way you have a short ascent and a long descent. Remember: you allways have to cross a glacier to reach the summit!

Mittler Tierberg and Vorder TierbergMittler and Vorder Tierberg.

Getting There

To Gadmen / Hotel Steingletscher

Gadmen and Hotel Steingletscher are both located on the Sustenpas road. The road is closed in winter! See www.ig-alpenpaesse.ch for more information.

From Bern/Interlaken follow the way to the Grimselpas road untill Innertkirchen. In Innertkirchen you'll have to take the Sustenpas road (Nr. 11). Follew the Sustenpas road untill you reach Gadmen, of proceed to Hotel Steingletscher.

From Luzern/Zürich follow the Gotthardtunnel road (highway #2) untill you reach Wassen. Take the driveway 39 and take the Sustenpas road. Follow the Sustenpas Road all the way over the pas and descent on the west side. There you'll get shortly to the Hotel Steingletscher.

Vorder TierbergAcces roads to Gadmen and Hotel Steingletscher

1. Tierberglihütte 2795m.


Getting there:

* Steingletscher (Hotel) - Stei lake – Umpol - Tierberglihütte: 3 h 15'; T3
* Umpol (parking lot) - Tierberglihütte: 2 h 15'; T3
* Via ferrata: Umpol (parking lot) - Tierberglihütte: 3h 30'; K3
* Steingletscher (Hotel) - Chüebergli – Steingletscher - Tierberglihütte: 3 h; WS; winterascent; Glacier!

2. Windegghütten 1887m.


Getting there:

* Cable car station Schwendi/Chäppeli on the Sustenpas road - Windegghütten, various possibilities: 3 - 4 h; T3
* It is also possible to approach the Windegghütten from the village of Guttanen, wich lies on the Grimselpas road. This approach is very long but not difficult. Guttanen - Furtwangsattel - Windegghütten: 6 h; T4

3. Trifthütte 2520m.


Getting there:

* Cable car station Schwendi/Chäppeli on the Sustenpas road - Windegghütte - Triftbridge - Trifthütte: 6 - 7 h; T4


Normal route from the Tierberglihütte

This is the easiest, and most common, way to climb the Vorder Tierberg. Only one hour climb from the Tierberglihütte! Still, do not underestimate the glacier and the summit slope/ridge. It is even possible to climb the summit in one day from the Hotel Steingletscher.

Tierberglihütte - Tierberglilücke - Vorder Tierberg: 1 h; L+

Normal route from the Windegghütten and the Trifthütte

Both routes meet each other at point 2126m. (on the SAC map). From there you'll have to scramble your way up through the Zwischem Tierberg valley untill you reach the glacier. Follow the glacier all the way to the Tierberglilücke, the last part can be steep and ice. Be ware of rockfall. From the Tierberglücke climb the easy summit slope.

1. Windegghütten - point 2126m. - Tierberglilücke - Vorder Tierberg: 4 h; WS
2. Trifthütte - point 2126m. - Tierberglilücke - Vorder Tierberg: 3 - 4 h; WS


* Northeast face; nice snow/ice flank, about 450 meters high with an average angle of 45 degrees: 3 h, ZS

Vorder TierbergMap of the normal routes on the Vorder Tierberg

Maps and Guidebooks

SAC Maps:

1. Carte nationale de la Suisse: Nr. 1201 Innertkirchen, 1:25000
2. Carte nationale de la Suisse: Nr. 1211 Meiental, 1:25000
3. Carte nationale de la Suisse: Nr. 255 Sustenpas, 1:50000


1. SAC: Skitouren Zentralschweiz-Tessin, Nr. 206-7
2. SAC: Clubführer Urner Alpen 2, ISBN 978-3859022225
3. Edition Filidor: Plaisir Alpin, ISBN 3-906087-24-7

To order the SAC maps and guidebooks: SAC-CAS Verlag
For Plaisir Alpin: Edition Filidor

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