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Maiden Voyage 5.9

Maiden Voyage 5.9

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Maiden Voyage 5.9

Page Type: Route

Location: Colorado, United States, North America

Object Title: Maiden Voyage 5.9

Route Type: Trad Climbing

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall

Time Required: Most of a day

Rock Difficulty: 5.9 (YDS)

Number of Pitches: 6

Grade: III

Route Quality: 
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Black Canyon North Rim
Black Canyon North Rim
The Black Canyon is dark, mysterious, and sometimes very forbidding. The two-thousand-foot void is an anomaly so impressive that the Black has recently become America's national park. Joining the ranks of Yosemite and Zion, the Black Canyon can truly hold its own among the natural marvels of the world.
From Black Canyon Rock Climbs by Robbie Williams

With its remote circumstances, tick and poison ivy infested approaches, loose and unpredictable rock, challenging route finding, difficult and unprotected pegmatite bands, and long committed routes of up to Grade VI, climbing in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison is not for novices or for climbers who are not fully competent in free climbing on big, remote walls.
In fact, climbing at the Black Canyon - Colorado's version of Yosemite - is as much a form of mountaineering as it is pure rock climbing. The limited view of incoming weather or unforeseen problems on an otherwise "moderate" route can turn a pleasant day's outing into a nightmarish epic. Remember that every climber needs to be thinking "self rescue" in Black Canyon. No helicopter will pluck you to safety. Still, for experienced, competent and committed climbers, the fearsome "Black" offers some of the North America's greatest rock climbing challenges in a wild and rugged setting.


Maiden Voyage 5.9
Maiden Voyage Overview 
Permit required
Getting Permit 
1st Pitch
1st Pitch
The climbing season at Black runs from early April through the first of November. Spring can be wet, with possible wind, rain and snow. Summer can be pretty hot, especially on the south facing routes. Climbs on the shadier walls of the North Rim might be the ticket during the August heat. Fall is the perfect time to climb at the Black; with dry, warm days and cool nights the norm.
All climbs are within the designated Wilderness Area of the Park's Inner-Canyon and you will need to obtain a free backcountry permit at either the North Rim Ranger Station or the South Rim Visitor Center. Both places have self-registration materials out front for after hours check in. An extensive "climbers notebook" is kept at both the North Rim Ranger Station and the South Rim Visitor Center for reference. You can copy the descriptions and topos.

Don't underestimate the scope of undertaking a climb from the depths of the gorge. Besides a full complement of standard big wall gear, you'll need plenty of water, clothing to stay warm and dry, and emergency bivy gear. You should also have a second rope to facilitate retreat. Rescue is difficult-to-impossible in this terrain.

Approaches range from descending draws on simple hiker's trails, to arduous, multi-raps down gullies choked with boulders, brush and ticks. Along the river are many bivy sites; but also there's poison ivy in abundance.

Most routes are located on he North Rim. Remember these climbs face south, and the dark rock can be almost too hot to touch during the hot summer days. South Rim has less climbs, and more difficult approaches.

Maiden Voyage is very popular and one of the easiest routes in the Black canyon. Great introduction to climbing in the Black!

Getting There

Black Canyon TOPO detail
Black Canyon TOPO

Maiden Voyage is located on the North Rim of the Canyon.

To reach the North Rim: Take Hwy 92 past the town of Crawford and turn right (west) onto the North Rim Road, follow the signs for the national park for 11 miles to the North Rim Ranger Station and the North Rim Drive. The first half of the road is paved; the second half is graveled, but suitable for all vehicles. The road and the North Rim Ranger station are closed in the winter.

Note there is no road that links the rims within the National Park - you have to drive around. It is more than 70 miles.

To reach base of the Maiden Voyage climb, you need to descent via Cruise Gully. The best place to park is either Ranger Station, or the entry to the campground. From the campground (little less walk), walk towards the ranger station. Look for a well established path on your right that leads into the trees, located about 50 yards past the SOB trailhead and 100 yards up from the ranger station.
The descent is class 3-4 scramble, with 2 rappels near the end. Both rappels had fixed static lines.

Maiden Voyage is located on the Checkerboard Wall, which you will see on your left just below the rappels (upstream). The climb is pretty obvious from this point.

Images from the descent via Cruise Gully

The Cruise Gully descent to the base of Maiden Voyage is described above. The gully is narrow, so it is hard to get lost, however be cautious. There is a lot of loose rock and exposure. This is not a hiking trail and you have to climb up if you decide to bail on your route. There are 2 fixed rope rappel station, climbing up would involve 5th class.

Inside the Cruise Gully Inside Cruise Gully
Cruise Gully Inside Cruise Gully
Cruise Gully Inside Cruise Gully
1st rappel station 1st rappel station
Close up 1st rap station Close up 1st rap station
Scramble inside the gully Scramble in the Cruise Gully
1st rappel 1st rappel
Hiking to the 2nd rap station Hiking to 2nd rap station
2nd rap station detail 2nd rappel
Down climbing Down climbing section

Route Description

The first ascent was by Layton Kor and John Kerr; July 31, 1962.

Maiden Voyage is one of the most climbed routes in the Black Canyon, and for good reason - the rock is clean, ample protection, easier rating (only 1 pitch is 5.9), and relatively short - total of 6 pitches. This is truly a great route, fun for experienced climbers, and a great introductory climb in the canyon. The route ascends six fun pitches of moderate climbing before topping out on the summit pinnacle. The route is very popular with guides, so you may run into a guided party during the high season as we did. The 6th = last pitch leads to the summit of somewhat a separate tower, and you will have to rappel down the last pitch, and walk off from here. The last pitch is definitively worth doing - it gives you a summit feel and amazing views into both sides of the canyon.

This climb begins on the southwest arete of Checkerboard Wall, just below a prominent right-facing corner system that sweeps up the arete. One of the most obvious routes/lines in the canyon. Please note that the climb itself is not on the wall facing the river, but rather on a wall going into a small side canyon.

Photo named "Maiden Voyage Overview" (see above) depicts the start of the route pretty well, and there is a path leading to its base. Two blue x marks show the place where you want to finish your first pitch. There are NO fixed anchors there, but really nice cracks for # 2 -4 cams making secure belay station really easy. The route is one of the easiest to follow. Enjoy!

Pitch Number and ratingImage 1Image 2Image 3Brief description
Pitch 1 - 5.6
1st pitch on Maiden Voyage  
1st pitch on Maiden Voyage  
Busy day  
Begin just left of the steep overhanging corner on the southwest arete. Climb the face and move to the right in order to gain the main corner system 20 feet off the ground. Climb this corner system to a belay station in an alcove below a small roof.
Pitch 2 - 5.9
2nd pitch  
2nd pitch - looking down  
View from the 1st anchor  
Climb the crack over the bulge and into a right facing corner. Follow the low angle hand and fist crack to a ledge below a wide crack. This 2nd ledge=belay station is a nice and comfortable one. The overhang has good handholds and not as difficult as it appears.
Pitch 3 - 5.7-5.8
Pitch 3 - Maiden Voyage  
3rd pitch - looking down  
3rd pitch - higher up  
Climb the wide crack. Head straight up to a roof that may be climbed on the left or right. 5.7 if going straight up (to the left), or 5.8 if going right and traversing under the roof. Belay on a small sloping ledge below a large dihedral with double cracks. We did the 5.8 option, which was fun.
Pitch 4 - 5.7
4th pitch  
Smiling Toni  
View of the Black from the 4th pitch  
Gain the double hand - and fist cracks above with a corner system. Belay on a ledge. Really fun pitch.
Pitch 5 - 5.6
Pitch 5 - Maiden Voyage  
Top of the 5th pitch  
Large ledge at the top of 5th pitch  
Continue up the right facing dihedral to a bushy large ledge with trees just below the summit block. Exit left here on a good path or continue via the next pitch to the top of the summit block. It is definitively worth to do the summit.
Pitch 6 - 5.6
Top of Maiden Voyage  
6th pitch  
Top of Maiden Voyage  
Climb to the summit on either face, or crack. Many options exists. We chose the crack, which was off width and seemed a little awkward initially. The face climb would involve long run-outs.

Summit photos

Hero summiters... Viva to summiters
Our feet handing down No, we are not going to jump down
Happy trio Happy Trio on the top of summit block
Top of Maiden Voyage  
Rappel from the top of Maiden Voyage Rappel from the summit block

Return involves rappel from the top of the summit block (there is a rappel anchor set up), and hiking out of the canyon. It is so unusual to finish a climb and hike up!

Essential Gear

Pitch 6
Pitch 6
Pitch 5
Pitch 5

Our gear included 2 ropes on the first trip. 2nd time I brought 70 meter rope, which was sufficient for the rappel down from the top of the summit block = 6th pitch.
The Cruise Gully raps required 2 ropes in the past, but since the rap stations are currently equipped with fixed static lines for rappel, you don't have to use your rope. Those ropes are so dirty - get ready for really black hands.

Rack: slings, small to medium size nuts, whole set of C3 and C4 (black diamond camalots), doubles on # 0.75, # 1, #2, and #3, one #4. Number 4 camalot was very useful in the wide crack.

Personal climbing gear: harness, rock shoes, helmet.

Plenty of water.

Consider head lamp. The walk off is about 1/2 hr, and can be challenging in the dark.

My Impressions

Top of 2nd pitch
Top of 2nd pitch
Good night Black

I was so excited to finally make it down to Black Canyon and be able to climb there. I did several hikes, but this was another excitement! The walls and rock were superb, a truly amazing feeling inside the canyon. I can't wait to go back - yes, back to this climb and also trying some other ones.
Just the descent seemed like an adventure, and then the climb up, and a short rappel down, followed by hiking up via a different gully with lots of exposure. The scenery is spectacular, magic, and meditative... Hard to describe, come and experience it yourself...

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