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Spring In the Grand Canyon
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Spring In the Grand Canyon

Spring In the Grand Canyon

Page Type: Trip Report

Location: Arizona, United States, North America

Lat/Lon: 36.05720°N / 112.1375°W

Object Title: Spring In the Grand Canyon

Date Climbed/Hiked: Mar 13, 2007

Season: Spring


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Why and The Drive

I asked my dad what he wanted top do for Spring Break. He said how bout hiking the Grand Conyon. We had gone up to the Canyon about 3 years earlier, and my dad and I siad that we needed to hike to the bottom one day. I thought it was brilliant, and the deal was done. We were not going to do some crazy marathon deal, just to the bottom and back. South Kaibab down and Bright Angel up.
Flew into Pheonix on March 11. Drove up to Flagstaff to eat lunch. We went to Sunset crater and the ski area outside of the city. The snow was a wlecome suprise. I got to practice driving a bit from Flagstaff the the park. The canyon was briiger and more colorful than I remember. I think it takes 2 trips to finally capture the canyons grandure. Booked our room and went to bed.

Cruising and Chilling

From the South Rim
Curtains of Rock
A few minutes after sunset
The next dad my dad and I rode the buses to several different veiw points on the way to Hermits rest. At the first stop we got out and looked around. Nowadays I like to look at things that other people dont look at. I decided to look behind us to see if we could see Humpherys Peak. Sure enough it stood above the desert haze. The sights were awsome. I noticed things about the canyon that I had never seen before. One thign was how the sides of the canyon looked like cutrains waving in and out. Made our way to Hermits rest, and came back. Later that day, we headed to Hopi point for the sunset. It was pretty cool. Got some shots, and we we got back, I took a piture of the canyon right after the sun went down. We will hike tomorrow.

The hike Down

Just Starting
Resting along the trail
The sphinx rock.
We hit the trail at about 7:30-8. MY dad and I went to Cedar ridge the first time we came to the canyon. It seemed like it took forever to get there. However, our fear of heights was strong back then. This time, we didnt think about it. We also had trekking poles, which helped ALOT. Made it to Cear Ridge in no time. Ate a snack and kept going. Kept going real strong and hit some switchbacks. I saw one guy literally running down them. I thought "man hes going too fast". You should take your time with these things you know. After the switchbacks, my dad and I tried to find some shade to escape the sun. We blew that off and just stopped. We had a pretty good view, and saw this rock that looked like the sphinx. After our rest, we trudged on through the plateau, and came across some bathrooms. That was the only shade that we could see so we ate lunch beneath them. Other poeple arrived and we bolted. Soon, we were in the Inner Gorge. This part was kick ass. Ive never seen colors like these before. We finally got our first view of the bridge. That was a sight to see. However, with my dad slowing down, I knew it would be a while before we got there. Finally made it and waited for my dad. I decided I was going to drop the biggest rock I could find off the beidge. Found one, and when my dad got to the bridge, I dropped it. Made a good splash too. Got to camp and claimed a spot. Set up, and I wandered around a little. Went to the bridge, and o nthe way back, I ran into 4 deer staning 10ft. from me . I backed off, and went around. That night we were lucky enough to bag a meal at Phantom Ranch. The beef stew is really good. Got a t-shirt and went to bed. Saw some meteors too.

Hiking Up

Escaping the Sun
I don't know what time we headed out, but whatever. We took the Bright Angel trail up. We hiked adjecent from the river and finally got some elevation gain when we entered a side canyon. kept hiking to some mine shaft or something and rested. We made a goal at stopping near an outcropping up the trail. Made it and rested. We say some mules coming up the trail sow we went further to find a bette spot to rest. I found one, and we let the mules pass. Chilled near some small waterfall near the trail. I headed out and left my dad in the dust. I was kind off irritable at his snail pace. I didnt really stop once untill Indian Springs or Gardens. I thought we were going to eventually hit Plateua point and then go to Indian Springs and when we never came to that point I began to freak out. I thought we werent even halfway up. To my surprize I came across the Inidan place. You never go through Plateau Point on the way up. My dad came up and we ate lunch. Another 2/3 of our elevation gain was in our way. I could tell it would suck. Headed out and the heat killed me. It was only 80 85 degrees too. Being from Texas, I didnt think the heat would be bad. I found some shade and crashed. I saw a waterline that looked familiar. My dad came up and he stopped. I deciced to stop at the next resting spot. I hike srtaight for about 40mins-1hour. I got to Three Mile resthourse and had to wait for my dad for about 30 mins. Soem old lady there felt sick, and they decided to airleft her out. After my dad caught up and rested we resumed the hike. I heard the helicopter and snapped some photos. Got up to the next rest area and watied agian. Finally my dad caught up. The next mile and a half took forever because my dad was half dead. After an eternity I was the trilhead. I sprinted up to the end. After my dad and I walked to the car, I felt my dad's pack. It was heavy as shit. He had way too much stuff in there. I've got to hand it to the man. He never ceases to amaze.


Starting Off


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