Ťažký štít

Ťažký štít

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 49.17452°N / 20.08987°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 8268 ft / 2520 m
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From Wolowiec Mienguszowencki...

Tazky stit(slov.), Ciężki Szczyt(pl.), Cesky stit(slov.former till 2006), Roth Marton csucs(hung.), Martin Roth spitze(ger.) is one from four summits in the
Crown of Vysokasituated on it's western end between the passVaha(slov.) Waga(pol. and Strbina pod Tazkym stitom(slov.) Przelecz pod Wysoka(pol)
Tazky Stit is localized in the main High Tatra ridge above Tazka dolina(slov.)Dolina Ciezka(pol.)from the East,Kotlinka pod Vahou(slov.)Kotlinka pod Waga(pol.) from the West and Dracia Dolinka (slov.)Dolinka Smocza(pl.) from the South.
Side south-west arete of Tazky stit leads to the to Dracie Pazury(slov.)Smocza Gran(pol.) and to Kopky(slov.)Kopa Popradzka(pol.).
There is a crag- Kohoutik(slov.)Kogutek(pol.) in this south-west arete with a little pass: Strbina za Kohoutikom(slov.) Przelaczka pod Kogutkiem(pol.)by which ordinary route from Vaha to Vysoka passes.
Tazky stit was reached first time by Ernst Dubke and Johann Franz senior (7.07.1904) and during winter by K.L.Horn and E.Katai (23.03.1913)
There is no any tourist marked route to the summit.The easiest way to the summit leads from the path (Vaha-Vysoka) crossing Tazky stit and Vysoka from South

Getting There

The easiest way to get there is to start from train stop "Popradske Pleso"-after 1h and 30 minutes you reach "Popradske Pleso"-the lake and mountain hotel. There are two possibilities to get under the top 1.By Zlomiska Valley and Zlomiska Zatoka to Siarkanska Pass (Dracie Sedlo) then to the great couloir which falls from the pass between two summits. We ascent by mentioned couloir about 200 m and we are leaving it and turning left to Lawica(terasse) and next traverse left north-west summit of Vysoka from southern side till small couloir falling from Strbina pod Tazkim stitom.Then you can choose your own way to the top-probably the most comfortable in may opinion is to continue traverse and to start climbing upstairs not far from gully falling from Strbina za Kohoutikom.After 2 pieces of rope we are on the top.(4 hours 15 min from Popradske Pleso, 5h 45 min from the train stop)
2.By Mengusowencka Valley and Vaga(Vaha)-the pass between Rysy and Ciezki(Tazky) Szczyt. Next traverse Ciezki Szczyt to Strbina za Kohoutikom and by descend by mentioned gully we are in the same place when we could climb upstairs to the top). Vaha(Waga) Pass can be reached also from the North from Lysa Polana- polish-slovakian border by the Belovodska Dolina(slov.)Dolina Białej Wody(pol.)(White Water Valley) and its upper Part - Tazka dolina (Dolina Ciężka) but it is longer-6-7 hours to the top.

Red Tape

According to TANAP rules to climb Wysoka you should be a member of mountaineer club which belong to UIAA, and you can use the easiest routes only for descending. Tourist have to take a guide to climb Tazky stit. Slovakian guides take care of theirs interests .They even removed chains on the two easiest routes on Gerlach (the heights mountain in Tatras) to pay them for leading to it. They want to take money even from experienced mountaineers if they could(not all off course;-)). Tourist season begins 16 of Jun and ends 31of Oct.  
Proud Vysoka s Crow in winter
Ciezki Szczyt (left)in The Vysoka's Crow by Krzys


map of area of Vysoka


1.Information about Mountain Hotel Popradske Pleso on our portal - summitpost
2.Chata pod Rysami(slov.)Schronisko pod Wagą(pol.)
3.Horolezecky Tabor Polana pod Vysokou in Belovodska dolina
4.Schronisko nad Morskim Okiem
Hotel Popradske Pleso

Apartament Dragon's Peak in Horny Smokovec
Apartament Smoczy Szczyt w Hornym Smokowcu
Apartmán Drači štit w Hornom Smokovci
Apartament Smoczy Szczyt (Draci stit,Dragon s Peak, Drache Spitze)

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