As autumn leaves. Towards Zelene Pleso

As autumn leaves. Towards Zelene Pleso

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As autumn leaves. Towards Zelene Pleso /"Green Lake of Kežmarok"/

It's been long since I was here last time. Six months without Tatras as that much time has passed since springtime bivouacing above Ticha "Silent" valley are just too long for someone who roams those old paths of Biala Woda or Javorova day by day with thoughts and eyes of imagination. The route - seemingly banal, from Kotlina by forest traverse above Siedmich pramenov "Seven springs" via closed Plesnivec hut and wonderfully sunny Pastva glade(it hasn't been always as nicely here!) towards Biele pliesa "White lakes" always emanating with peace and silence, but exceptionally loud and "talkative" with sounds of fracturing ice surface that day, continuing further for the evening to Zelene Pleso "Green Lake" covered in deep, cold shadows of the rocky giants - the magnificent high mountain surrounding which used to be the very first, big Tatra love for 15-year old boy discovering that area once. So such a short back to the past, full joy and the whole "belle vue" hotel for me only...
The final November moments in Tatras are just a continuation of this year's neverending autumn season - so picturesquely sunny and misty. The silence and stillness of already faded-out red grassy slopes and steep lawns below the ridges, prepared for the first, real snowfall to come, are being broken by wandering chamois herds, one after another, enjoying the benefaction of nature before the worse times inevitably coming. Full of grandness, idyllic scenery of Medodoly. I don't want to go anywhere, but cold gusts of the west wind finally push me down to the valley. Precautionary chamoises vigilantly observe from above every move of my body, waiting when I walk out at some non-stressfull distance for them. Where setting Sun was meeting shadows I sank into deep forest which almost exactly 5 years after hums and tells the memorable story of the nightlong escape from the captivating arms of Havran. Clatter and gurgle sounds of the water remnants locked in a stream that changed into continual river of ice accompany me in the further hike. When crossing Galajdova glade, more from old habit than from any logical reasons(National Park regulations...) I go "bushwacker's loop" to the nearby forester's lodge, reaching Javorina village at dusk, where I manage to "capture" some exceptional vistas, views-covers of yearning mind's dreamy projections staying far from here in recent years. See you next, probably full winter time in Tatras!


High and Belianske Tatras, Slovakia, November 2011


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