One November evening in Tatras

One November evening in Tatras

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As one season ends, another begins

Guiding season's ending celebrative Saturday till the midnight moonlight and great occasion of encounter with old friend of mine for Sunday following...
Hangover remnants simply can't matter in such circumstances when brilliant sunshine opens you eyes in the morning at the very heart of Tatras and then the friend takes you for a ride around the beloved places and you just hike together to the ridges high, up towards Rysy summit once again, hunting for the mindbreaking impressions of the late November sunset scenery with the red grasses, iced lakes and seas of clouds flooding the valleys at your feet, invading all your senses in silence of the season's end... That's how good memories are being born.

Farewell to the good, old days... Hopefully these new, upcoming ones will make us flying higher than ever before!

One November evening in Tatras in pictures from Mengusovska valley and Rysy peak area, here, for your enjoyment.


High Tatras, Slovakia, 25th November 2012


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