Lenticular afterparty. Tatras painted with the wind

Lenticular afterparty. Tatras painted with the wind

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And the day came beautiful, sunny and moderately chilly just alike the whole passing month. Sunday afterparty of Roztoka celebrations terminated with traditional bonfire nearby ruined sheperd's hut on Rusinowa Polana after which the whole group went via Wiktorowki sanctuary towards Zazadnia to go back home from there. So, I was left alone with my idea of staying longer in the mountains and straight after shaking friends' hands for farewell at the forest church I turned back to Rusinowa, where I found the bright day accenting its end in the most imaginably impressive way.

Along the evening skies coloured with the bloody sunset glow up there, the raging wind was driving numerous legions of unusally shaped clouds in absolutely dynamic arrangements and rapidly changing colouration. Amazing encounter with Altocumulus lenticularis, lenticular "UFO" clouds phenomenon. Flying saucers from above Ladovy and Siroka, brightly illuminated, fabulous, purple "angel's hair" around Gerlach along with the chase of lights and shadows across the faded-out red slopes of Belianske "White" Tatra ridge stopped me on the glade almost till dusk, coping with the wind in most equlibristic poses, trying to hold the tripod that was flying away with wild gusts. In falling dark I began to hike back down to Roztoka which I find unbelievably empty and quiet... It seems that, by chance, I was lucky to find myself
in the right place at the right time that day. The "heavenly spectacle" being related here, eternalized in several dozen pictures chosen from that "open-air photo workshop" and the rest of that idyllic, sunny Sunday captures are waiting for you in that gallery. Enjoy!


Rusinowa Polana, High Tatras, Poland, 27th November 2011


More photos to come.

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