Buczynowe Turnie

Buczynowe Turnie

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 49.22959°N / 20.04953°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Sport Climbing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7159 ft / 2182 m
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Buczynowe Turnie are the part of the main ridge, from Krzyżne (2112 m) Saddle to Przełęcz Nowickiego Saddle (2105 m).

This group consists of these mountains:

  • Kopa nad Krzyżnem (2125 m) (Kopa nad Krížnym; Kreuzkoppe, Kereszt-domb)

  • Ptak (2131 m) (Vták; Vogel; Madár)

  • Mała Buczynowa Turnia (2171 m) (Malá bučinová veža; Kleiner Buchentalturm; Kis Buczyna Torony / Kis-Bükkvölgyi-torony)

  • Wielka Buczynowa Turnia (2182 m) (Veľká bučinová veža; Grosses Buchentalturm; Nagy Buczyna Torony / Nagy-Bükkvölgyi-torony)

  • Buczynowe Czuby (2124 m) (Bučinové čuby; Buchentalhöcker; Bükk-völgyi-taraj)

Kopa nad Krzyżnem - the small elevation (2125 m) between Krzyżne Saddle and Przełączka pod Ptakiem saddle. This is an end point of Buczynowe Turnie from the eastern side.
The summit is easily reachable from Krzyżne.
First winter ascent - Henryk Bednarski, Józef Lesicki, Mariusz Zaruski, Stanisław Zdyb - 4.3. 1910.

Buczynowe TurnieKopa nad Krzyżnem, Ptak and Mała Buczynowa Turnia

Ptak (2131 m) - tower in the group of Buczynowe Turnie, between Mała Buczynowa Przełączka Saddle (2121 m) and Przełączka pod Ptakiem Saddle. Tower is named after its specific shape (in the past it was called Pióro too).

First ascents:

  • Summer – Kazimierz Schiele - July 1907

  • Winter - Henryk Bednarski, Józef Lesicki, Mariusz Zaruski, Stanisław Zdyb 4.3.1910.

PtakPtak (2131 m)

Mała Buczynowa Turnia - (2171 m) mountain in the group of Buczynowe Turnie, between Wielka Buczynowa Turnia, from which it is separated by Buczynowa Przełęcz Saddle (2127 m) and Ptak (2131 m), from which is separated by Mała Buczynowa Przełączka (2121 m).
Mała Buczynowa Turnia is two-headed peak (approximately the same heights) divided by the small pass. In the direction of Dolina Roztoki Valley lead from Mała Buczynowa Turnia two ridges. South-western ridge divides Buczynowa Dolinka Valley with the couloir falling from south-eastern side. The northern ridge is falling to the Dolina Pańszczycy Valley.

First ascents:

  • Summer - priest Walenty Gadowski with friends and Jędrzej Para (guider) 1900

  • Winter - Henryk Bednarski, Józef Lesicki, Mariusz Zaruski, Stanisław Zdyb 4.3.1910.

PtakPtak and Mała Buczynowa Turnia (2172 m)

Wielka Buczynowa Turnia – the highest point (2182 m) in the group of Buczynowe Turnie between Buczynowe Czuby, from which it is separated by Przełęcz Nowickiego Saddle and Mała Buczynowa Turnia, from which it is separated by Buczynowa Przełęcz.
In the ridge between Wielka Buczynowa Turnia and Przełęcz Nowickiego there is a small, but oustanding tower called Budzowa Igła. From the massif of Wielka Buczynowa Turnia it is separated by Budzowa Przełączka Saddle. A little bit higher, in the southern side, there is more towers, the highest of them is Buczynowa Turniczka (2065 m).
The southern side falling to Buczynowa Dolinka Valley is 310 m high. To the Dolina Pańszczycy Valley falls with 300 m high wall with 200 m high crest.

First ascents:

  • Summer – priest Walenty Gadowski, Antoni Panek 19.8.1902.

  • Winter - Leon Loria, Jan Małachowski, Stanisław Zdyb 25.4.1911.

Wielka Buczynowa TurniaWielka Buczynowa Turnia (2182 m)

Buczynowe Czuby (2124 m) - few metres long ridge consisting of several towers. The ridge between Pościel Jasińskiego Saddle and Przełęcz Nowickiego Saddle.

Buczynowe TurniePtak, Mała and Wielka Buczynowa Turnia, Buczynowe Czuby and Orla Baszta

Getting There

Buczynowe Turnie are located in the last section of Orla Perć;, in the vicinity of Krzyżne Saddle. I say "last section", because, if you want to pass the whole Orla Perć, you have to start on Zawrat Saddle on the opposite side, because the section Zawrat-Kozi Wierch is one-way section.

You can start in Zakopane, and go to Murowaniec hut (1505 m) (1 1/2 h from Kuźnice - blue or yellow marked path).
From Murowaniec take the yellow marked path, going over the slopes of Żółta Turnia, covered by dwarf pines, to Dolina Pańszczyca Valley. There is a small lake - Czerwony Staw. From this valley we continue straight up to Krzyżne Saddle (2112 m) - 2 1/2 h from Murowaniec. Further continue along the red marked route - Orla Perć. From there you can easy climb on Mała Buczynowa Turnia, but the summit of Wielka Buczynowa Turnia is not accessible (but it was in the past).

The second option is yellow marked path from Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich (1671 m). - 2 hours.

Or, the third option, you can go there from Granaty (description in Granaty page).

Red Tape

Tatra National Park Regulations


Murowaniec hut
Pięć Stawów hut


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