Dračí hrebeň

Dračí hrebeň

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 49.16670°N / 20.09361°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering, Sport Climbing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7464 ft / 2275 m
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Less popular ridge towering above Kotlina pod Dračím sedlom, beginning at Zlomisková veža (2147 m) and ending in Dračie sedlo. Culmination of this ridge is Veľká Dračia hlava (2275 m). There is a very nice view from the ridge at the whole ridge of Ošarpance and Dračí štít massif, Popradský hrebeň and the end of Zlomisková dolina with Končistá massif.
Dračí hrebeň Dračí hrebeň from Dračia dolinka
Dračí hrebeň Dračí hrebeň from Dračia dolinka
Veľká Dračia hlava is the most distinctive peak in this ridge, which is separated from Vysoká by Dračie sedlo. This ridge is separating Zlomisková dolina from Dračia dolinka. Dračia hlava has two summits, northern, Veľká Dračia hlava, and southern, Malá Dračia hlava, separated by štrbina Dračej hlavy.
Veľká Dračia hlava Veľká and Malá Dračia hlava
The most interesting for climbing is SW face, where you can find routes of difficulty IV-VII UIAA. Topos here

Getting There

Starting point is Popradské pleso.


Follow the unmarked trail to Zlomisková dolina and before you find yourself in Kotlina pod Dračím sedlom, you will see a wide gully dividing Zlomisková veža in two.
Zlomisková veža Zlomisková veža
Zlomisková veža Zlomisková veža
Follow the route which leads to this gully and from there it's an easy climbing to the top of Zlomisková veža (II/III UIAA) - it can be dangerous when wet. From the top of Zlomisková veža, there is a nice view at the whole ridge and the whole massif of Vysoká towering above Kotlina nad Dračím sedlom.
Dračí hrebeň Dračí hrebeň from Zlomisková veža
Descent to Zlomisková bránka and then follow the ridge. There are some tricky and weathered spots, but nothing difficult. Rope was used only to climb Malá Dračia hlava - there is an old fixed protection, but it's recommended to use it, since the rock is rather weathered here. You reach štrbina Dračej hlavy by abseiling directly into this saddle and from there it's again easy climbing to the top of Veľká Dračia hlava. By a long abseil you reach very easy Dračie sedlo, where the whole ridge ends. It's short but very scenic route, the overall difficulty isn't exceeding III UIAA.
Malá Dračia hlava Malá Dračia hlava
Malá Dračia hlava Malá Dračia hlava
I recommend this route mainly due to panoramic views at this part of Tatras. For descent we decided to try another, alternative route to Popradské pleso, descending from Dračie sedlo to Dračia dolinka and then through boulders and dwarf pines directly to Popradské pleso. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody, since the trail is disappearing in dwarf pines, and it's a real torture to get through it. But it's the shortest way how to reach Popradské pleso.

Red Tape

Climbing this ridge is allowed only for members of Alpine clubs - the same regulation as for the rest of Tatras peaks.

When to Climb

All season.


Camping forbidden in High Tatras, due to National park regulations. The closest acommodation is Hotel Popradské pleso.

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