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Location Lat/Lon: 49.13060°N / 20.01460°E
Additional Information Elevation: 7516 ft / 2291 m
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Kozi Wierch, Kozi Vrch, Goat’s Peak 2291

The highest mountain peak of Poland lying as a whole on Polish territory
(the summit of the highest peak of Poland – Rysy(2499) is situated on the borderline with Slovakia).

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Hala Gasienicowa in Polish Tatras

One of the most famous peaks of Polish Tatra Mountains is popular equally among tourists ,alpine climbers and ski-alpinists offering all attractions the high mountain enthusiast can dream of …Beautiful ,vertical ,220 meter ,granite north face (Sokolowski brothers 1921) staying real challenge for experienced climbers ,the whole system of exciting marked tourist routes with the most demanding and exposed marked route of Tatra Mountains – famous Eagles’ Path which crosses the massif reaching Kozi’s summit. In winter season when there is no avalanche danger one will find excellent conditions for ski touring on huge southern slopes of Kozi ,sloping down to Five Polish Lakes’ Valley (average slope’s angle for S slope of Kozi Wierch: 30-35% (up to 40%). (2005 season : great conditions for riding ski downhill from the summit to the valley till June).

For the dessert one of the greatest summit panoramas in whole Tatras !

The name of the peak was given to the mountain by sheperds from Five Polish Lakes’ Valley because of numerous mountain goat’s herds being formerly encountered there.
Sheperds from the opposite ,north side from Gasienicowa Valley used to call the peak – Czarne Sciany (Black Walls) due to its dark northern cliffs.

First known ascent (from Five Polish Lakes’ Valley) :
1867 – Eugeniusz Janota and Maciej Sieczka(guide)
There is a serious probability that some highlanders (sheperds or huntsmen) were on the peak earlier but there are no documented proofs for that fact.

First winter ascent (from Five Polish Lakes’ Valley) :
1907 – Jozef Borkowski and Mariusz Zaruski (on skis)

Kozi Wierch(2291)

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Kozi Wierch - North Face

Kozi Wierch massif rises above valleys of Gasienicowa (north) and Five Polish Lakes(south).
The main peak is separated from the neighbouring (west) prominent Kozie Czuby ridge(2266) by narrow Kozia Wyznia Przelecz Pass(ca.2240). From the east ,by little saddle of Przel.Nad Dolinka Buczynowa Pass(2225) Kozi borders on Czarne Sciany ridge (Black Walls) and further Granaty(2240) massif.

Impressive over 200 meter high ,vertical northern granite walls contrast to quite gentle ,stony southern slopes.

Kozi Wierch(2291) in last sun raysKozi Wierch above Pusta valley

Getting There

First of all You have to get to Zakopane town on Polish side of Tatra Mountains – very good communication(bus, train) links with Cracow City and the rest of Poland.

There are numerous bus and train connections between Zakopane and Cracow City(100 km), where the nearest inernational airport is located.

Cracow Airport

PKS Cracow – Zakopane bus departures

PKP - Polish Railways connection search

PKS Zakopane - buses

There are many possibilities for combining routes to climb Kozi Wierch Peak from among many marked routes of the area. Most of them are ready for normal tourist use only in “summer” conditions of good weather ,in winter they become serious alpine routes demanding good climbing skills ,experience and equipment.

Kozi Wierch can be climbed by high mountain tourists equally from north and south and above all by the ridge route of Eagle’s Path.

Kozi Wierch 2291mKozi Wierch from the West

Marked Routes Overview

  • Zakopane – Kuznice
    Numerous bus connections (1/2 h on foot from railway station)

  • Zakopane – Palenica Bialczanska (the road to Morskie Oko lake)
    Numerous bus and minibus connections (25 km)

  • Kuznice(1010) – Dolina Jaworzynka - Hala Gasienicowa(1500)

    Yellow Marks ,5 km ,1 ½ h ,550 meters of height difference
  • Kuznice – Boczan – Hala Gasienicowa

    Blue marks ,5 km ,1 ½ h ,550 m of HD

  • Hala Gasienicowa - Czarny Staw Gasienicowy(1624)(Black Lake) - Zmarzly Staw(1788)(Frozen Lake) - Kozia Valley - Zleb Kulczynskiego(Kulczynski’s Gully) - Kozi Wierch(2291)

    Consecutively blue ,yellow ,green ,black and red marks ,5.5 km ,3 h ,800 m of HD (In winter conditions alpine climbing with full equipment)

  • Hala Gasienicowa - Czarny Staw Gas. - Zmarzly Staw - Kozia Valley - Kozia Pass(2137) - Pusta Valley - Trail fork at Bronikowski’s board - Five Polish Lakes’ Chalet(1670) .

    Yellow marks ,8 km ,3 1/2 h

    Interesting route linking north and south side of Kozi’s massif ,valleys of Gasienicowa and Five Polish Lakes enabling reaching Kozi Wierch summit (1 1/2 h from Kozia Pass by red marked Eagle’s Path route).

  • Hala Gasienicowa - Czarny Staw Gas. - Zmarzly Staw - Zawrat Pass(2159) - Wielki Staw Polski(1665) - Five Polish Lakes Chalet.

    Blue Marks ,8.5 km ,3 1/2 h

    The most popular route connecting Gasienicowa and Five Polish Lakes’ valleys.
    In winter when there is no avalanche danger great classic Tatra ski touring route.

  • Palenica Bialczanska(990) – Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza waterfalls(1100)

    Road ,3 km ,3/4 h

  • Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza waterfalls – Roztoki Valley – Five Polish Lakes’ mountain chalet(1671)

    Green marks ,6,5 km ,2 ½ h ,640 m of HD

  • Five Polish Lakes Chalet – Wielki Staw Polski Lake – Kozi Wierch(2291)

    Green and black marks ,3 km ,1 ¾ h ,600 m of HD

    The easiest route to Kozi Wierch.

    Orla Perc ,Eagle’s Path Route ,Orlia prt’ ,Adlerweg ,Sas-ut

    One of the most famous and definetely the most difficult marked route of Tatra Mountains leading by the sharp rocky ridge from Zawrat to Krzyzne Pass (earlier also further through Woloszyn ridge – strict natural reservation nowadays). The idea of this one of the first “via ferrate” routes in Europe was born in 1901. The originator of the project was Polish poet Franciszek H. Nowicki. Route building project was being made in years 1903-06 under control of its great enthusiast and booster priest Walenty Gadowski. The costs of the whole project were covered by Towarzystwo Tatrzanskie (Polish Tatra Company) and brave priest Gadowski.

    Zawrat Pass(2159) – Maly Kozi Wierch(2228) – Zmarzla Przel. Wyznia Pass – Zmarzle Czuby(traverse) – Zmarzla Pass(2126) – Kozia Pass(2137) – Kozie Czuby(2266) – Kozia Przel. Wyznia Pass(ca.2240) – KOZI WIERCH(2291) – Przel. Nad Dol.Buczynowa Pass(2225) – Czarne Sciany(2245)(traverse) – Zadni Granat(2240) – Posredni Granat(2234) – Skrajny Granat(2225) – Granacka Pass(2145) – Orle Turniczki - Orla Baszta(2177) – Posciel Jasinskiego – Buczynowe Czuby – Wielka Buczynowa Turnia(2184)(traverse) – Buczynowa Pass(2127) – Mala Buczynowa Turnia(2172)(traverse) – Krzyzne Pass(2112).

    Red marks ,4.3 km ,6-7 h ,the route demands confidence in movements and insensivity for exposition and precipices ,high mountain experience(tourist level) ,more difficult route sections are secured with steel facilitations such as chains ,brackets and ladders. In high summer season (good weather ,weekends) the route is sometimes overcrowded which makes the climb even more risky than usual. In winter climbing the route is a serious alpine climbing undertaking.

    Kozi Wierch Area - Map

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    Tatry Wysokie (High Tatra) map, in scale 1:25 000, description in 6 languages, ISBN 83-87873-26-8, available in all shops and book stores in Zakopane . Here you can check the net version

    Tatra Maps (English version)

    Red Tape

    It is Tatra National Park (TPN) area ,watch out for alpine climbing and hiking restrictions.

    Hiking is allowed only on marked routes.

    Stay always respectful to mountain nature !

    When To Climb

    You can climb/hike all year round but remember that in bad weather conditions and especially in winter your easy-looking trip on a marked route
    may change into a real high mountain extreme !

    Theoretically the best weather conditions : late August – October
    June/July frequent t-storms.

    In winter usually serious avalanche danger.(don't forget to check : TOPR – Daily Avalanche Forecast )

    Ski Touring season (when there is no avalanche danger): usually from March till end of May

    Mountain Conditions

    Severe and changeable high mountain climate ,be always prepared for sudden weather breakdowns.

    Choose the route after serious consideration of your mountain experience level !

    Stay careful in the mountains ! The area of Kozi Wierch has a really bad fame …an awful amount of serious accidents happens year by year there …

    TOPR – Tatra Mountain Volunteer Rescue(Poland)

    Rescue Phone Number : (+48) 601 100 300

    TOPR – Daily Avalanche Forecast


    Huge choice of accomodation possibilities in Zakopane town and surroundings.

    Mountain chalets in the area :

    Mountain Chalet in Five Polish Lakes' valley

    Murowaniec Chalet at Hala Gasienicowa

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