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Location Lat/Lon: 46.06772°N / 122.4032°W
Additional Information County: Cowlitz
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 3868 ft / 1179 m
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Lakeview Peak is a mountain located in Cowlitz County, Washington. Although the peak is a relatively low elevation, it is important to many peakbaggers.

One important aspect of Lakeview Peak is that the summit can be accessed via logging roads; an easy YDS Class I hike. Another important aspect of Lakeview Peak is that the mountain, with 2188' of prominence, is the 112th-most prominent point in Washington. Yet another important, although relatively unknown, aspect of Lakeview Peak is that the mountain is the most prominent point in Cowlitz County; the 24th-most prominent CoGPP in Washington.

As previously mentioned, the summit is reached via logging roads. However, a gate prevents drivable public access to the summit, so the summit must be reached via hike, snowshoe, bicycle, or equestrian use. The non-motorized trek is only approximately 2.5 miles one-way from the nearest gate, with ~1000' of elevation gain.

The mountain has a rocky double-summit, with a saddle connecting the two rocky areas. The northern summit area contains the true highest point.
Lakeview Peak SummitNorth ("True") Summit Area

Getting There


1) Drive ESE along Highway 503.
2) After 16.7 miles (~925'), approximately 0.2 miles after a chainlink-walled bridge that crosses Rock Creek, turn left onto a logging road that angles uphill (north) away from the highway. The logging road may or may not be marked as #N6600, its official designation.
Lakeview PeakA lower section of Forest Road #N6600.

3) After 3.5 miles (2190'), #N6600 reaches a "T" intersection. Turn right (ENE), continuing along #N6600.
4) After 1.4 miles (2488'), a steep road appears on the left side of the main road. Although the main road appears to continue straight (on the right side), #N6600 actually is the steep left-side road. Veer left onto that steep road.
Important Road IntersectionImportant road intersection at 2488' along Forest Road #N6600.

5) After 1.3 miles (~2650'), a "T" intersection is reached. Turn right, onto Road #N6680 (also known as Road #80).
6) After 0.6 miles (~2875'), a gate is reached. Park on the side of the road, prior to the gate. Make certain not to block any road access. No motorized access is allowed beyond the gate.
Lakeview Peak GateGate found at ~2875' along Forest Road #N6680.


1) The road immediately splits beyond the gate. Continue straight uphill onto the right-side road, Road #80.
2) After approximately 1.25 miles (~3380'), the road splits. Turn right onto the road heading downhill (temporarily).
3) When the road reaches its lowest point (3262'), continue straight (north) towards the two summits.
4) The road splits around the southern summit at ~3580'. Turn left, heading around the west side of the rocky south summit block.
Lakeview Peak South SummitRocky west side of south summit block.

5) A saddle is soon reached at the northwestern end of the south summit. Continue on the road as it heads left (NW) to the north ("true") summit (3868'). A marker, such as a cairn, may or may not be at the true summit.
Lakeview Peak Summit CairnCairn found at north summit.

Past descriptions of the standard summit route can also be found here.

Red Tape

Active logging operations are present throughout the slopes of Lakeview Peak. However, public access is granted. There are several general rules:
1) It is preferred to only visit the peak during weekends, while logging activity is at a minimum (if at all present).
2) Access is only allowed during daylight hours.
3) If any logging machinery, vehicles, and/or personnel are encountered while travelling the Lakeview Peak logging roads, they reserve the "right of way". Unfortunately, because many of the logging roads on the mountain are single-lane, if there is no place to immediately pullout a vehicle on the side of a logging road when logging operations need to pass by, that vehicle will need to back-up to the nearest pullout or side road so that the logging operations' "right of way" is maintained.

Because access to the mountain is controlled by logging operations, public access may be restricted, and/or any of the mountain roads may be made inaccessible, at any time.
UPDATE (as of June 18, 2017): Weyerhaeuser now requires a recreational permit in order to access this area.

Access beyond the gate (~2875') is for non-motorized use only. Hiking, snowshoeing, bicycling, and equestrian use are each allowed between the gate and the summit.

Due to the vast amount of logging activity that takes place on the mountain slopes, Lakeview Peak has a virtual labyrinth of logging roads present. Some of these roads may or may not show on current topography maps. It is important to follow the exact driving instructions listed above.


Because Lakeview Peak is the site of active logging operations, no camping is allowed on the mountain. Camping areas might be found east of the mountain along Highway 503, towards the communities of Yale and Cougar.

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paisajeroamericano - Jun 18, 2017 11:00 pm - Hasn't voted


For Step #4 of the driving directions, the distance is 1.4 miles (not 2.4 miles). All other driving & hiking directions were spot on. Thanks for taking the time to put this page together. Also, Weyerhaeuser now requires a recreational permit in order to access this area. I would imagine that they do not patrol the area during weekends outside of hunting season.


Redwic - Jun 25, 2017 3:37 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Access

Thanks for the update. This is an area which does not get many visitors that are peakbaggers.

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