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Additional Information Elevation: 8084 ft / 2464 m
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Hribarice pass

Miseljski konec and Col North of Hribarice

The ridge of Mišelj is famous thanks to Mišelj vrh, the nice peak that’s very impressive when it’s contemplated from Vodnikov Dom, but this long ridge really has three peaks (from West to East): the rocky Mišeljski konec (2.464m), the little Mišeljska glava (2.273m) and the cone of Mišelj vrh (2.350m). Because the distance between the summits is long they’re independent peaks though the name seems very similar. The translation of the name is the “end of Mišelj” because it’s the final of the long ridge at West but the meaning of vrh is summit or peak. Glava can be translated as head. The route to both peaks is common until the col between Mišelsjki konec and Mišelska glava, but normally the people cross Hribarice in the traverse between some refuges and it’s long to climb both peaks. The climb of Mišeljski konec (2.464m) is short from this route and it’s very advisable because the panorama on the summit is very spectacular.

Getting There

Approach to Bled from Lujbljana:

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The ascent is short from the refuge of Trzaska koca na Dolič (2.150m), but normally the people connect other refuges in a stage and the most popular is the connection between Koca pri triglavskih jezerih (1.685m) and Dom Planika (2.401m) under the peak Triglav (2.864m). This stage is a good moment to climb Kanjavec, Vrsaki or Mišeljski konec.

-Krma valley: In Sava valley (northern boundary of Julian Alps) you enter Krma valley in Mojstrana. Krma is long but it still doesn't bring you near of Hribarice. It ends on Bohinjska Vratca (pass), 1979m, from where you must descend to Velo polje (1.700m), go by Velska dolina (valley) towards west, ascending Hribarice and before of this col you’ll find the entry to the peak. A good idea is to sleep in Vodnikov Dom (1.817m) and even the climb of Triglav the next day. After the summit you have a nice route between the refuges Dom Planica (2.400m) and Trzaska koca na Dolic (2.150m). From Dolic the ascent is short before the col of Hribarice.

-Bohinj valley: It lies south of Triglav massif. In Bohinj lake the altitude is only something above 500 meters. From there, several routes go northwards, into Triglav kingdom. Travelling through Dolina Triglavskih jezer (The Valley of Triglav Lakes) is the most beautiful option with trailhead in Hotel Zlatorog at the end of the lake Bohinj. From this valley the path to Hribarice is very well marked. Another option is Velo polje that can be also reached from Bohinj by a marked path from Stara Fuzina. In this case the better option is maybe to reach Vodnikov Dom (1.817m) and even the climb of Triglav the next day before to follow the next day to the valley of seven lakes.

-Trenta valley: the ascent is very long from this village and the people normally sleep in refuge of Dolič (Trzaska koca na Dolič, 2.150m)) or Prehodavci (Zasavska Koca na Prehodavci, 2.071m).

Red Tape

The peak is in Triglav National Park. Official web: TNP

Routes overview

Miselj vrh map

From the neighbouring mountain huts and high valleys the summit of Mišeljski konec can be reached by the following routes:

1. The North-east face. From the upper part of Velska dolina, just below Hribarice pass, we ascend the Mišelj ridge and go right on top. A steep hike-up.

2. From Mišeljska dolina. From the upper part of the valley we go right up by steep grassy slopes, intermitted with some rocks on Mišelj ridge and go left on top.

3. From Hribarice. From the plateau we can climb Mišeljski konec directly (somewhat towards the right), but this already requires easy climbing (UIAA degree II).

4. By the ridge from Mišelj vrh. After ascending Mišelj vrh, many continue by the whole ridge over Mišeljska glava (or detouring it) on Mišeljski konec.


Koca pri triglavskih jezerih, (1.685m)

Trzaska koca na Dolič, (2.150m)

Zasavska Koca na Prehodavci, (2.071m)

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