Orla Baszta

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Orla Baszta
Created On: Oct 2, 2007
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Orla Baszta - Orlia bašta - Adlerbastei - Sas-orom

First summit in the group of Buczynowe Turnie (from the west), between Granaty (2240 m) and Wielka Buczynowa Turnia (2182 m).

Orla BasztaWielka Buczynowa Turnia, Orla Baszta and Skrajny Granat

Orla Baszta was named by a poet Franciszek Henryk Nowicki in 1901. Name is derrived from its shape, which is resembling a ruin of bastion and from the place of its location – in Orla Perć. Orla Baszta is divided from Skrajny Granat by Granacka Przełęcz Saddle (2145 m) and from Buczynowe Turnie by Przełęcz Nowickiego Saddle (2105 m).

Orla BasztaOrla Baszta (2175 m) from Dolina Pańszczycy.

First ascents:

  • Summer - Janusz Chmielowski 26.8.1902

  • Winter - Aleksander Litwinowicz and Mariusz Zaruski 14.3.1910

Orla Perć was built here in 1903.

In the western ridge of Orla Baszta, there are two towers called Orle Turniczki .

These towers are rising above Granacka Przełęcz Saddle. From the west - Wielka Orla Turniczka (Veľká Orlia vežička; Grosses Adlertürmchen; Nagy-Sas-tornyocska, 2160 m) and lower Mała Orla Turniczka (Malá Orlia vežička; Kleines Adlertürmchen; Kis-Sas-tornyocska ).

Orle TurniczkiOrle Turniczki (2160 m)

Wielka Orla Turniczka (2160 m), tower in the western ridge of Orla Baszta between Skrajny Granat, from which it is separated by Granacka Przełęcz Saddle and Mała Orla Turniczka, from which is separated by Orla Przełączka Wyżnia Saddle. In the eastern side of Mała Orla Turniczka there is Orla Przełączka Niżnia Saddle.

The summits of Orle Turniczki are non-accessible for tourists.

First ascents:

Wielka Orla Turniczka – Zygmunt Klemensiewicz, Jerzy Maślanka 13.8.1904
Mała Orla Turniczka – Zygmunt Klemensiewicz, Roman Kordys 3.8.1905

Getting There

There are no other ways besides Orla Perć. The shortest way is from Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy Lake - along the yellow marked path - to Skrajny Granat (2225 m) 2 1/4 h from Murowaniec, and from there we take the red marked path to Orla Baszta.(30 min). On the walls of Orle Turniczki, there is a 4 m high ladder.
Orle TurniczkiOrla Perć on Orle Turniczki

Another option is the path leading from Krzyżne Saddle, via Buczynowe Turnie.

Red Tape

Tatra National Park Regulations


Murowaniec hut
Pięć Stawów hut


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