Sierra Nevada (Spain) 3000ers

Sierra Nevada (Spain) 3000ers

Granada, Spain, Europe
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Background Information

When looking to the height of its summits the Spanish mountain range of Sierra Nevada is the third highest range in Europe (after Caucasus and the Alps). Mulhacén peak is, in fact, higher than Aneto, the highest peak of the Pyrenees range and, therefore, is the highest mountain of continental Spain.

On the other hand, the nature of these southern heights is less abrupt than the Pyrenees. They are all rising progressively from the south valleys of Las Alpujarras, and only the north faces rise straight up with impressive cliffs.

There are about 24 peaks in Sierra Nevada that rise over the 3.000 meters barrier. All of them are grouped in a relative small area, 20 and a half kilometers long, in a sort of SW-NE axis.

This almost continue line has many peaks and rocks over the 3.000 meters, but not all of them have own identity or have sufficient prominency, being subsidiary of other main summits. Many do not have even a name. This list is based on both factors: it has been made considering their prominency, independecy of any important peak and acceptance among the mountaineering community as a independent climable object with its own name and ascend interest.

The 3000'ers list

3000 ers of Sierra NevadaThe 3.000'ers of Sierra Nevada
Listed in order of height (from higher to lower), the 3000'ers of Sierra Nevada are:

  1. Mulhacén (3.479 m)
  2. photo
  3. Veleta (3.396 m)
  4. photo
  5. La Alcazaba (3.364 m)
  6. photo
  7. Cerro de los Machos (3.327 m)
  8. photo
  9. Puntal de la Cornisa (3.313 m)

  10. Peñón del Globo (3.288 m)
  11. photo
  12. Puntal de las Siete Lagunas (3.248 m)

  13. Puntal de la Caldera (3.219 m)
  14. photo
  15. Puntal de Loma Pelada (3.185 m)
  16. photo
  17. Cerro Pelado (3.182 m)

  18. Puntal de los Cuartos (3.152 m)

  19. Pico del Cartujo(3.150 m)
  20. photo
  21. Pico del Cuervo (3.145 m)

  22. Puntal de Vacares (3.143 m)

  23. Puntal de Juntillas (3.140 m)

  24. La Atalaya (3.139 m)

  25. Cerro del Mojón Alto (3.118 m)

  26. Los Cervatillos (3.113 m)

  27. Picón de Jeréz (3.088 m)

  28. Pico del Tajo de los Machos(3.088 m)
  29. photo
  30. Cerrillo Redondo (3.058 m)

  31. Puntal de las Calderetas (3.047 m)

  32. Pico del Juego de Bolos (3.018 m)

  33. Cerro del Caballo (3.011)

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