Yosemite's Highest Peaks

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County: Madera, Mono, Tuolumne
The Cathedral and Ritter Ranges from Mount Florence (click to view labeled peaks)

This is a compilation of the thirty highest peaks in Yosemite National Park, and includes all points named and unnamed with at least 300 feet of mean prominence. The list includes all summits with an elevation over 12,000 feet and one (Point 11994) that is within the margin of error. Two additional peaks are also included but unranked in the list. Mammoth Peak is the only officially named summit over 12,000 lacking the prominence requirement, and Point 12358 misses the prominence threshold by a mere two feet. Peaks lacking a spot elevation are listed and ranked based on the mean elevation of their highest contour line and what would be the next higher countour.

1Mount Lyell13,1141,927Madera, Tuolumne37.73947-119.27160Mount Lyell
2Mount Dana13,0572,437Mono, Tuolumne37.89976-119.22108Mount Dana
3Kuna Peak13,0021,942Mono, Tuolumne37.81286-119.20811Koip Peak
4Rodgers Peak12,978758Madera, Mono37.72497-119.25748Mount Lyell
5Mount Maclure12,900480Madera, Tuolumne37.74363-119.28052Mount Lyell
6Mount Gibbs12,7731,113Mono, Tuolumne37.87704-119.21198Mount Dana
7Point 12767 (0.7 mi SW Lyell)12,767507Madera37.73159-119.28090Mount Lyell
8Mount Conness12,5902,647Mono, Tuolumne37.96703-119.32134Tioga Pass
9Point 12573 (0.7 mi S Rodgers)12,573353Madera37.71476-119.25841Mount Lyell
10Mount Florence12,561821Madera37.73978-119.31603Mount Lyell
11Point 12540 (0.5 mi S Simmons)12,540360Madera, Tuolumne37.75514-119.28946Vogelsang Peak
12Simmons Peak12,497397Madera, Tuolumne37.76060-119.29428Vogelsang Peak
13Excelsior Mountain12,4461,266Mono, Tuolumne38.02456-119.30538Dunderberg Peak
14Electra Peak12,442342Madera37.70509-119.26028Mount Lyell
-Point 12358 (0.7 mi W Maclure)12,358298Madera37.74100-119.29279Mount Lyell
15Twin Peaks12,3232,143Mono, Tuolumne38.08361-119.35888Dunderberg Peak
16Matterhorn Peak12,2791,579Mono, Tuolumne38.09306-119.38176Matterhorn Peak
17Mount Andrea Lawrence12,245825Mono, Tuolumne37.77969-119.22020Koip Peak
18North Peak12,242702Mono, Tuolumne37.98230-119.31476Tioga Pass
19"Kuna Crest South"12,202390Tuolumne37.82520-119.23969Koip Peak
20"Kuna Crest North"12,170390Tuolumne37.84401-119.25747Vogelsang Peak
21Parsons Peak12,147647Madera, Tuolumne37.77691-119.30771Vogelsang Peak
22Point 12113 (1.8 mi SW Lyell)12,113573Madera37.71969-119.29273Mount Lyell
-Mammoth Peak12,106286Tuolumne37.85543-119.26349Vogelsang Peak
23Foerster Peak12,057477Madera37.69008-119.29078Mount Lyell
24White Mountain12,057637Mono, Tuolumne37.94696-119.30957Tioga Pass
25Whorl Mountain12,033693Tuolumne38.07410-119.38343Matterhorn Peak
26Donohue Peak12,023483Mono, Tuolumne37.77506-119.23046Koip Peak
27Shepherd Crest12,020560Tuolumne38.00467-119.31276Dunderberg Peak
28"False White Mountain"12,002502Mono, Tuolumne37.93675-119.29340Tioga Pass
29Virginia Peak12,001501Tuolumne38.06587-119.35808Dunderberg Peak
30"Carpe Diem Peak" (Point 11994)11,994334Madera37.69216-119.28006Mount Lyell

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Noondueler - Jul 20, 2012 12:02 am - Voted 10/10

technical note

Secor lists Shepherd Crest el. as 12,000 (newest) and 12,015 (old) in the 2nd addition of his guidebook. You have it listed as 12,020 on this page. I have it at 12,000 on the Shep Crest page. I assume that is correct unless you know better.


mrchad9 - Jul 23, 2012 3:53 am - Hasn't voted

Re: technical note

I think they are both correct. As we are both aware the standard convention for naming/referring to peaks without a name or spot elevation is to use the highest contour, but obviously the summit is somewhat higher than that. For the purposes of ranking the peaks I think a better estimate is to use the midpoint of the highest contour and what the next one would be... this is likely closer to the true elevation. Similarly I use mean rather than clean prominences whenever I list peak prominence. I mentioned the way I came up with the elevations listed in the writeup, though only briefly.

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