Lake Tahoe Basin Highest Peaks

Page Type: List
County: Alpine, El Dorado, Washoe
Lake Tahoe from Trimmer Peak (click to view labeled peaks)

This is a compilation of the highest peaks around Lake Tahoe, and includes all points named and unnamed with at least 300 feet of prominence. Two additional peaks are also included that have official or commonly recognized names but lack the prominence requirement.

The Lake Tahoe basin here is defined by using the distance to the furthest point that drains into the lake, which is located on the southeast ridge of Red Lake Peak near Carson Pass. This is the source of the headwaters of the Upper Truckee River which flows into Lake Tahoe 16 miles away, and all summits closer than 16 miles to the lakeshore are included. The lowest peak is Mount Tallac at 9,735 feet. Beyond this there are a lot of unnamed remaining peaks that are not at all noteworthy. The peaks here, however, all make for worthwhile outings and can be done as dayhikes or overnight trips throughout the year.

1Freel Peak10,8813,146Alpine, El Dorado38.85748-119.90002Freel Peak
2Jobs Sister10,823363Alpine, El Dorado38.86230-119.88452Freel Peak
3Mount Rose10,7763,630Washoe39.34379-119.91780Mount Rose
4Jobs Peak10,633813Alpine38.85820-119.86139Woodfords
-Church Peak10,601141Washoe39.35209-119.92330Mount Rose
5Mount Houghton10,490759Washoe39.33401-119.93944Mount Rose
6Relay Peak10,338318Washoe39.31536-119.94699Mount Rose
7Snowflower Mountain10,243383Washoe39.38232-119.93573Mount Rose NW
8Monument Peak10,0671,247Alpine, El Dorado38.92284-119.89749South Lake Tahoe
9Red Lake Peak10,0631,483Alpine38.71383-119.98763Carson Pass
10Stevens Peak10,059439Alpine38.73348-119.98291Carson Pass
11Hawkins Peak 10,0242,164Alpine 38.73861-119.87245Markleeville
12Dicks Peak9,9741,554El Dorado38.90044-120.15095Rockbound Valley
13Pyramid Peak9,9832,606El Dorado38.84500-120.15776Pyramid Peak
14Mount Price9,975515El Dorado38.86400-120.17461Pyramid Peak
-"Mount Agassiz"9,967267El Dorado38.85759-120.17023Pyramid Peak
15Trimmer Peak9,915335El Dorado38.87154-119.92289Freel Peak
16Tamarack Peak9,897517Washoe39.31835-119.92159Mount Rose
17Point 98609,860400Alpine38.82866-119.87582Woodfords
18Jacks Peak9,856396El Dorado38.89034-120.15403Rockbound Valley
19Mount Tallac9,735715El Dorado38.90592-120.09899Emerald Bay