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Washington, United States, North America
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The Origin of the List

Home Court 100 Region Map
"Home Court" 100 Region
In the spirit of making lists of peaks to summit, Washington State has many lists. The most well known lists are the Bulger List and the Washington top 100 which both look at a statewide pool of possible candidates. The resulting lists include peaks from a broad geographical range and with many varying levels of difficulty.

The intent of the Home Court 100 was to create a similar list but which was slightly more accessible. It was created by a Jeff Howbert in the early 90's. Big thanks to him for doing all the logistical duties of analyzing the 19 USGS quad maps that went into the making of this list. The regional boundaries were drawn to include summits which were easily accessible to the "greater Seattle area". Most of the summits lie in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness but there are others which lie out of that boundary and some in the ALW which do not lie in the boundaries drawn for this list (I.E Mt. Stuart).

It is in fact the case that none of the peaks on the Home Court 100 (max. 7960feet) have enough elevation to warrant themselves a place on the other two lists (min. 8306 feet). What makes this list interesting is its proximity and thus availability to a large population base. Defined by a region and by a minimum of 500 feet of prominence the list has come to include a wide range of summits. From the easier walk up variety to the more technical climbs this list has enough to keep its pursuer's busy.

And because one list is never enough, Mr. Howbert went on to create the "Back Court" 100 list which encompasses the area east of the Home Court region.  This secondary list is also popular among peakbaggers.  See the Back Court 100 page created by gimpilator.

The Home Court 100 List

This List is a work in progress. If you have created a page or have a usable photo of any of the non-represented summits please let me know and I'll be sure to get it on here. Also if their is any incorrect information or something which should be added notify me about that as well.






General Area


1Mount Daniel79603480Mount Daniel Area13.4
 No ImageMount Daniel-Middle Summit795939Mount Daniel Area.1
 Mount Daniel-East Peak7899259Mount Daniel Area.4
 No ImageMount Daniel-West Pyramid7880160Mount Daniel Area.2
2Chimney Rock77272727Chikamin-Keechelus6.4
 No ImageMount Daniel-Northwest Summit768686Mount Daniel Area.3
 Chimney Rock-North Peak7634354Chikamin-Keechelus.2
3Lemah Mountain7512960Chikamin-Keechelus1.0
4Mount Hinman74921252Mount Daniel Area1.2
5Summit Chief Mountain74641324Chikamin-Keechelus1.3
 No ImageChimney Rock-South Peak744040Chikamin-Keechelus.1
6Overcoat Peak7432632Chikamin-Keechelus.4
7Dip Top Peak72911011Mount Daniel Area1.0
8Lynch Peak7280640Mount Daniel Area.5
9No ImageLittle Big Chief Mountain7225505Chikamin-Keechelus.7
10Bears Breast Mountain71971117Mount Daniel Area1.6
 The Citadel7120400Mount Daniel Area1.2
11Chikamin Peak70001080Chikamin-Keechelus1.4
12Cathedral Rock67241084Mount Daniel Area1.7
13Three Queens66871767Chikamin-Keechelus2.8
14Big Snow Mountain66801360North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie3.7
15Goat Mountain66002080Mount Daniel Area3.2
16No ImageAres Peak6596596Mount Daniel Area1.0
17No ImageLa Bohn Peak6585705Mount Daniel Area1.7
18Mount Thomson65541514Snoqualmie Pass North2.3
19Hibox Mountain65471027Chikamin-Keechelus1.7
 No ImageMount Jerry Garcia6537417Mount Daniel Area1.5
20No ImageBurnt Boot Peak65201000Chikamin-Keechelus1.3
 Davis Peak649026Mount Daniel Area1.6
 Four Brothers6485205Chikamin-Keechelus.7
21Terrace Mountain6361721Mount Daniel Area2.8
22No ImageOtter Point6359519Mount Daniel Area1.4
23No ImageIron Cap Mountain6347787Mount Daniel Area1.7
24Huckleberry Mountain6320720Chikamin-Keechelus1.1
25No ImageWild Goat Peak6305545North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.9
26No ImageCamp Robber Peak62861206North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.3
27Snoqualmie Mountain6278998Snoqualmie Pass North2.8
28Malachite Peak62611261North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie3.7
29Kaleetan Peak62591859Snoqualmie Pass North2.9
29Bald Eagle Peak62591019Mount Daniel Area2.8
 No ImageTourmaline Peak6245365North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.8
31No ImageShroud Mountain6243763Mount Daniel Area1.3
32No ImageSilver Eagle Peak6241921Mount Daniel Area1.1
33Alta Mountain6240520Chikamin-Keechelus1.6
34Chair Peak6238878Snoqualmie Pass North.6
 Lundin Peak6057217Snoqualmie Pass North.8
35No ImageLobox Mountain6032792Chikamin-Keechelus1.0
36Mount Index59912991Index-Tolt Area6.5
 No ImageJumar Mountain5960400Mount Daniel Area.5
37No ImageTurquoise Peak5945505North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.8
38Preacher Mountain5924844Snoqualmie Pass North3.2
39Lennox Mountain58942054North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie6.8
40Red Mountain5890530Snoqualmie Pass North.7
41Caroline Peak5885605Snoqualmie Pass North1.4
42Red Mountain58802560Kachess Ridge4.7
43Rampart Ridge5870790Chikamin-Keechelus2.2
44Thorp Mountain5854854Kachess Ridge3.5
 No ImageRidge Lake Southwest5851451Snoqualmie Pass North.8
45Hard Knox5841601Kachess Ridge1.4
 Mount Roosevelt5835275Snoqualmie Pass North.5
 Bryant Peak5801321Snoqualmie Pass North.6
 Kendall Peak5784344Snoqualmie Pass North.9
 No ImageHard Cheese5766206Kachess Ridge.6
46No ImageTreen Peak57631603North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie5.0
47Alaska Mountain5745505Snoqualmie Pass North.9
48French Cabin Mountain5724884Kachess Ridge1.7
 No ImageRed Mountain-Lookout Site57222Kachess Ridge.4
49Canoe Peak5706626North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.2
 No ImageDungeon Peak5640400Chikamin-Keechelus.8
50Granite Mountain56291149Snoqualmie Pass North2.5
 The Tooth5604244Snoqualmie Pass North.5
51No ImageTonga Ridge5596796Mount Daniel Area2.0
52Cascade Mountain55911031North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie3.6
53Mount Price55871467North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.9
54Mount Defiance55841424Snoqualmie Pass North4.1
55Goat Mountain55801060North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie4.1
56No ImageRed Mountain55761496Index-Tolt Area3.9
 Tusk O'Granite5566406Snoqualmie Pass North.6
57No ImagePolallie Ridge55601240Chikamin-Keechelus4.2
 No Image AvailableMount Margaret5560440Chikamin-Keechelus1.3
 No ImageFrench Cabin Mountain-South Peak5560200Kachess Ridge1.0
 No ImageHemlock Peak5560200Snoqualmie Pass North.2
58No ImageCascade Mountain-North Peak5553873North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.4
59No ImageSaint Agnes Ridge5547627Mount Daniel Area1.3
60Mount Phelps55351095Index-Tolt Area3.0
61Kachess Ridge5525565Kachess Ridge1.1
62Crosby Mountain5520520Index-Tolt Area1.1
 Denny Mountain5520240Snoqualmie Pass North.7
 No imageDenny Mountain-South Peak552080Snoqualmie Pass North.9
63Mount Garfield5519839North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.3
 No ImageDenny Mountain-North Peak5519119Snoqualmie Pass North.3
64No Image AvailableMount Sawyer5501621Mount Daniel Area1.3
 No ImageFrench Cabin Mountain-North Peak5498298Kachess Ridge1.0
65Mount Index-Middle Peak5493533Index-Tolt Area.4
 No ImagePolallie Ridge-Lookout Site54822Chikamin-Keechelus1.3
66No ImageMount Garfield East5480520North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.4
 No ImageMossy Slab5480160Chikamin-Keechelus.6
 No ImageMount Margaret-South Peak548080Chikamin-Keechelus.2
67Mount Persis5464544Index-Tolt Area1.6
68Revolution Peak54541174Snoqualmie Pass North2.7
69No ImageRed Mountain West5447727Index-Tolt Area1.5
70No ImageMorpheus5432552North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.6
 Wright Mountain5430470Snoqualmie Pass North.8
71No ImageDog Mountain5408768North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.9
72No ImageLow Mountain5400760Snoqualmie Pass North1.0
 No ImageAvalanche Mountain5360480Snoqualmie Pass North1.0
 No ImagePersindex5360440Index-Tolt Area1.0
 Mount Index-North Peak5360320Index-Tolt Area.2
 French Tongue536080Kachess Ridge.3
73No ImageAtrium Peak5359519North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.7
 No Image AvailableBare Mountain5353473North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.3
74The Ark5339739North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.8
 Web Mountain5335455Snoqualmie Pass North1.3
75No image AvailableTwin Peaks53251165North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.6
76No ImageWild Dare Peak5311671Snoqualmie Pass North1.3
 No ImageCone Mountain5295295Chikamin-Keechelus1.5
77No ImageGalleon Mountain52831123North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.4
78No ImageMile High52801120North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.4
78No Image AvailableCleveland Mountain5280640North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.4
 No ImageMount Finn5280400Mount Daniel Area.8
 No ImageFrench Chin5280240Kachess Ridge.2
80No ImageSorcery Mountain5273833North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.1
 No ImageCave Ridge5270150Snoqualmie Pass North.6
81No Image AvailableThomas Mountain5269669Kachess Ridge2.0
82Bandera Mountain5241961Snoqualmie Pass North1.8
 No ImageFools Day Peak5203403Kachess Ridge2.0
 No ImageMount Margaret-East Peak5200320Chikamin-Keechelus.8
 Putrid Petes Peak52000Snoqualmie Pass North.3
 No ImageLittle Kachess Peak5194354Kachess Ridge1.4
83No ImageBoomerang5185585North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.2
84No ImageFloating Rock5174654North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.0
85Guye Peak5168528Snoqualmie Pass North.7
86Bessemer Mountain51661446North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.6
87McClain Peak5162922Index-Tolt Area.9
 Bandera Mountain-West Peak5157157Snoqualmie Pass North.5
88No ImageKeechelus Ridge5151631Chikamin-Keechelus3.1
89Ugly Duckling5140620Chikamin-Keechelus1.0
 No ImageThompson Point5124186Snoqualmie Pass North.6
90Russian Butte5123523Snoqualmie Pass North1.6
91No ImageLittle Bulger5111631North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.7
 No Image AvailableMount Baldy5107387Kachess Ridge1.7
92Pratt Mountain5099739Snoqualmie Pass North1.0
 No ImageWright Mountain-Southeast Peak5080120Snoqualmie Pass North.4
93No ImageFrozen Mountain5060900Index-Tolt Area1.9
94Palmer Mountain5043643Index-Tolt Area1.1
 No ImageSouth Bessemer5028268North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.8
95No ImagePaperboy5013573North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie.9
96Moolock Mountain4965925North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.3
 No ImageMicrowave Hill496080Chikamin-Keechelus.5
 No Image AvailablePara Point4942182Kachess Ridge.9
97No Image AvailableDirtybox Peak4926766Snoqualmie Pass North1.9
 Mailbox Peak4841121Snoqualmie Pass North.4
 Green Mountain4824464North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.5
98Mount Teneriffe4788628North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.2
 No Image AvailableDomerie Peak4771131Kachess Ridge.5
 No ImageDirty Harrys Peak4720200Snoqualmie Pass North.7
 No ImageKendall Knob #247200Snoqualmie Pass North.9
99Hancock's Comb4680760North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie2.1
100Quartz Mountain4641881North-Middle Forks Snoqualmie1.6

List Finishers

It takes an incredible amount of determination to finish a list of 100 mountains. The "courtiers" are are an elite group of peakbaggers, the very first people to complete this list.  Bold indicates the "courtiers" who have finished both the Home Court and Back Court lists.

Dick Kegel - 9/21/98 Cascade Mountain
Don Goodman - 7/18/04 Middle Index
Fay Pullen - 7/30/11 Middle Index
Mike Collins - 8/27/11 Chimney Rock

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Redwic - Aug 18, 2010 11:35 am - Voted 10/10


You need to reverse the names for Silver Eagle Peak and Bald Eagle Peak. Bald Eagle Peak is actually the 6259' peak east of Silver Eagle Peak (6241'). During the past half-century or so, the USGS made a clerical error when creating maps and accidentally reversed the names ofthese two peaks on the maps. Then online resources, such as Google Maps and, continued the error using the recent maps as a guide rather than the original correct information. Fred Beckey mentions this error in one of his books, but a great logical explanation and description has been provided by local peakbagger Mike Collins here. As a person dedicated to keeping SummitPost, and especially the "Alpine Lakes Wilderness"-related sections of SummitPost, as accurate as possible, I wanted to have you be aware of this issue to help your list maintain accuracy as well as to help limit the growth of a peak name error.


Arkitekt - Aug 18, 2010 5:12 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Correction...

That is an interesting error. I looked back to the original list and it too had that error. I have just fixed it here though. I flipped two others based on information I found here on SP. On the original list Mt Hinman is sited as rank #3 with 7492 and Lemah Mountain is rank #4 with 7480+. Looking at the postings on SP I found that Lemah mountain was sited here as 7512 feet which would put it above Hinman. If that information is incorrect you may want to notify both me and the creator of those pages.


ericnoel - Aug 18, 2010 1:42 pm - Hasn't voted

Home Court

Isolation is spelled incorrectly. You need to give more love to Jeff Howbert. As it stands you talk about the creation of the list but no mention is made of the creator-- Howbert. Just a little link at the bottom to his site. Not only did he conceive of the parameters for the list but he had to do a lot of manual map work to come up with the list of peaks and the prominence and such. He should be mentioned prominently on the page since he came up with the idea and did all of the original work.


Arkitekt - Aug 18, 2010 4:59 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Home Court

Thank you for the corrections. I make that typing error frequently io to oi. Not sure why. I have also added a bit more about Jeff Howbert. Let me know if you think it's appropriate.

Snidely Whiplash

Snidely Whiplash - Aug 21, 2010 10:32 am - Voted 10/10


I've attached pictures that you can use for Terrace Mountain, Alaska Mountain, and The Citadel. The pictures you have used for Bryant Peak and Alaska Mountain are not of the mountains themselves, but of views from the summit. - Apr 16, 2020 6:40 pm - Hasn't voted

Homecourt Finishers

I finished on Venus Mons, aka Venus-Spade, aka Ares Peak on 18 July 2014. I think Don Goodman said at the time that I was the 4th finisher. I finished the Backcourt peaks about a year later: Horselake Mountain on 18 July, 2015. Chris Robertson - Aug 24, 2020 11:09 pm - Hasn't voted

5th finisher.

I checked the dates - seem my post above. Looks like I am the 5th Home Court finisher: Venus Mons, aka Venus-Spade, aka Ares Peak on 18 July 2014.

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