Tatra MOVIE about some winter climbings

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Tatra MOVIE about some winter climbings
Created On: Jan 3, 2007
Last Edited On: Apr 5, 2007


I would like to publish a short videoclip about some of our Tatra tours.
Sorry for Hungarian language. Anyway it is not too important what we say in the clip :-) but I make a small dictionary for subtitles.
I am not a professional movie-maker but I hope you will enjoy the video !


Téry-horhos = Baranie Sedlo
Fehértavi-csúcs = Jahnaci Stit
Zöldtavi-csúcs = Baranie Rohy
Téry-ház = Terycho Chata

"Tátrai kalandozások" means "Adventures in Tatra"
"...és a lejövet egy másik módja" means "...other method of descending"


Press the triangle shaped Play button to see the video !


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